Description: Nissan ran several GT-Rs in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring race over the past weekend. Audi may have taken first and second place overall, yet it was the #123 GT-R that took home first place in the SP8T ...
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Matthew Reindorp May 23, 2012
Ooooo my dad was in the GT academy competition... He won our county and came 14th in the nationals... Pretty good I'd say
Matthew Reindorp May 23, 2012
@henz same an almost stock GT-R won it's class haha
Igor Natsioks May 22, 2012
Ben, what are you talking about?? GTR came first in its class. An amature driver was behind the wheel. Amature as in not very experienced vs others in the race.
Henz Herrero May 22, 2012
Id really wanna know whats in its class.. This will rlly shut up all the haters out there.. Funny a lot of people doubted it..
Ben Brown May 22, 2012
I wouldn't say placing 2nd at Le Mans is an amateur
Tanton Stoneman May 23, 2012
Yes I know, it's also on the Ferrari P4/5 LM
Alex Arvanitis May 22, 2012
Ya; check out the windshield banner.
Tanton Stoneman May 22, 2012
Kazunori? Wow, he is the creator of granturismo!
Description: It finished 30th overall and at the head of its class. Check out a video of the action below (as a side note, some of the interviews are done in Japanese).
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Description: Ordonez said of the race that "It was a pleasure for me to drive with the guys from Japan. I have learnt a lot this weekend and I have a new respect for the GT-R and this amazing race track."...
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Bob Jones May 22, 2012
I think about 250
Wilson LaFaver May 22, 2012
How many cars were in it?
Joshua Rutkowski Jul 27, 2012
$500,000 is an easy feat. Those who get the money usually get this first.
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt May 22, 2012
I bet a lot of people have it too bud
Heshoo Hanna May 22, 2012
I have this car in gt5
Vince Cassi May 22, 2012
This paint scheme looks good