Description: An atrocity has occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fox Marketing's pair of specially-prepared Lexus models from years' past SEMA Shows have been destroyed in the cruelest of fashion. The reason ...
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Patrick R. Manuel May 22, 2012
Evan go change your tampon.
Evan Wolfe May 22, 2012
Dumb reasons. The United States of Gay is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to automotive culture
Jerrod Swenson May 21, 2012
The SEMA cars were pre-production prototypes used in test drives for the press. I found that information in the Lexus SEMA press release for 09.
Darian Vorlick May 21, 2012
Jet-powered Focus for more than half a decade before it went to someone else. No idea where it's at now.
Darian Vorlick May 21, 2012
Crushing them is at least a write off. Ford had a dollar car program where you can purchase a car for tuning purposes. But most of the time you have to agree to an 18-month show program. After you're done with it, it gets crushed. We had our jet
Darian Vorlick May 21, 2012
They lend out millions of dollars worth of cars for this purpose. Giving them away would technically be a financial loss. Crusj
Darian Vorlick May 21, 2012
After that time duration has expired they are returned to the manufacturer to be crushed. This is due to safety reasons, tax reasons, financial reasons just to name a few. It's mind boggling how many cars they crush for this reason but....
Darian Vorlick May 21, 2012
As someone who used to publish a racing magazine in the 90's, this is a common practice amongst auto manufacturers. We would get cars from various companies to tune for SEMA, and other shows but they would be on lease for a certain duration of time..
Andrew McNeal May 21, 2012
Why does the law say they can't be used?? What's the point of that?
Frederick Perez May 21, 2012
Why destroy it- donate it!
Description: It seems like such a waste, as the body kits, exotic paint, suspensions, brakes, et al. are going into the crusher for a life sentence as a cube. Apparently the law sometimes circumvents common sense.
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Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator May 22, 2012
How about shipped overseas as an ornament? I'd take good care of them
Christian De Prisco May 22, 2012
The mirrors, glass, doors, hood, seats and the engine!!!!! Waaaaaaaste......,
Zach Sullivan May 21, 2012
The tc so Toyota does no sporty but obviously sporty isn't needed to be number 1
Zach Sullivan May 21, 2012
Toyota does have some good sporty cars just not currently but they had the 86 mr2 cellica and let's not forget the supra and just to let everyone know they still know how to wow everyone they made the lfa and now they have the new 86 and dont 4get
Matt Piccolo May 21, 2012
And yes, in the first quarter of 2012 Toyota took back the crown from gm, their was an article on it
Matt Piccolo May 21, 2012
Yea, I don't get that either... Everyone says toyota sucks but its only bec for a while they had no sportyness in their line up, so people started saying they were crap, but only the people looking for a (new) sports car. They have the gt 86 coming, so that might help. But I don't think they'd b the best selling automaker right now if they were as crappy as everyone on this app says they are!
Scott Gracey May 21, 2012
Yeah I never got that whole only a toyota arguement either, and Like what was earlier stated, Lexus Giving everyone else competition now, more to Come With their more performance based cara
Nick El-Khoury May 21, 2012
Not a crack at anyone, I truly mean that with respect. But as you don't have to respect "Lexus", you do have to respect "416bhp".
Nick El-Khoury May 21, 2012
I guarantee you, if you woke up to an IS-F with your name on the title in your driveway, there wouldn't be any complaining. Besides, as much as I hate to say it, it probably performs better than anything anyone here drives.
Nick El-Khoury May 21, 2012
I don't get the "it's just a Toyota" argument. Toyota is a very well respected manufacturer and Lexus has been giving BMW, Merc, and Audi stiff competition for the last decade and will continue to do so.
Ricky Choi May 21, 2012
Its just a toyota. No big deal here.
Joe Grant May 21, 2012
I prefer Japanese cars over American, I admit I do like American cars but I'd rather own a Japanese
Stephen Tyler Learn May 21, 2012
No not what I meant I love plenty of Japanese cars. But buying any new Toyota other than the lfa and 86 is a waste
Zach Sullivan May 21, 2012
So if u prefer jap over American then u don't like cars???
Jerrod Swenson May 21, 2012
It seems odd that the doors, glass, engine and interior and such were left. I would bet the bodies were bought as salvage and will be parted out later.
Stephen Tyler Learn May 21, 2012
That's because you don't actually like cars
Vincent Butler May 21, 2012
I'm still clueless for that meaning Just Toyotas. I'll buy a Toyota Over Any American Car Period!!!!
Logan LeMonnier May 21, 2012
Yeah but nice ones
Phillip Greene May 21, 2012
There just toyotas no big deal
Jerrod Swenson May 22, 2012
You can see it behind the car, through the greenhouse.
rahp May 22, 2012
shouldn't the other Lexus appear in this photo ... maybe it was moved to the crusher.
Matt Piccolo May 21, 2012
Poor car, such a beauty... And die calavier die... I really hate calavier's/ sunfire's I'm srry but they are some of the ugliest cars ever made IMO!!!!!
Michael Nguyen May 24, 2012
Could've saved the bodykit, seats etc...
Joshua Sweeney May 22, 2012
Something called donating to charity. The cars did not need to be destroyed. Cannot be sold. That is an extremely absurd law. Whoever agreed to that has a stick up their backside.
Taylor Garry May 21, 2012
Now that's hellaflush
Alex Bouckley May 21, 2012
I saw this orange one