Comments - Ferrari Celebrate 60th Anniversary of 250 GT

Published: May 21, 2012
Description: Ferrari's legendary 250 series is widely regarded as the most important of the Italian supercar maker's classic cars, spawning the GTO, Testa Rossa, California Spyder and Lusso. The Ferrari ...
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Brenton Cozby May 22, 2012
looks like a herse
Anthony Minicozzi May 21, 2012
ive been there, but there were formula 1 cars instead of these on display.
Chris Mallinson May 21, 2012
Love the breadvan :)
Josh Banning May 21, 2012
I love the 250gt swb
Newarun Begum May 21, 2012
Seems like there is some engines
Description: One is the Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB (competition version) finished in a classic blue and white livery in which Sterling Moss won four races in 1961; and the other is the so-called Breadvan, commi...
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Description: It would be remiss of anyone travelling to Maranello not to pop into the Ferrari Museum, which also displays a host of high-profile historic cars, Formula 1 cars and the latest road-going GT's. I...
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Chris Penza May 21, 2012
The one on the left looks like a spada contradacta
Kyle Anderson May 21, 2012
Breadvan, one of my top choices out of any Ferrari!
Chris Mallinson May 21, 2012
That's a 365 Daytona spyder on the stairs
Carlton Sofocusedon Green May 21, 2012
Oh look.... Its ya granpappys FF
Craig Lafey May 21, 2012
I'm liking that 250 on the stairs in the back.
Ben Mossing May 21, 2012
If Ferrari made a corvette, it would look like that
Heath Clayton Cudiamat May 23, 2012
That's hawt as well.
Brenton Cozby May 22, 2012
looks like a herse
Malachi Monteiro May 21, 2012
Should've been Enzo's hearse.
Isaac Rezkalla May 21, 2012
Its a master piece
Chris Bullock May 21, 2012
Such a unique shape!
Hektor Yberg May 21, 2012
Much better then the ff!
Dillon Dixon May 21, 2012
That is the coolest looking Ferrari IMO. That's seriously awesome!
Bob Turefannt May 21, 2012
Not the best looking ferrari.
Chris Mallinson May 21, 2012
Isn't this the one that Stirling miss was supposed do drive in Argentina ?
Josh Banning May 21, 2012
My favourite 250
Craig Lafey May 21, 2012
Wow she is beautiful
Brenton Cozby May 22, 2012
definitely a herse
Theo Hubbard May 21, 2012
Back looks like a db4 zagato
Brenton Cozby May 22, 2012
that car was meant to hold dead people