Skoda Citigo Rally Rolls into Worthersee

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Skoda is getting noticed in Austria.
The Worthersee show in Austria brings out plenty of fans of the VW Group and the German's Czech Republic-based subsidiary is stealing attention with the debut of the Citigo Rally car. The Citigo is the Czech's interpretation of the Volkswagen Up! and the flexible platform looks rough and rugged in rally form. The Skoda Citigo Rally features a low profile and sporty body kit complete with a more pronounced front bumper and large air intakes, spoiler and thicker wheel arches.
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The rear features a center-mounted tailpipe and a rear wing. It rides on a set of clean white 18-inch wheels that appear to just be aching to get dirty on the rally circuit. The racing-spec Citigo has a stripped-out interior for light weight, racing seat and wheel and a digital dashboard display. It packs a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder which is slightly more powerful than the standard's 1.0-liter engine. Skoda has yet to release any more details about their Citigo Rally, which is currently on display at the Worthersee show in Austria.

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