Description: A couple of weeks ago this was still an unconfirmed report, but the details of which did sound realistic. And now it's our great pleasure to officially inform you that GM has announced that they ...
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Ivan Martinez May 25, 2012
I knew NASCAR was bringing the "G8"
Robert Lantz May 22, 2012
Yes sweet G8 is back
Alex Bouckley May 21, 2012
Please don't sell it as a Chevy, I would buy a Holden
Josh ?hompson May 20, 2012
I was gonna get a new car in august. I may wait
Colin Dzendolet May 20, 2012
return of the G8!
Kenneth Williams May 20, 2012
That's some good news. I won't buy one but glad to see them on the road here
Michael Scott May 29, 2012
They should call it the G8
Matt Teschendorf May 23, 2012
We had a GT in the family! Great car, wish they would have made the coupe concept a reality though, was so awesome!
Hamish Johnson May 22, 2012
I see one of these every day. As a holden though.
Emmanuel Irizarry May 21, 2012
Get me a F#c%!ng FIREBIRD!!!
Bijan Jahanpanah May 20, 2012
We already have the cts-v
Abraham Mendoza May 20, 2012
You just stated why its viable. GM needs a sporty sedan that can take sales from Chrysler and Dodge. The CTS-V won't even exist by 2015.
Dale Denis May 20, 2012
@ Lawrence WTF? COST.... CTS V, I love that car, but the SS I am sure will be a lot less expensive
Paul Lissona May 20, 2012
Gm should have more v8 cars like this here.
Duncan Jolley May 20, 2012
It's a shame that Pontiac is gone but they ended on a great note! Solstice (coupe and roadster, G6 (convertible, coupe, sedan), and the G8. All great cars. My personal opinion.
Corry Payne May 20, 2012
i see this car alot here in vegas and they sound powerful
Hektor Yberg May 20, 2012
I agree with bijan! Pontiac gto is one of the greatest cars ever made (my favorite car) and they should atleast make sports cars
relyt May 20, 2012
I still don't understand why they haven't started selling the Holden Maloo as an El Camino in America especially with the whole retro muscle car thing going on here at the moment.
Phillip Holbrook May 20, 2012
Well no it's a Holden Commodore. It has seen its time in the US as a Cadillac Catera, Pontiac GTO (Monaro variant), and G8. It is sold in middle eastern and some European countries as the Lumina SS and as an Opel for a bit.
Bijan Jahanpanah May 20, 2012
I think GM should bring back Pontiac as a sports car company since they are doing better
Matt Piccolo May 20, 2012
This is one of the few American cars I find pleasant to look at!! :)
Bob Jones May 20, 2012
Officially it is a Pontiac, but it's really just a Holden Commodore with a Pontiac badge on it
Nameer Jameel May 20, 2012
long live the G8
Description: Set to simply be called the SS, this will be the first time in 17 years that Chevrolet will offer a rear-wheel-drive sedan for sale in the U.S. The SS (Super Sport) will be limited production and will...
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Phillip Greene Jun 02, 2012
They should call it the chevelle, its be on back order for the first five years if they did
Ivan Martinez May 25, 2012
I think I know how it's going to look like for NASCAR. I have a spied shot of the new SS from NASCAR
Michael Davidson May 24, 2012
Yeah, SS has always meant super sport
Hamish Johnson May 22, 2012
Since when did SS stand for super sport. We also have the S here. So not the supersport
Dale Denis May 20, 2012
Limited production? Limited to what number I wonder? More limited then the few G8's that made it here in 09
Description: In other words, we're expecting the magic formula of a 6.2-liter LS3 V8 mated to a six-speed manual that sends power to the rear-wheels. The SS will be riding on the same platform as the current ...
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Phillip Greene Jun 02, 2012
Hell yeah call the comador a chevelle and the ute an elky and done its the 70s all over again,
Emmanuel Irizarry May 21, 2012
Screw the camaro bring back the firebird!!!
Mikey Jimenez May 20, 2012
@Kevin I wouldn't mind a come back of the El Camino, I think that's a great idea.
Kevin Rehbock May 20, 2012
If Holden can export their Commodores, why not their Utes too? GM would be cool again if they did that.
Abraham Mendoza May 20, 2012
Yeah I know that's why I said "stupid", but the car would still be larger, better legroom and a better interior, but it'd slower.
Chris Dimattia May 20, 2012
The couple variant is the camaro.
Abraham Mendoza May 20, 2012
I just hope that Chevy does the stupid thing and make a coupe variant of this car. I want it so bad.
Patrick Schalk May 20, 2012
I cannot wait for this car. The possibilities are endless for this thing.
Michael Gallagher May 21, 2012
Pontiac was awesome. The GTO and G8 blew away the compitition. No cars could compare.
Ryan Runkle May 20, 2012
Ur opinion is rong jk I am a mustang fanboy but i cant deny that pontiac put up a helluva fight
Hektor Yberg May 20, 2012
Yeah come back Pontiac! The gto is even better then the mustang in my opinion
Craig Lafey May 20, 2012
Come back Pontiac!!!
Abraham Mendoza May 20, 2012
It's a damn shame we lost this brand. Not a day goes by that I remember what they've done.
Kaigan Viner May 20, 2012
Or the Commedore SS wing
Bob Jones May 21, 2012
The Solstice was pretty good too
Jackson Michael May 20, 2012
@Kevin They really don't. They had some great cars in the past but by the time they died out this was their only good car.
Kevin Campbell May 20, 2012
They really need to bring Pontiac back.
Abraham Mendoza May 20, 2012
It would look like a Chevy. It's just badge engineering, so all but the front should look the same.
Duncan Jolley May 20, 2012
Will it look like the G8 or the Commodore?
Hektor Yberg May 20, 2012
I remember crying when it happend to Pontiac (I was 8 years old so don't call me names!)
Abraham Mendoza May 20, 2012
I remember that Pontiac wanted to have a name contest for the Ute, but didn't work out. It was all planned and everything but...we know the story.
Patrick Schalk May 20, 2012
They have those in Australia Bob. The Ute. Pretty awesome IMO. There are some awesome ones on YT.
Bob Jones May 20, 2012
Anyone remember the G8 Sport Truck they were gonna build if they didn't go out of business? Maybe now we'll get a real new El Camino
Clint Edwards May 20, 2012
That's a good color for this car
Abraham Mendoza May 20, 2012
I want one so bad.