Description: After all of the concern(s) rising regarding whether the Chevrolet Volt was a potential fire hazard last year, something like this just had to come along. Automakers that have a big financial interest...
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Paul Lissona May 22, 2012
This is great, all pure electric cars should be destroyed.
Saravana Pawan May 21, 2012
I wish it's was bieber's with him inside thats a good karma!
Chance Hales May 20, 2012
You guys are a bit slow. This happened nearly 2 weeks ago and it was found that it was the exhaust getting too hot and it was poorly ventilated
Sam C-h May 20, 2012
Shame it wasn't Biebers Fisker...
Chris Gaines May 20, 2012
I see what you did there..
Anthony Minicozzi May 20, 2012
i guess its bad karma
Laguna Seca May 20, 2012
Well, was there a Chevy volt parked next to it in the garage?
Erik Olsen May 20, 2012
Karma, haha! Should have built your cars in the US like you promised!
Duncan Jolley May 20, 2012
This is old news. This happened two weeks ago.
Alex Leu May 20, 2012
Heard he lost a Mercedes SUV in there an a NSX :(
jester May 20, 2012
I almost bought one of these, but I decided not to be an early adopter after a Tesla mistake. Beautiful auto, but like the Tesla, not worth 100 grand.
Josh ?hompson May 20, 2012
Shit sugarland? I used to live close to there
Thibault Leroy May 20, 2012
this was bound to happen
Melvin Cerrillo May 22, 2012
There's a fisker dealer right by me. That noce
Phillip Greene May 21, 2012
Saw one in down town houston yesterday, beautiful car
Cameron Herbert May 21, 2012
More like fish ker
John Serely May 20, 2012
@wilson I totally agree
AM Odessit May 20, 2012
Pleeeease let it be Justin Bebers
Hank Austin May 20, 2012
I never even liked the looks of this car until I saw it in person
Wilson LaFaver May 20, 2012
Best looking hybrid car out. Looks even better in person
Logan LeMonnier May 20, 2012
And it's stunning
Hank Austin May 20, 2012
It's more efficient than a toyota and it leaves all their efficient cars in the dust
Description: After fire officials determined that the extended range plug-in hybrid was the cause of the fire and not some other flammable liquid or object in the garage, the National Highway Transportation and Sa...
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Christopher Hines May 22, 2012
Electric cars = Sucks... Time and time again .
Devin Mortenson May 21, 2012
It's their fist car give them a break I mean the company was started by a car designer not a mechanic
Isaac Jacob Jimenez May 21, 2012
How r they gonna make a new model when they can't get the first one right
Brian Micinski May 20, 2012
Doesn't surprise me. Ever since they started making cars they've had problems. They are awful quality for what u pay to own one.
Description: This was due because the U.S. government froze loans to the automaker because they failed to meet production goals. Fisker points out that the battery was intact and not being charged when the fire to...
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Scotty Gee May 20, 2012
Anything goes when Prez Obama can be falsely blamed for something, in a Swift-Boat-style campaign of lies.. But yeah, other than that..
Chris Benson May 20, 2012
Obama was not the one to approve these loans. Get your facts right before making offhanded comments.
Clint Edwards May 20, 2012
Of course it's not THEIR fault their car burst into flames
Brian Micinski May 20, 2012
Yea their terrible quality for the price. I wouldn't buy one for 40k much less 100k. Awful cars and awful company
Wilson LaFaver May 20, 2012
Didn't know fisker had so many problems. They need to do some testing first so they don't have tons of recalls
Garrett Serrano May 20, 2012
Fisker should just go away
Julian Carbajal May 27, 2012
Gotta love that solar panel roof. Car looks amazing in person.
Tyler Brady May 21, 2012
And how much money they are pocketing from keeping oil prices high. THE END
Tyler Brady May 21, 2012
And there is no oil shortage. There is enough oil below Utah/ Colorado/ Wyoming to make the middle east look like the kiddie pool. The government is just too corrupt to let themselves do it. Look at how much money they have put into " renewable energ
Tyler Brady May 21, 2012
Howard Hugh's had enough backing to make the spruce goose. That doesn't make it a successful company. The company that designs the batteries for the fisker reported a loss last quarter of over $100 million. That is saying a lot.
Chris Vette May 21, 2012
Tyler, the battery technology does exist, there is a HUGE reward for a man who made an extremely powerful battery. Oil companies are scared of what could happen if the technology is revealed.
Chris Vette May 21, 2012
Everyone assumes that without government funding Fisker wouldn't survive. As for anyone who says the quality is bad, they need to go check out a Fisker for themselves.
Chris Vette May 21, 2012
If by "going down the crapper," you mean financial, you are wrong. I spoke with the Fisker dealer in my city. The man I talked with says that Fisker has enough private funding to keep it alive.
Tyler Brady May 20, 2012
The battery technology just doesn't exist to make this a feasible choice. I think it is a good idea, but car companies are making all of these hybrid and electric cars and nobody is buying them. They are too expensive to make them a wise purchase.
Clint Edwards May 20, 2012
If they dropped a V12 in here, they'd have orders out the wazoo
Logan LeMonnier May 20, 2012
Yeah. If they made high performance engined cars with this body style and price they might have succeeded
Tyler Brady May 20, 2012
I have a feeling that these cars are going to be worth a lot of money in about 30 years. Especially if you can find one without fire damage. Fisker is going down the crapper fast. I don't see it lasting.
Christopher Hines May 22, 2012
Be really nice if they put a v12 in it ...
Wilson LaFaver May 20, 2012
Wasn't their second car supposed To be like 40k ?
Hank Austin May 20, 2012
Sick car... And it's their second car so it won't be plagued by problems because they've learned lessons from the first
Clark Thompson May 20, 2012
Still good looking though