Posted on: May 02, 2012
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Chinese Breakthrough of the Day - The 86mph Wind Car

A Chinese man has built an electric car that uses wind to charge its batteries. And claims it can hit 86mph.
Tang Zhenpin from the Tongzhou District in Beijing has completed his labor of love, titled the "Wind Car." Zhenpin's invention is an eco-friendly car that is not only far from street legal but, as he claims, can reach speeds as high as 86mph. The Wind Car utilizes wind power to charge its batteries, operating on the basic idea that driving generates wind, wind spins the propeller and the propeller's energy charges the battery. Quaint, right?
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Mr. Zhenpin says he spent 10,000 yuan (just under $1,600) to build his passion project, and that it took him 90 days to complete. Propellers aren't street legal, so we don't expect him to be cruising the mean streets of Beijing in his home-built ride. Also with basically zero safety equipment, that might not be such a bad thing.

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