Comments - Unearthed: 1999/2005 Shelby Series 1

Published: May 19, 2012
Description: In the wake of Carroll Shelby's passing last week, here in the CarBuzz office we've been discussing all of the wonderful cars that he worked on or was involved with in some way throughout hi...
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Description: Penned and produced by his company, Shelby American, the Series 1 was the only car designed and engineered from scratch by Shelby. All other cars were originally done by larger automakers and Shelby s...
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Phillip Holbrook May 20, 2012
The LS1 was the most advanced mass produced OHV engine in its time.
Josh ?hompson May 20, 2012
Well the ls series of engines wipes the floor with a lot of examples. Really good engines and really durable. A 4.0 making 320 is impressive everyone doesn't like it because it was used in a grandma car
Igor Boos May 20, 2012
There was also a Shelby Dodge Durango... Just because it's a Shelby doesn't make it good. But I like this Shelby Series 1!
Dylan Bruder May 20, 2012
The aurora v8 was actually pretty sweet it was used in alot of racing you guys need to wake up and do some research before you jump to conclusions
Bob Turefannt May 20, 2012
@Stephen, The way some people talk on this app it apparently is.
Stephen Krane May 19, 2012
It's not like the ls1 is the most advanced engine
Phillip Holbrook May 19, 2012
Wow from a naturally aspirated DOHC 4.0 without all the extra technology boosts of today, 320 HP is actually really good. The 5.7 LS1 was only making 345 in the Vette.
Devin Babyn May 19, 2012
They should of only made the S/C model though. This one is pointless. Also saying it's a Shelby doesn't change anything for me. Just cause his names on it doesn't mean I'll like it and I don't
Phillip Greene May 19, 2012
come on its a shelby and it had an sc option
Devin Babyn May 19, 2012
If the best you can beat is a stang when it's got a shit engine in it. Then ya wasted your money, 90's or not
Andrew McNeal May 19, 2012
Except new, this was 5x the price of the best Mustang you could buy in 1999. There were much better cars for what this cost, but I'd still want one!
Phillip Greene May 19, 2012
This was 99 dude those numbers are great and youd handle a mustang up to 09 with those numbers
Michael Lopez May 19, 2012
Still impressive numbers
Devin Babyn May 19, 2012
They probably should of chose a stronger engine. It's just a little to weak
Jason Levy May 19, 2012
Its not really engineered from scratch by shelby of they were using an engine from another car
Jared Palmer May 19, 2012
Right up the interstate for me. These guys have some really nice one off cars for sale, quite a few on ebay
John Serely May 19, 2012
Looks interesting, at least.
A5D5A5M May 19, 2012
Absolutely amazing !!!
Kyle Smith May 19, 2012
It looks surprised!!
Mark A. Young May 19, 2012
I've been to this place in Charlotte. Actually took some pictures in this very room.
Description: Supercharged versions were given larger brakes and a heavy duty clutch in order to handle the extra power, which totaled nearly 600hp and 530lb-ft of torque. Shelby opted to go with the GM V8 due to i...
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Alex Arvanitis May 19, 2012
Oh the procharged series 1. It was a great car that just needed a bit more durability testing to be legendary.
Description: Engineers then bonded custom designed aluminum honeycomb panels into the floor boards and rocker panels for further stiffness and added structure. In an effort to commemorate the past, the car's ...
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Anthony Minicozzi May 20, 2012
dan this is a real life car, quit the videogame bs.
Jordan Smith May 19, 2012
I always thought this was a horrendously ugly looking car, but it's still good looking in a weird way.
Ben Arends May 19, 2012
If you've ever heard one of these, you know they sound mean, throaty, and LOUD! Was on the Vegas strip one time, and even with full traffic, you could hear this before ever even seeing it. 2-3 blocks away, in 6 lanes! Best sounding v8 I ever heard.
John Serely May 19, 2012
Ya I also see jag, at least in the frot
Esam Mohammad May 19, 2012
Yah I see jaguar in there
Zach Sullivan May 19, 2012
This car is just plain cool if I had the money I would buy it just cuz of that alone
Josh Banning May 19, 2012
This car in green with white stripes is amazing
Abraham Mendoza May 19, 2012
I remember this from GT3, a very very fast car she is.
xenozonda May 19, 2012
*jaguar lol. silly speechtext
xenozonda May 19, 2012
yeah, totally seeing the jagwire styling. rear is also reminiscent of classic vettes, no?
Dale Fredriks May 19, 2012
The front especially is extremely similar to the Jaguar XJ220.
Hektor Yberg May 19, 2012
I remember it from gt4 and yea it does look like a jaguar
Daft Punk May 19, 2012
I remember this from GT4
Jeremy E. Rogers May 19, 2012
I do see the jaguar a little hahah but this car is one of the best looking cars I've seen.
Andrew Hossann May 19, 2012
I know people are about to shred me up about this but it reminds me of older jaguars
Colin Dzendolet May 19, 2012
there were 2 of these running around Plano TX that I saw, silver with red racing stripes and silver with blue stripes
Dillon Dixon May 19, 2012
Looks great! But it needs an actual color with some racing stripes. That's when this are perfect.
xenozonda May 19, 2012
wow, what a beautiful car. I had forgotton about this one!
Elias Harb May 19, 2012
This looks great
Craig Lafey May 19, 2012
Wow she's beautiful.
Description: Unlike those original Cobras which had aluminum body panels made from English wheeling machines, the Series 1 had panels made from carbon fiber and fiberglass laminate. As we continued discussing Shel...
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Description: This car is number CSX5004 and the dealer claims it has the "same astounding build quality and finish work as well as identical performance (as the original 249 units) simply with fewer years on ...
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Justin Routh May 20, 2012
Thats complete bs that it only had 440 miles. I'd like to give the previous owner a piece of my mind. Thats a car you DRIVE
Andrew McNeal May 19, 2012
Then you'd only have $1 left lol. Got the car but can't put gas in it!
Hektor Yberg May 19, 2012
I wish I had 129,901 dollars
Forrest Wood May 19, 2012
I wish I had $130k
Ben Norton May 19, 2012
Not a bad price at all!
Canon4487 May 20, 2012
Looks terrible with the top up.
Darren Nardo May 19, 2012
Mean looking just don't like those engines.
Isaac Rezkalla May 19, 2012
Viper/corvette mix
Colin Dzendolet May 19, 2012
keep in mind that Shelby took part in designing the viper
Clint Edwards May 19, 2012
Especially the back
Thibault Leroy May 19, 2012
has a dodge vipery look
Bob Jones May 19, 2012
Hahahahah idk why but Chris's comment made me laugh out loud
Jackson Michael May 19, 2012
Except this came first...
Esam Mohammad May 19, 2012
A bit of Spyker maybe ?
Stephen Krane May 19, 2012
It should have side pipes
Abraham Mendoza May 19, 2012
Car has some of the widest tires I've ever seen
Clint Edwards May 19, 2012
@Chris I see what you did there
Hektor Yberg May 19, 2012
It's a corvemiata
Badoor Nasser Mobarak May 19, 2012
I think it like a old corvette
Malachi Monteiro May 19, 2012
For some reason, the back looks like an oversized Mazda MX-5 (Miata)
Chris O'Brien May 19, 2012
actually it's quite hot...nyuk nyuk nyuk!
Josh ?hompson May 20, 2012
When a car is a real cat not a ricer you could put the muffler on top of the car. As long as it goes fast
Tin Nguyen May 19, 2012
Gotta hide those mufflers. Too rice looking.
Josh ?hompson May 20, 2012
All 90's interiors were cheap...
Carlton Salmon May 20, 2012
The interior looks cheap and not in keeping with the dramatic looks of the exterior. A big let down.
Trent Griffin May 19, 2012
Even though its not exotic.....Looks comfy....
Phillip Holbrook May 19, 2012
Lol I see 90's Mustang in the interior.
David Munasinghe May 19, 2012
Interior is all 90s GM.looks cheep.
Kenneth Williams May 19, 2012
Is GM. Not digging it
Reid Huff May 20, 2012
Yeah I was talking about sound. I'm not saying I dislike v8 sound I just think the i6 sound is superior.
Phillip Greene May 20, 2012
Yea its not like he said i6s are fast he said any i6 will beat any v8 which is just plane stupid cuz it would have to be built and boosted to even come close to a half way built up v8
Jackson Rojas May 20, 2012
konessieg agera r has a v8 (fastest car in the world)
Reid Huff May 20, 2012
It's the truth. V8 is not king listen to any tvr, skylines, BMW, my Austin healey, jaguar etc
Phillip Greene May 19, 2012
Yeah pass the joint for sure cuz you must be smokin some good shit to say somethin that dumb
Stephen Krane May 19, 2012
Any i6 beats any v8, pass the joint bro
Phillip Greene May 19, 2012
I like it just fine, then again I like 3rd gens and c4s so the whole dated thing is acualy a selling point for me
Stephen Krane May 19, 2012
The dash is straight out of a corvette. I think the shifter is cool
Todd McGuire May 19, 2012
That is an Oldsmobile radio.
wfdowns May 19, 2012
im up for the challenge
Kenneth Williams May 19, 2012
Have fun working on that. I would hate it
Colin Dzendolet May 19, 2012
one of the cleanest looking stock engine bays ever