Posted on: May 18, 2012
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The Three Nissan GTR-sketeers Make Noise in the Netherlands

2,300 total horsepower lined up in a row – a thing of pure power and beauty.
The Nissan GTR might not win many style points, however Godzilla more than makes up for that in terms of power and performance. Check out the two Nissan GTRs and the Skyline GTR make some serious noise in the Netherlands.

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All three of the Nissans seen in the video above have been tuned by Total Car Concepts. The two GTRs have received Switzer's P800 package and produce 800hp each. The Skyline GTR R34 features Mines Stage 2+++ package and produces 700hp. There are only 3 P800 GTRs in the Netherlands, so to have both in the same place running alongside the Skyline GTR is quite a sight indeed.


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