Description: The Bugatti Veyron is a beast on the streets and thanks to Forgiato Wheels' Chinese distributor DKH Autosports, it looks even better bossing around the challengers to its speed-king-throne. The n...
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Ken Russell May 19, 2012
It's about time someone made a wheel that could work with this car.
Wyatt Gordon Jun 12, 2012
I like forgiatos, there the only good looking aftermarket rims IMO.
Bob Jones Jun 08, 2012
Can't wait till' the kill the veyron
Lee Cascio May 21, 2012
It looks damn good I can't deny that but that's kinda like putting bigger wings on a jet because it looks cooler...
Clayton Corley May 19, 2012
Just cuz they didn't come with em doesnt mean they can't be used
Clayton Corley May 19, 2012
@audi tech- noone said they needed these wheels they just felt like doing it!
Ken Russell May 19, 2012
Now it's perfect!
Erin Welsh May 19, 2012
Rear wheels look like a spider
Micah Lau May 19, 2012
Welcome back, Ghee Buttersnaps - I love you, man. This car looks great from the rear 3/4 angle, and the wheels look great.
Axel Cousins May 18, 2012
That is freakin' awesome!!!! I love it! I don't know how anyone could hate it?!
Matthew Hseih May 18, 2012
@matt white totally agreed.
Kev Berkel May 18, 2012
@Audi Tech so you like the mclaren slr wheels too? Even though they're functional, any aftermarket wheel makes that car look better
Mike Conrad May 18, 2012
Looks like spiders for the wheels at this angle.
Audi Tech May 18, 2012
No. If it needed those wheel it would have came with those wheels.
jester May 18, 2012
Looks so much better!
Barry Boo Wilson May 18, 2012
Haters going to hate.
Bob Thebuilder May 18, 2012
Forgiato's are European. They're just distributed by the Chinese.
Devon Smithers May 18, 2012
Regardless of looks or speed worthiness, 9 times out of 10 bigger wheels ruin the factory handling and ride. Even more so with such a ultra high performance car. It's like buying a 2 million $ house and cutting the roof off bc you think it looks cool
Thibault Leroy May 18, 2012
these rims look great but i would still keep them stock like matt said
Timothy Hooker May 18, 2012
My car can do 150....doesnt mean it ever will...therefore I wont base my wheel buying decisions on top speed...probably more true for 253mph
Clayton Corley May 18, 2012
They shouldve designed em and sent it too volswagon to test and improve
Leon McCallister May 18, 2012
Your spot on Matt, my thoughts exactly! I hate all these boy racer aftermarket wheels, they look shit!
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov May 18, 2012
* Matt I completely agree with you. No matter how good it looks, it's still wrong.
Matt White May 18, 2012
I wouldn't F with aftermarket parts on my million dollar car capable of 253 mph. Somehow I think the engineers at Volkswagen spent a bit more time testing their wheels than a Chinese manufacturer.
Extremis Colson May 18, 2012
do not hit a pothole!!!! lmao
Nigel Craven May 18, 2012
Not usually a fan of after market alloys but that looks the dogs nuts!!
Craig Lafey May 18, 2012
They look great. They fit the car perfectly.
gammo66 May 18, 2012
I like this a lot, would I spend my lotto winnings on it? prob not
Jairo Garcia May 18, 2012
Seal of approval :p Staggered fitment with convex on the back :)
Daft Punk May 18, 2012
should've got a pair of TE37 concave
Clayton Corley May 18, 2012
They look amazing!!!
Mike van Varik May 18, 2012
Ruined. Looks horrible. But hey his choice :) glad he can afford it aha
Blue Label May 18, 2012
Just let me hit the Mega Millions... This would be mine!
Kuswa D Nata Jun 10, 2013
Model Kereta yang terpantas di dunia..
Abraham Kinghorn Jul 11, 2012
the bugatti veyron ss is top dog period . its mechanically a piece of engineering monstrosaty, but by its looks it looks below excellent (i think a 84 out of 100). but putting these rims on is soooo stupid. its like owning 1.9 million dollar painting and putting on your own touch ups with your paint on it. Really, are you stupid ?
wfdowns May 20, 2012
ok changing the rims dosent make it riced
Daft Punk May 20, 2012
yes I do. I'm pretty sure the original wheels are stronger than these. Looked better too IMO
Christoffer Wassberg May 19, 2012
No im not before the veyron ss was out the aero beat the veyrons to speed and was cheaper
Michael Bichay May 19, 2012
Do you even know what rice means?
Thibault Leroy May 19, 2012
wow i love the veyron like te new grand sport vitesse is the fastest roadster in the world (410 kmh) the most powerful (1001 hp) the most polluting and the most expensive roadster in the world and you have to respect that
Ken Russell May 19, 2012
I love this car and it's the only one I ever saw with aftermarket wheels. It's truly an engineering marvel. VW engineers are the shyt.
wfdowns May 19, 2012
@axel, really are u stupid take ur own advice, what people claim they can do dosnt mean anything, its whats been done and the veyron ss did 267mph witch is the current world record, go learn to read ur self, idk maybe do a google search once in a while, learn some actuall facts before correcting people with false info
Matthew Reindorp May 19, 2012
These cars aren't that ugly... Saw one in person and yes they are very plain and simple but it's still a good looking car and also an opinion... The SSC ultimate aero is hideous...
Trent Fiala May 19, 2012
That car is ugly as shit! It always has been and always will be nomatter what
Carlton Salmon May 19, 2012
@ Cody. Really? Can you name a few?
Axel Cousins May 18, 2012
They don't hold the record anymore. Koenigsegg holds the record of 273 mph. U need to check before u write.
wfdowns May 18, 2012
only reason veyron still holds the top speed record because vw wont let anyone touch there track, i respect the veyron for what it can do it is fast and has a full and confortable interior also any average person can drive it, but its still an ugly car and cant handle a corner, the veyron is just a trophy to show u got bank
Ron Vinson May 18, 2012
I agree with Matthew. This car is an engineering triumph. It's the fastest and most expensive. Styling is subjective. Respect the benchmark that it created.
Mark Suvorov May 18, 2012
Chris r u dumb ?
Thibault Leroy May 18, 2012
wow this car looks great!
Christoffer Wassberg May 18, 2012
I would still take the ssc ultimate aero before this
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov May 18, 2012
This looks magnificent!
Cody Matthews May 18, 2012
But there are better looking cars that do the same speed as this (this one is the 16.4) and are more aerodynamic, have a lot less engine, are just as luxurious, and are already Eco friendly.
Isaac Rezkalla May 18, 2012
Dam this looks good
Matthew Crighton May 18, 2012
It's the fastest car in the world, How could it not be sexy?
Patrick Joseph May 18, 2012
Alex. The Bugatti offers a much smoother ride than a riced out shitbox. It's not a stripped out car with an unreliable engine built in your mates garage down the road.
Kyle Rawn May 18, 2012
Yes Alex, you are correct to a point, but those cars that us TT V8s are basically stripped out race cars, while this car is luxury, and just so happens to be the "King of Speed".
Alex Klemstein May 18, 2012
Aventador is sexy, and fast. And the damn engine. A W16? 4 turbos? Some may think that's awesome, but many cars get near the Bugatti by simply using twin turbo V8s.
Alex Klemstein May 18, 2012
In a world where cars are judged on performance as much as aesthetics, this is ugly. If Lamborghini or Ferrari disregarded looks in favor of performance, people would critique. This car is hideous. The Ferrari 458 is beautiful and fast. The
Matthew Reindorp May 18, 2012
If only people thought that about the GT-R
Nick Schnee May 18, 2012
They look really nice on the Veyron... I'm not sure if they'd look good on other cars though.
Pablo Herasme May 18, 2012
lows function, the Veyron is one of the most aerodynamic hypercars out there.
Pablo Herasme May 18, 2012
This " ugly " thing about the Veyron is pissing me off, I mean if someone offers you one with no cost, what average human being would say " no ". When Bugatti came in with the Veyron, they aimed for luxuary and performance. If anything, form fol...
Josiah De La Torre May 18, 2012
Anyone who finds the design of this car attractive is mentally incompetent. Mechanically, a great car, but certainly lacking in looks.
Pablo Herasme May 18, 2012
People say that this car is ugly are mentally challenged.
Josiah De La Torre May 18, 2012
I didn't think it was possible to make the Veyron more ugly.
Aaron Crisp May 18, 2012
No Matt, you need to get your eyes checked.. It's horrific.
Matt Piccolo May 18, 2012
No garret, u need to get ur eyes checked, they're beautiful
Garrett Frye May 18, 2012
No Antonio, you need to get your eyes checked. Those are horrible.
Antonio Borja May 18, 2012
get your eyes checked
Brandon Carr May 18, 2012
Perfect in every way
Leon McCallister May 18, 2012
Car looks sweet but the wheels look like they should be on a spotty teenagers second hand shitheap!
Luis Prado May 18, 2012
It's only a matter of time that these rims will bend.