Description: At this week's 2012 Worthersee Tour in Austria SEAT will have two race-spec models on display. First up is the new Ibiza SC Trophy based on the refreshed supermini, which features a 1.4-liter tur...
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Description: Inside there's a roll cage, bucket seats and a race-spec digital instrument panel. Priced at €31,500, the SC Trophy is an amateur racer's ideal starter car. SEAT's second offering...
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Jake Trumbull May 17, 2012
300 horse fwd? Yeah. I LOVE purchasing tires...
Cody Jacques May 17, 2012
is this fwd or awd bcause if this is awd this car would be butt tons of fun!!
Buddy Robinson May 17, 2012
They will, race cars a crazy expensive
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov May 17, 2012
That's a race car, so I don't think someone will buy it anyway.
Everett Coyne Jun 12, 2012
sadly not sold in US almost every one would have one
Dwayne Contadino May 17, 2012
If only they would stay clean..
Yaroslav Tishchenko May 17, 2012
Would look better without the spoiler IMO
Jack Sibley May 17, 2012
Same picture as previous image- just edited after. Car was probably added after for both shots.
Michael Davidson May 17, 2012
That looks sick, love those rims
jester May 17, 2012
Those were likely on the track for the photo, the car was added later.
Chris Gaines May 17, 2012
lol handbrake turn skid marks... cuz its front wheel drive -_-
Bob Turefannt May 17, 2012
That is a massive defuser.
Theo Hubbard May 17, 2012
That looks awesome! A little in your face but awesome
Rudolf Dassler May 17, 2012
A bit overdone imo...