Description: Consider this: You're the owner of a classic Porsche (pick your dream model) and after several years and many miles of driving it, it's in dire need of major work. While you've been abl...
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Description: There are specialists for 959s, classic 911s, 356s, and everything else in between. Along with complete restorations, they also handle repairs using original parts that many owners thought were long o...
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Tanton Stoneman May 17, 2012
How about you get that one, and I get the one in the corner of the shot. Deal?
Tanton Stoneman May 17, 2012
I have always wanted a 959. Right when I first saw it I almost wept due to its beauty.
Craig Lafey May 17, 2012
Now that's a car company!!! Once again porsche has impressed me. To restore classics to keep them alive that's a loyal company. This inspired me to start a garage to restore classic Corvettes and possibly Camaros. Just unbelievable
Lou Guerrero May 17, 2012
This is the Porsche GmbH that I know. Not the one that conceives the Macaan.
Paul Lissona May 17, 2012
Yah this shows they actually care about cars. This wouldn't work for Toyota though haha.
Carlton Salmon May 17, 2012
Agreed, Antonio.
Anthony Surdo May 17, 2012
That's awesome Porsche is doing that!
Antonio Borja May 17, 2012
all car company's should do this
Description: The workshop is so committed to their work that the current management even keeps in regular touch with retired workers who've retained the mechanical and technical knowledge that may not be foun...
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.JAY.JONES. May 19, 2012
what is that red car beside it?
Ben Mossing May 17, 2012
Ooh that is just beautiful.