Comments - Weaponized Armored Vehicles: You Know You Want One

Published: May 16, 2012
Description: These cars are living proof that the best defense is a good offense. What makes these vehicles unique and quite deadly is they have plenty of offensive capabilities along with defense armoring. Each y...
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Description: At the top of the list of multi-millionaire venture capitalists everywhere is the fully Weaponized Porsche Cayenne. This lean, mean, fighting machine comes complete with bullet-resistant transparent a...
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Esam Mohammad May 17, 2012
I need one in Syria
Jake Trumbull May 17, 2012
Saw the episode of sons of guns with this car. Pretty sick but if I had the money to do that... Why not a targeting system?
Hamish Johnson May 16, 2012
That pricing is acctually very resonable
David Pires-Ihsaan May 16, 2012
weapon system bumps the price up a smidgen
John Serely May 16, 2012
Same here, Brian. It was pretty cool IMO
Description: What this Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty lacks in actual armor, it more than makes up for with a wide variety of offensive firepower and is the envy of Libyan revolutionaries the world over. Do Abdul and ...
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Esam Mohammad May 17, 2012
I need a car like this to kill those stupid protestors we have in Syria
Zach Sullivan May 16, 2012
Somebody is overcompensating haha
Rami R. Milhem May 16, 2012
Lee their not terrorists their freedom fighters do your research before talking
Cho Dan May 16, 2012
That dude is toast if that rocket launcher is fired.
Lee Gardner May 16, 2012
Cummins baby they may be terrorist but at least they know good engines
Michael Douglas May 16, 2012
If you look closer you can see a Foose sticker, right next the overhauled sticker
Ben Arends May 16, 2012
Yo Dawg, I saw you lived in a war zone, so we pimped your ride with rockets n shit!
Benjamin Davidson May 16, 2012
Well. This just made my day. Thank you Mr Ghadafi for inspiring this kind of awesomeness in your enemies.
Clint Edwards May 16, 2012
Greatest picture ever
Andrew Wright May 16, 2012
Captain Morgan upgraded
Logan Oleary May 16, 2012
Plus that big ass rocket launcher.
Jose Carlos May 16, 2012
Pirate hat + RPG + Blue Sandals = Win. : )
Steven Nevets May 16, 2012
That dude is awesome
Jackson Michael May 16, 2012
Pirate hat+RPG= Win
Description: A large number of aspiring A-Team leaders would kill to get their hands on the Hybrid Army Hummer. Called the FED Bravo, this 20,000 pound, fully armed and bullet-proof assault automobile is the brain...
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Max Delena May 17, 2012
If it was black, it would be the modern day bat mobile
Daft Punk May 16, 2012
would look beast in matte black
Cody Jacques May 16, 2012
Eh yeah poor paint job... Sweet armored car
Description: With armor over one foot thick, small arms fire and explosives are mere nuisances. A driver would quickly fall in love with the multiple and well protected mounted video cameras for second to none vis...
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Austin Otto May 17, 2012
Alex, who needs to see when your a lunatic hell bent on destroying everything in your path? Lol
Hank Austin May 16, 2012
All I can say is I want one.
Alex Vasquez May 16, 2012
Could this retarded bulldozer guy even see? If so I want details
Cody Matthews May 16, 2012
The Dozer's radiator blew I believe actually.
John Trimborn May 16, 2012
I remember both stories- the dozer and the tank getting Hung up on the median divider
Devin Babyn May 16, 2012
Saw it on spike a couple years back. Never thought someone could be that angry about being fired. And he shot himself with a rifle when he got stuck. The cops had to cut it open just to remove the body
Micah Lau May 16, 2012
I remember seeing a show about this guy on the tube. He was nuts. He reminds. Me of that guy who ran amuck in a stolen tank in SoCal. He got hungup on a concrete divider, the cops opened it up and shot him in the head from above.
tysquirrel10s May 16, 2012
he welded himself inside so there would be no doors for the police to drag him out of
gammo66 May 16, 2012
looks like it should be on robot wars
Matt Martir May 16, 2012
I remember hearing that they almost called in a missile strike on this thing because they couldnt stop it. But he ended up getting stuck in a warehouse. Pretty badass. Should be made for a zomie apocalypse lol