Description: Automobile Magazine has indulged in a wonderfully pointless supercar drag race battle to find out whether the Lexus LFA, McLaren MP4-12C and Lamborghini Aventador has what it takes to beat the Bugatti...
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Anthony Minicozzi May 18, 2012
Can you at least try spelling Aventador properly?
Denys Lukiyanchuk May 17, 2012
So you'd rather pay 375,000 dollars for a car that is a piece of shit and it should go against the abentador because the abentador is only one thousand dollar more.
Esam Mohammad May 17, 2012
I'd take the LFA
Jake Trumbull May 17, 2012
The mclaren might not have the looks of the lfa but the mclaren is everything the lfa should have been on the track. Both are great cars...lame to put all this design down to just a straight line
Abraham Mendoza May 17, 2012
Well the fact that its up there on Nurburgring times is an achievement, but not good enough for you I guess.
Denys Lukiyanchuk May 17, 2012
Are you guys ideots the lfa is a thousand dollies less than the abentador witch costs 375,999 bit the mclaren is 228,999 witch is way less for a car that's also better than the italia. And the lfa is a terrible car there isn't anything good about it!
Patrick Joseph May 16, 2012
Y'all can have the lfa. I'd much rather have the mclaren.
Devin Babyn May 16, 2012
I'd go LFA by far. It's just to beautiful and that exhaust note is amazing
John Park May 16, 2012
LFA all the way! But i would get it in bright white
Mikey Jimenez May 16, 2012
LFA for me as well.
Ian Barger May 16, 2012
McLaren is so boring looking!
Zack Hartman May 16, 2012
Exactly mark until it kicks you're ass haha
Mark A. Young May 16, 2012
The McLaren just looks like its smiling.. Not intimidating at all.
Matt Piccolo May 16, 2012
I'd take the lfa!!
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov May 16, 2012
I think its ugly
John Serely May 16, 2012
The lfa look great IMO
Description: As it turns out, the McLaren gets to the quarter-mile mark eight-tenths of a second sooner and 6mph faster than the LFA. Round 2 sees the McLaren take on the 6.5-liter V12 Lamborghini Aventador, as th...
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Cameron Patterson Aug 28, 2012
The back of the LFA looks like it has bags in its eyes
Tristin William Buggy Aug 04, 2012
Strap 4 turbos on the mclaren f1 and tell me tht it would have a chance of beating the veyron
Preston Harris Jun 08, 2012
Warren, the Bugatti has 8 liters. 16.4 is Bugatti's way of bragging about the fact they have 16 cylinders and 4 turbochargers
Seth Based Switzer Jun 02, 2012
I hate lamborghinis but id rather see the Lambo come out on top!
Charlie Stratton May 22, 2012
where is the Venom GT
Torqueingcock Thekeymaker May 18, 2012
Unfair race to begin with! Beyron has 4 turbochargers. If the Aventador has only 2 turbochargers, it will beat the crap out of the Veyron!!! Ridiculous!
Michael Ioia May 17, 2012
If they would have put the spoiler down on the Veyron it would have been even faster. That spoiler adds a lot of drag which is good for corners but bad for straight line speed.
James Barron May 17, 2012
Based on sound alone. LFA > Aventador > McLaren > Veyron
Mikey Jimenez May 17, 2012
Just for your information I was being sarcastic about the bike part.
Mikey Jimenez May 17, 2012
@Devin I'm getting the feeling you go against everything I say? Shouldn't you be beating up on gym rats?
Joseph Myers May 17, 2012
To bad it still has to struggle to beat a McLaren f1 :p
Devin Mortenson May 17, 2012
Yeah the Lamborghini has the second most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever in a stock car
Devin Babyn May 17, 2012
Before the veyron had you ever heard of something quad charged? If someone has the money and want it done it'll happen
Abraham Mendoza May 17, 2012
Can you quad charge a V12? I've never even heard of that.
Daniel Lee May 17, 2012
The lamborghini is the best the veyron has 4 turbo nuff said
Devin Babyn May 17, 2012
Why are people not aloud to talk about bikes? Harley or crotch rocket, they're bad ass and actually funner then most cars
Justin Routh May 16, 2012
@Brady but the Busa is so ugly. 1000s look much better. Either way lets keep it cars
John Danko May 16, 2012
So basic what I got out of this was a Nissan gtr alpha 12 for 200,000 dollars and beat the Bugatti in a race
Mikey Jimenez May 16, 2012
@the guys that are talking about bikes, please leave this is a CAR app.
Brady Jacoby May 16, 2012
@Timothy You could spend $13,000 and have a busa faster. Put $5,000 into the Busa and it would hit 200 before that Gatti would hit 130
Isaac Rezkalla May 16, 2012
Who ever said "wheres the gtr" is stupid, a stock gtr would be destroyed in this race and what i want to see is a 1000hp aventador take on the veyron and the 1000hp gtr that would be a good race
Brandon Carr May 16, 2012
The McLaren got a jump off the line because...well... I was driving and I cheat but it didn't matter.
Alex Arvanitis May 16, 2012
4 turbo's and this lambo would be insane. Run that Hennessy ford gt with 2000hp against the veyron ss! Hell that gt would make an ss look like a civic racing a lambo
Pablo Herasme May 16, 2012
Lambo hanged on better than I thought, but an SS obliterate it.
John Raymond May 16, 2012
Hahaha if vector ever would have launched the wx8 that pos Bugatti woulda been spanked by another north American super car Bugatti is way over priced and ugly as hell
Timothy Hooker May 16, 2012
Or you could just drop 10k on a Yamaha R1 and beat them all
xenozonda May 16, 2012
nice to see a drag race without a gtr. lol. still waiting for the agera r/ bugatti ss race
Tyler James Davis May 16, 2012
Now get out N. America's secret weapon, the Hennessey Venom GT.
Genci Sallabanda May 16, 2012
Lets wait for the enzo replacement!
Sam Oglesby May 16, 2012
The lfa sounded awsome
Cody Matthews May 16, 2012
@juan what is a bugaty? Does this car also look like a pig?
Craig Lafey May 16, 2012
Wow that lambo actually kept up better than I thought. All cars were amazing. Crazy fast.
Mikey Jimenez May 16, 2012
Lamborghini Aventador has to be the best Italian car ever made (IMO). So elegant and sophisticated.
uptown May 16, 2012
what agera r are you referring to?
Thibault Leroy May 16, 2012
wow veyron had a bad start but i love the veyron idc what anyone says, its always been my favorite car and it still is and it always be!
Byakka Hirakawa May 16, 2012
That guy is such a retarded kid This drag race was pointless
Matthew Reindorp May 16, 2012
Ummm the F1 car would destroy the veyron SS in a 1/4 mile drag race...
Daniel Carvalho May 16, 2012
I'd really like to see a Veyron Super Sports destroying a F1 car. And a nice fight between the first one and the Agera R.
Phillip Greene May 16, 2012
I mean if they cut the price by 2/3s it would be an amazing sports car but its just to expencive to compeat in its preformance class
Adam Page May 16, 2012
Who would want that over priced Toyota??? eww...
David Harris May 16, 2012
The Lamborghini did not do bad against the veyron though
Phillip Greene May 16, 2012
Yea as much as the lfa is a huge waist of money it is the best handler in this bunch, and totaly lambo>mp4>lfa...... And thats gross missuse of vws funding doesnt even make the first cut in my book
Brock Zager May 16, 2012
justin knows whats up my money would be on the agera R
Jack Howard May 16, 2012
Wid take the mclaren
Ethan Amo May 16, 2012
Actually, YES, it is a sports car....unless of course you have bad taste for cars
Sean Sutton May 16, 2012
LFA? Pff thats not even sports car
Matt Piccolo May 16, 2012
Yea, I'd take the lfa outta all of them just cuz I love the lfa but damn that lambo's fast
Michael Davidson May 16, 2012
Carbuzz, please find us a drag race b/w a veyron and a Venom Gt!!!!!
Nick Benz May 16, 2012
Wheres the GT-R? Haha
Phillip Greene May 16, 2012
Ha any one of the cars in this video would strait handle that over grown vw beetle at the track, I think its pretty funny how the lfa was the slowest here but its the only one in the top three at the ring right between the vett and the viper
Juan Martinez May 16, 2012
Bugaty is the best car ever! It will never lose a game vs a aventatir but firdt think that the aventator in the begininhg wents faster
Stephen Cobbs May 16, 2012
@Justin. EXACTLY
Ghee Buttersnaps May 16, 2012
Wow, the lambo kept up better than I expected
Yahia Al-Asiri May 16, 2012
For sure I will have Lamborghini it's the Best look and fast
Dustin Choate May 16, 2012
Lamborghini is a fraction of the cost and with a bit of work would annihilate the Bugatti. And anyone who says it only matters after the quarter mile is stupid.
Justin Routh May 16, 2012
They need Bugatti SS vs Agera R vs Venom GT vs SSC Tuatara
Thomas Mackey May 16, 2012
Much rather have the lambo
Dillon Dixon May 16, 2012
That was much closer than I expected. I'm still a big fan of the veyron though. I would have to take it over the Aventador, but it's a very tough choice.
Ryan Spencer May 16, 2012
Even if I had the money, I'd still rather have the lambo: it just looks too damn good...
Dylan Bruder May 16, 2012
I like how he admits to cheating lol
Oscar Galvan May 16, 2012
Bugatti SS v Agera R
Matthew Reindorp May 16, 2012
Pretty sure the veyron had it's air brake partially raised anyway... But still respect for the lambo... I knew they were quick but wow...
gammo66 May 16, 2012
I'd prefer 3 lambos over a veyron, for a third of the price it kept up well & looks loads better
Patrick Schalk May 16, 2012
Why doesn't someone race the bugatti and venom gt? For f sake!
Trevor Bodi May 16, 2012
Even though the Lamborghini lost, it did keep up pretty well. I was surprised.
Lou Guerrero May 16, 2012
Man, the aventador is quick. Not the Maclarens right rear @ :45 tires look deflated.
Tony Krsteski May 16, 2012
I think I speak for everyone when I say we want to see the Bugatti vs the agera
jester May 16, 2012
The Lamborghini hung in there quite well. Wrong color, however.
Description: With 101hp more than the MP4-12C and being AWD, the Aventador takes off in a flash and maintains its lead throughout, ending the quarter-mile in 10.6 seconds at 133.9mph. Onto the final where the Aven...
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Chris Penza May 17, 2012
The bugatti might be able to win on a drag strip but on any road track it would get demolished
David Justice May 17, 2012
Seriously! Venom this, Venom that, yet we see nada.
James E Caldwell May 17, 2012
Too bad they did not have a Hennessey Venom GT there to walk the walk. ( cause we know they talk)
Broderick King May 18, 2012
They could have picked more cars to match it with that could of actually beat the Bugatti, but no they picked the cars they knew would lose
gammo66 May 17, 2012
to dismiss & slate a veyron as a petrol head is to hate Jesus as a christian, it may not be the prettiest but damn the nearest u can get to this speed wise is stripped out racers that are not comfortable & are boiling hot. this is a cruiser that somehow goes like a missile. Would u really want vw to only spend money developing the new golf?!?
Josh Carter May 17, 2012
Agera R kicks this cars ass in every aspect.
Jackson Michael May 16, 2012
I'd love to have a Veyron roadster if i had the money
jester May 16, 2012
It's stunning to look at, no disagreement there, but its not pretty.
Cody Matthews May 16, 2012
I'm sorry but this car is over rated. All it does is go fast. Once you start turning, it turns to pure boredom. Wayyy to many computers in it. I would much rather buy a Koenigsegg.
John Serely May 16, 2012
@nissan gtr: nope, nice try though. Overpriced, I can see why you may think that, but it still is not. Its worth whatever people are willing to pay, and they have sold a bunch of them. A POS? Definitely not. A 15 year old riced out civic is a POS, not s veyron grand sport
Thibault Leroy May 16, 2012
@Nissan GTR you say the veyron looks like shit yet your name is nissan GTR -_- ok
Daniel Carvalho May 16, 2012
Impressive, the Aventador didn't lose contact! It kept the whole race close to the Bugatti
Matt Piccolo May 16, 2012
I think it looks great
John Serely May 16, 2012
I kinda like the way it looks, I would not buy one if I had the money, but it is not ugly IMO
Thibault Leroy May 16, 2012
@Dillon i definetly agree this is the best car in the world
Thomas Mackey May 16, 2012
Yes the engineering is amazing and it is a great car but overplayed. just not as special anymore.
Dillon Dixon May 16, 2012
I don't care how many of you say it's ugly, because I think it's beautiful!
Gianni Falzone May 16, 2012
Don't care how fast it is, it looks like an olive.
Oscar Galvan May 16, 2012
Now that I think about it, it was made to have no comparison rival
Craig Lafey May 16, 2012
Liking that color.
Antonio Borja May 16, 2012
it has 16 cylinders. you can't compare it to the aventador. but yeah it is a marvel
jester May 16, 2012
Not a fan, but it is an engineering marvel.