Description: Mark Heidaker's Hennessey twin-turbo Ford GT has followed up the car's 257.7mph standing mile world record set back in March with Sean Kennedy behind the wheel, by posting a new standing hal...
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Joseph Siddall Jul 31, 2016
Now then, aren't some fairly humble dragsters able to kill this? Just sayin'.
Jake Trumbull May 17, 2012
Always been a fan of Hennessy performance. Pretty incredible sped they are able to attain
prodrag May 17, 2012
I would love to see what this car could do at Bonneville.
Alex Arvanitis May 16, 2012
212 in half a mile... This car is literally capable of making a veyron look like a Honda s2000 racing a c6 z06.... Wow, nice work. 257 in a mile is insane as well. It takes a veyron 4-5 miles to do that
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt May 16, 2012
First post=lammeeeee
Tyson Broadbent May 16, 2012
Smallest penis award to you sir.
Thibault Leroy May 16, 2012
idk if you're new but please dont start that first post sh**
Peter Winter May 16, 2012
First post! Thats fast!
Description: Heidaker's Ford GT is apparently good for 2,000hp thanks to an Accufab Racing V8 engine that's force fed by two Precision Turbochargers, and a bit of tuning magic by Hennessey and Shane Teck...
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Mike van Varik May 19, 2012
To be fair it won't really pull that much at low speeds, being Rwd and 2000hp , the AMS Omega has 1500 AWHP and that spins up in 3rd Ffs. Beautiful work though, V8s always will be the best for me :)
Dale Fredriks May 19, 2012
I really want to se and hear that Supra. That would make my day.
Scott Gracey May 16, 2012
I thought the same, it didn't pull as early As I thought It would but when it pulled it was gone
Laguna Seca May 16, 2012
Why do guys always have to say "yeah baby"?
Dustin Miller May 16, 2012
It didn't launch as fast as I thought it would.
Barry Boo Wilson May 16, 2012
Just a unrealistic car to me. Neat and all but I would prefer a more realistic everyday car that run slower than something built just for this.
David Griego May 16, 2012
Best engine sound ever! You blink and the car is gone!
Antonio Falsetti May 16, 2012
Love the sound of those turbos
Adam Page May 16, 2012
I was waiting for the camera to fly off...
Daniel Levy May 16, 2012
Wow, that was krazy fast, when the smoke clears its completely gone
Thomas Mackey May 16, 2012
That good as sex.o
deeday May 16, 2012
you gotta feel like your the only person on the planet when your moving that fast
Henz Herrero May 16, 2012
Props for Henny but i like ams better.. Insanely fast car tho..
Dillon Dixon May 16, 2012
Couldn't have picked a better car for the job. The Ford GT lives on!
gammo66 May 16, 2012
this thing is rapid
Jairo Garcia May 17, 2012
Le mans stripes > red neck wrap
Eli Dirk May 17, 2012
I like the chevy behind it better.
Eli Dirk May 17, 2012
Agreed @Danieljs
Timothy Hooker May 16, 2012
This paintjob is sick. Makes me think of something from gears of war
Daft Punk May 16, 2012
looks like a car from the burnout games
John Serely May 16, 2012
Ugly wrap/paintjob or not, it is pretty cool
Luke McGuire May 16, 2012
Did the push it?
Laguna Seca May 16, 2012
Yeah, lose the wrap. Good ol GT stripes for the win!
Thomas Mackey May 16, 2012
The wrap isn't the best.....the car.....absolute beauty.
Rubi Ton May 16, 2012
I like the paint job. If you look at it real good it looks like the car is going so fast that the shell is actually coming off! Pretty BA
Lee Gardner May 16, 2012
Who cares about the paintjob when you 2000 horses ready to use
Rob Taylor May 16, 2012
I think that's a wrap not a paintjob..
Joe Fats Harper May 16, 2012
I think this is one of those paint jobs that you have to see in person. It looks like the photo doesn't do it justice
Mark A. Young May 16, 2012
I love the ford gt, but I have to say, that paint job is hideous.