Description: While we were the bearer of bad news in revealing BMW's new 1-Series three-door hatch and high-performance M135i were not coming stateside, today we bring you positive tidings as BMW will be intr...
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Paul Lissona May 17, 2012
I'd rather drive that then 350z ha.
Devin Babyn May 16, 2012
My buddy got to drunk last week and I got to rip his 335i. God damn that cars fun. It was beating are buddy's heavily modified 350z. Don't no how it could with about 30 less HP
Sachin Murthy May 16, 2012
The 335is actually uses the older N54 twin turbo engine not the the newer N55, which is in the 335i
Description: This equates to 20hp and 17lb-ft more than the 135i. Despite the added power, BMW claim the 135is maintains the same level of emissions and MPG ratings as the 135i. Both the Coupe and Convertible come...
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Daft Punk May 16, 2012
I hate new BMW's with a passion
Elias Harb May 16, 2012
Those rims are neat !
Description: This electronically intervenes in order to prevent loss of control at high thresholds. They can both be disabled but are supposed to 'enhance performance-orientated driving.' The 135is also ...
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Carlton Salmon May 17, 2012
@ Nick. Of course it's a word. Look it up!
Bob Jones May 16, 2012
You're not a word.
Nick Benz May 16, 2012
Orientated isnt a word
Description: Interior changes are limited to sports seats and optional black leather seats with blue stitching, stainless-steel pedals, and interior badges. U.S. dealerships are expected to take delivery of the ne...
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Paul Lissona May 17, 2012
You can get a 528i around those prices in USA.
Patrick Joseph May 16, 2012
Yeah they should make it under 10k. Right.
Vincent Chen May 16, 2012
Way too expensive for a 1 series
Miko Reginella Jul 10, 2012
I love BMWs but the base 1 series(including 135is) is so ugly. Not the 1///M though ;)
Phillip Holbrook May 16, 2012
Missing a pedal for a proper M.