Description: This week's edition of Drag Race Tuesdays features some incredibly loud and incredibly fast performance-minded Toyota Supras destroying the drag strip at TX2K12. TX2K launched back in 2000 as a &...
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Paul Yaya Mondares May 16, 2012
Finally, a DRT without GT-Rs haha
Louis Ramon Cortez May 15, 2012
Finally. Love these
Flymcbean May 15, 2012
@Cody Matt would not love this. Its too American
Donte Perino May 15, 2012
It started with Supra's only.
Byakka Hirakawa May 15, 2012
Supra only but theres other cars? -_-
Cody Andree May 15, 2012
Where's Matt? He'd love this
Description: Check out the video below to watch some of the faster Supras at the event, held at Lonestar Motorsports Park just outside of Houston, Texas. The first part of the video shows the powerful models crush...
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Mikey Jimenez May 17, 2012
Yes I'm drowning in my tear! Do you read your own comments, cause it sounds like you're the only one that's crying.
Vincent Butler May 16, 2012
Lol cry more bitch!
Mikey Jimenez May 16, 2012
@Vincent shut up, all you do is complain about everyone. If you don't like it then don't read the comments.
Vincent Butler May 16, 2012
Waste of time time reading most of these post, Haters gonna Hate. You guys cry about everything. Bunch of little kids lol. I feel your pain Carbuzz.
Johnny Francis May 16, 2012
No rotors, just look up 6 second supra e. kanoo in YouTube. And enjoy :)
Vince DeMasi May 16, 2012
Some of those guys reaction times were like they were asleep at the wheel and they didn't slick there tires enough but still fast as hell
Evan Wolfe May 16, 2012
Japanese muscle showing up American muscle ;)
prodrag May 16, 2012
Sounds nice to me. I'm glad it don't sound like rice burner.
Tim Preisinger May 15, 2012
Just doesn't have the sound of a V8... Other then that I don't think there is anything wrong with making a supra into a drag car. They can be fast as hell!
Jackson Rojas May 15, 2012
it looked like they sometimes started they started after the green light went
Brady Jacoby May 15, 2012
You could make a 5 second pro mod for the price of that 9.10 supra. $70,000 will get you a 2500hp pro mod. Imagine the momey they have in these, not 1 think is stock besides the body. You can't even call it a supra anymore. Bad way to waste $150,000.
Devin Babyn May 15, 2012
I don't really care what it is or what it uses. It's drag racing only thing you need to do is make what you got fast. Plus I'd rather see more variety at the strip
Mikey Jimenez May 15, 2012
I also agree with dillon. There's nothing better than hearing a Big Block V8 going down the strip.
Abraham Mendoza May 15, 2012
I agree with Dillon, Supras shouldn't be tuned to do this. It's obviously very good at it, but I want these cars to turn good as well.
Chris Bernard May 15, 2012
@Dillion,Seriously? Have you ever heard a 7 or 8 second supra run a 1/4? Stop being so close minded! If it were modified correctly and sound great then who cares. I'll go to the track to hear anything from a 4 cylinder all the way up to a W16.
Dillon Dixon May 15, 2012
Great times, but not my cup of tea. When I think of drag racing, I can only hear the sound of a ground shaking V8.
Hank Austin May 15, 2012
All those cars look like sh*t... Sorry I hate to hate but these cars don't look like the suspension can handle the power... And they definitely track perfectly
No Pistons May 15, 2012
@henz They do run 6s and 4 rotors do 5. But anyways it was a joke but someone obviously has there panties on a little too tight.
Mikey Jimenez May 15, 2012
@Henz I wouldn't doubt it I've seen RX-8's run low 6's
Zachary Maurer May 15, 2012
And there is Matt, and the ricers sound horrible...
Joel Hope May 15, 2012
Supras were made for straight line top speed weekend cruising type cars. The mk3 with te 1j and mk4 were at least
Henz Herrero May 15, 2012
Cuz ur car runs 6s right.. Wow..
No Pistons May 15, 2012
7.7? Pfff come get me when they run 6's
Byakka Hirakawa May 15, 2012
Amazing wat an inline 6 can do But i still dont like drag-mod supras
Jimmy Janik May 15, 2012
I dont think supras were made for drag racing
Micah Lau May 15, 2012
Somebody please speak to the drivetrain, HP, and torque specifications. Also, I assume that these things don't run on pump gas. Thanks.
Antonio Borja May 15, 2012
cars are about to explode!! crazy fast.
Cody Andree May 15, 2012
Aww there u r Matt hahaha
Daft Punk May 15, 2012
I hate people who turn Supra's into drag cars
Matt Piccolo May 15, 2012
But wow, 7.7 1/4 mile that's crazy fast!!! O.o
Matt Piccolo May 15, 2012
Sweet vid!!! They sound great, I actually have some vids from when I saw 2 at a drag strip last summer, they were both running low 8's and sounded great
Wilson LaFaver May 15, 2012
7.83 seconds. Thats an amazing quarter mile
Seth Pettman May 15, 2012
Love supras but Wish the made v8 noise :/
Jennings Rengel May 15, 2012
Where's Matt? He'll like this. That was crazy though awesome cars. Need more supras
Patrick Schalk May 15, 2012
I watched a few of these the other day and some of those cars before they launch are just bouncing off the rev limiter. Sounds like someone bangin on a door with a baseball bat. It's awful. Damn quick cars though.
Sam Oglesby May 15, 2012
Holy hell 7.7 in a supra
Byakka Hirakawa May 15, 2012
Slivia!!!!!!!! I see you
Alex Arvanitis May 15, 2012
S15 with a chute? Nice
Alex Arvanitis May 16, 2012
2 step is great for manuals but these cars are autos & don't lose boost when shifting and with a 6500rpm stall, lag would never be an issue. 2 steps/wotbox's pull timing on manual cars so the motor can hold boost when shifting/launching.
Alex Arvanitis May 16, 2012
2 step anti lag? $200 and awesome but these are all automatics with stalls anyways. I have it on my car (6spd m) The point of efr's is more power or less boost because of the bigger hotside. Few people know of borg efr's so I'm spreading the word.
Brandon Carr May 15, 2012
I have officially given up trying to read all of Alex's comments. I don't have all day.
rockstarTc May 15, 2012
Thats awesome, take note shelby how to actually lift the tires!! side note: R.I.P. Carroll Shelby :(
John Serely May 15, 2012
I was expecting you to say that, matt
Jason Brower May 15, 2012
Yeah, and neither is spool rate. They launch, that's why huge turbo, 1200hp supras that couldn't spool on the road do just fine.
Joel Hope May 15, 2012
Or you could use anti lag two step. These are drag cars so more than likely money isn't an issue with the engine.
Alex Arvanitis May 15, 2012
38psi through 96mm is more airflow than that same 38psi through 88mm so retuning the beast will allow for more power if you add a bit of fuel and timing/meth. Or you can make the same power with about 34psi and save the motor a little wear/tear.
Alex Arvanitis May 15, 2012
These supra's with properly sized efr's could grab a 1/4 second or more with recalubratiron. Efr's spool incredibly fast so you can run a bigger hot side. Say you are running a traditional 88mm turbo, you can run a 96mm efr and spool about the same
Alex Arvanitis May 15, 2012
Skinniest help weight transfer but are scary thin especially when you try to stop from 160; no contact patch. Precision turbos are ok but Borg Warner efr's are state of the art and slightly less expensive. Indy cars use them so they obviously rock.
Cody Andree May 15, 2012
They are that thin
Joe Fats Harper May 15, 2012
I love how the front wheels look so thin