Comments - 600hp Mercedes C63 AMG Wagon by Edo Competition

Published: May 15, 2012
Description: Giving power boosts to station wagons is the latest trend in tuning, it seems. German tuning firm Edo Competition has taken the challenge in both hands and created quite the wagon in terms of both pow...
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Mikey Jimenez May 15, 2012
@Nick wagons have almost perfect weight balance.
Nick Schnee May 15, 2012
Yeah right. How about sticking with sedans? They have better aerodynamics and look much nicer.
Jason Brower May 15, 2012
Dude, power wagons are the ultimate toy. Look at the rs6, e63, cts-v, and (custom) m3 wagons.
Mike Ross May 15, 2012
@nick its so the dog can come along with the family for speeding days out
Nick Schnee May 15, 2012
Why oh why do they tune wagons... They are the most ugly cars of all time -.-
Description: These changes come through the use of a new exhaust system complete with headers and high-flow catalytic converters, high performance air filters and an ECU revamp. Top speed is now measured at over 2...
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Daniel Bellafonte May 15, 2012
Aren't the aesthetics a matter of opinion rather than stated fact?
Hank Austin May 15, 2012
Decals look like mud...
Jason Brower May 15, 2012
Lower it, wider wheels with better fittment, stiffen up the chassis with roll bars/ frame braces, paint it black. Done.
gammo66 May 15, 2012
agree with john stickers need to go, I'd love to use this as my wrk van though, never be late to a job
John Serely May 15, 2012
Lose the wrap/stickers IMO
Rithhin Jawahar May 15, 2012
Cool divorced dad or soccer mom :P
Rithhin Jawahar May 15, 2012
But loving the power :D
Hendrik Reimer May 15, 2012
Disliking the rims....
Janak Solanki May 16, 2012
Look at that squat
Stephen Tyler Learn May 15, 2012
The back end is too mini van like and not enough angry bad ass super wagon
John Serely May 15, 2012
Blacked out taillights do not work for me in this car
Den Zo May 19, 2012
Smoked rear lights for a smokin rear end... :)
Nicolas Blake Mullen May 15, 2012
Man those are cool!