Comments - Audi Q3 Red Track Concept Heading to Worthersee

Published: May 14, 2012
Description: So far this year, Audi has brought us several Q3 concepts such as the Q3 Vail from Detroit and the Q3 Jinlong Yufeng and RS Q3 Sports Crossover from Beijing. The German automaker has created yet anoth...
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Jackson Michael May 14, 2012
No no, you're right. This car has a top speed around 300 meters per hour.
Black Honda May 14, 2012
i dont know kilometer. as guess to audi Q3.
Joe Fats Harper May 14, 2012
Kilometers per hour?
Black Honda May 14, 2012
I hate this Q3 audi a more horespower . as max speed 300 meter per hour (mph) audi Q3 very nice a picture all the show. i dont remember which suv have 300 mph a bmw i7 suv or audi suv.
Description: In addition to the heated mats, it shares many other similarities to the Q3 Vail Concept from Detroit, such as its five-spoke wheels, roof-rack LEDs and Energy Red exterior finish. The interior is als...
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Jay Kolvenbag May 14, 2012
Nowadays you cant put that ugly grey plastic on cars
gammo66 May 14, 2012
it'll find it hard to get customers away from the evoque, especially when the production will prob come with 17's
Anthony Minicozzi May 18, 2012
all german cars are limited to 150...
John Hansell May 15, 2012
The new BMW 3 has a screen the size of a ipad... Makes this look like nothing and i own a Audi and have drove one for the last 6+year.
Audi Tech May 14, 2012
Yes. That TT RS motor is bad ass, 150 plus is no problem fir the motor,just got to factor the A3s weight.
Garrett Frye May 14, 2012
Next pic shows 155 mph as its top speed(at least as the highest speedometer speed, I don't know if it actually does 155)
Black Honda May 14, 2012
i cannot see in sytle on meter per hour how much a max speed this.
Brett Judy May 14, 2012
Oh good, it comes equipped with light sabers!
Paul Lissona May 15, 2012
Yah I like that engine a lot ha.
Audi Tech May 14, 2012
That motor is sick, its the TT RS motor. They needs to use that motor more, like as an A4 option.
Paul Lissona May 14, 2012
At least the engine isn't as covered as some.