Comments - Luxury City Cruisers

Published: May 13, 2012
Description: Vehicles such as the Smart ForTwo and the Scion iQ get no love from American gearheads due to their cramped confines and small engines. Unfortunately for Americans, it appears as if the city car is he...
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Description: The Lotus Ethos looks nothing like a traditional Lotus, which may not be a bad thing for eco-warriors. Lotus' city car was greenlit for production long ago, and should be in dealer showrooms some...
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Chris Gaines May 13, 2012
a real lotus engine is a toyota 4 cyl... in the Elise at least
Rudolf Dassler May 13, 2012
This is by far the nicest city car ever!
Jack Hufford May 13, 2012
Gosh, the mirrors throw everything off for me. Otherwise I kind of like it.
Alex Bouckley May 13, 2012
Way better than a Cygnet
Andrew Hossann May 13, 2012
The only thing I don't like are the side mirrors
Black Honda May 13, 2012
look like a star war head the front car.
Trent Griffin May 13, 2012
Ok that works.....
Description: Jaguar's design head Ian Callum stoked the rumor flames when he told What Car? that he would personally like to see a city car created by the British brand. Callum went on to say that he didn&apo...
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Michael Evans May 13, 2012
I like this better
Jackson Michael May 13, 2012
This wasn't made by jag dude calm down
Andrew Hossann May 13, 2012
I actually think it's cool
Tegra1 May 13, 2012
Please no it is ugly Jag,you are much better then this
Description: The Belumbury Dany is the one car on this list that would never, ever sell in the states. That may sound like a bold prediction, but it sounds a little more realistic when you peep the Dany's sta...
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Joe Fats Harper May 14, 2012
0-60? Nope!! Anyway, who though it would be a good idea to make a gas golf cart
Dale Schroeder May 14, 2012
Sheesh. I guess it'd be fine if you lived in a big city and never left the downtown area, but that rubberband engine definitely be hopeless anywhere else.
Trent Griffin May 13, 2012
Would sell like hot cakes in the states with about 80hp....sell it as a roller with no engine....I'll put one in there
Chris Tietjen May 13, 2012
Yaa... Soooo pretty
Jackson Michael May 13, 2012
Looks like an iQ got its face pushed in
Tegra1 May 13, 2012
Nice car,put in a 60HP or so engine into it and it could be sold in the states
Description: Audi made quite the splash at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show when it showed off its funky city car concept. The concept came in either coupe or spyder, with both sporting a rear-mounted 15kW brushless ...
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Trey Reilly May 13, 2012
Is this the future?...I hope not.
Hektor Yberg May 13, 2012
A real city car fly over the city! A real city car isn't parking everywhere it can! A real city car has a v8! A real city car will never be invented!
Chris Gaines May 13, 2012
at least it doesn't look like a beetle like all the others
Trent Griffin May 13, 2012
Not bad....but it should be drop top...
Michael Page May 13, 2012
Not something I'd trade my car in for, but I agree with it being the best of the "city cars"
Hank Austin May 13, 2012
Kill it with fire!
Clayton Corley May 13, 2012
Better than the others
Jackson Michael May 13, 2012
This one is just dumb
Christian De Prisco May 13, 2012
The city cabrio version of this is waaaaaaay better