Comments - Superb Swedish Skier Supercars

Published: May 12, 2012
Description: There's a decent chance that not many people in the U.S. know who Jon Olsson is. For those who aren't avid skiing fans, Jon Olsson is a Swedish skier with skills to pay the bills. Those bill...
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John Serely May 12, 2012
Wait...really, Axel?
Taha Tayyab May 12, 2012
crazy alliteration lol
Axel Larsson May 12, 2012
My cousin is his photographer!
Dainius Kuodis May 12, 2012
Skip it if you don't like.
John Serely May 12, 2012
Guys...the writers/ editors like the car, so they can write about it. They can do what ever they want, so you guys should relax
Brad Wood May 12, 2012
Tell me about it. The first time was cool, the second was ok, now I am bored of it.
Steven Whowhat May 12, 2012
omg how many times are u gonna run this article about the very same r8 car buzz?
Description: PPI Design Audi R8 Razor GTR is covered in carbon fiber, dropping its weight an impressive 551 pounds. Combine that with the R8 Razor GTR's 710hp V10 engine and you get a 0 to 62 time of 3.2 seco...
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wfdowns May 12, 2012
i live and breath cars, but companys have goten so lazy and content with there name carrying them along, yeah every company has had that amazng car, but if ur the top of the food chain in the car world or working toward it u need to blow our mind, like the nsx, when the nsx first came out, if u told people that a japanese car would give ferrari and lambo a run for there money around the track for ...
Patrick Joseph May 12, 2012
Usually I am not a fan of blacked out cars. But this is rather nice. Especially the headlights. Looks sleek and sharp.
wfdowns May 12, 2012
i dont care what anyone says, yes the wing and ski box dont belong on an audi r8, but this thing looks amazing for a super car with a use, propsz to a guy having the money and he say an r8 as a sweet looking car and made it able to tackle the snow. if more people had his train of thought car wuld would be so much more amazing then where it is now
Thibault Leroy May 12, 2012
i think it looks freaking awesome i mean imagine seeing that car dtiving down the street!
Steven Whowhat May 12, 2012
i can't believe its not butter
Ben Arends May 12, 2012
Radio Shack called. They want their RC Car back. Thing looks like a little kid found an RC car, and got glue happy.
Isaac Taylor May 12, 2012
Still can't get over the idea that he's driving it in snow
Henz Herrero May 12, 2012
I cnt decide wether i love it or i love it..
John Serely May 12, 2012
I can't decide wether I love it or hate it
Jerry Cole May 14, 2012
look guys, its ironhide's brother
Description: This Lamborghini Gallardo has a questionable paint job, but you can't knock it for its commitment to skiing. Olsson had his Gallardo specially fitted with a ski rack that could withstand speeds o...
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Jason Brown May 14, 2012
Going 159 mph with that on, wouldn't it make it very difficult to maneuver like a super car?
Michael Davidson May 14, 2012
I'm sure he water skis too!!! Haha
Freddy Garcia May 13, 2012
I don't thick that im going to go skiing on the beach
Daniel C Coța May 13, 2012
Normally camo is the worst form of torture you can do to a car, hate to say but this actually looks good.
Jack Higgins May 12, 2012
I usually hate stuff like this, but I love this one.
Cho Dan May 12, 2012
Snow camo ski carrier Lambo at the beach. Oxymoron X 3
Ben Arends May 12, 2012
Ya the R8 is the definition of "trying too hard" -this though, is like a weird, eccentric, Lambo- it's different, but not overly done. I like the contrast of the photo- snow camo+sandy beaches. Just screams "fun"
John Serely May 12, 2012
Agreed. Also, I like this one more than the R8
Matthew Reindorp May 12, 2012
Yeah it actually looks pretty good
Josue 'Sheeno' Lisboa May 12, 2012
I normally hate this type of paint jobs on super cars and i dunno why but this snow camo is kinda cool in a more snowy enviroment 0.o
Mohammad AL-sulimani May 13, 2012
The paint is ugly
Emil Kleijsen May 12, 2012
@kyle, The headlights are also "old-gen"
Eli Dirk May 12, 2012
I don't like the paint job
John Serely May 12, 2012
I don't know why, but I kinda like the ski rack/boxes (sorry, I dont know why they are called)
Kyle Anderson May 12, 2012
Old gen. headlights with new gen. taillights?
Description: It's tough to imagine another GT-R that has seen as much snow as the Olsson Winter Edition. The skier's take on Godzilla features a ski rack, an all-black paint job and a tacky vinyl wrap pr...
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Cham Khiev May 14, 2012
Wat r u guys talking about? It makes perfect sense
Add Ruble May 13, 2012
the gtr's common nickname is godzilla
Aiden Raymond May 12, 2012
The skier's take on Godzilla features a ski rack, an all-black paint job and a tacky vinyl wrap promoting his site. First bit makes know sense?! Confused abit or shud it say the godzilla which features an ski rack?? ..........
Jerry Cole May 14, 2012
thought that said YOLO on the front fender
Todd Muhlfelder May 12, 2012
I don't care for the graphics. Should of went matte black with them.
Description: If you didn't envy Olsson's collection of cars, chances are good that you will after you see the Rebellion R1k Ultima GTR. This ultra-lightweight supercar served as one of the skier's r...
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Arben Imeri May 14, 2012
He also has a koinsegg...
Jason Brower May 12, 2012
Uh.. Ultima gtrs are VERY different than Nissan gtrs
Bob Jones May 12, 2012
Yo dawg, I heard you like GTRs...
Matthew Reindorp May 12, 2012
Wow is that thing mental!
Phillip Greene May 13, 2012
Na this takes the cake over the superbird
John Serely May 12, 2012
@codymustang read the article lol. It is a Ultima GTR. And yes, it is a kit car
codymustang May 12, 2012
what kinda car is that? it looks like a kit car?
Jason Brower May 12, 2012
These cars really are quite inexpensive. They're kit cars too, so it's an awesome experience.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia May 12, 2012
I dont think spoilers get much bigger than that. Holy $£!+%
Todd Muhlfelder May 12, 2012
Not sure I'm parking that on the street.
Hektor Yberg May 12, 2012
Thats in Stockholm =D
John Serely May 12, 2012
This is freakin amazing
Sam Oglesby May 12, 2012
That looks incredible
Brady Fereday May 12, 2012
This car sounds like a monster