Description: The current 3-Series Convertible, allegedly being renamed the 4-Series, has been getting plenty of air time recently, and these latest set of spy shots show the open-top's replacement with the e...
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Trey Reilly May 12, 2012
BMW...cornering the trophy wife market. Sad. I was wanting a 335i before I read this article
Paul Lissona May 11, 2012
It's a dumb name change, and I've had and like bmws.
Phillip Holbrook May 11, 2012
Do we expect this to be that much different from the 3 series that they need so much camo?
Jackson Michael May 11, 2012
It is though....
Jimmy Williams May 11, 2012
Yah there's no way that's happening haha
John Serely May 11, 2012
I cannot say I am a fan of the 4 series name
Description: Under all that camouflage, we expect the convertible (and F32 coupe) to have a sportier, sleeker design than the sedan. We also get to see a look at the interior, which will mimic that of the sedan&ap...
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Quinn Conner May 11, 2012
Sits pretty good with the lovely carbuzz side skirt. Lol
Jackson Michael May 11, 2012
Lol anvil idly? I got tossed by auto correct
Abraham Mendoza May 11, 2012
Yeah, I never understood why BMW prototypes look like Bentley's
Jackson Michael May 11, 2012
Before anyone says anything, they anvil idly removed the grille for better cam
David Holder-Defrates May 12, 2012
I think you will find it is a Renault Clio Sport Tourer.
Chayton Garverick May 12, 2012
Actually, the car in the background is a Pugeot.
Phillip Holbrook May 11, 2012
Lol that's not a wagon, that's a Vibe or Matrix hatchback. Which they are the exact same vehicle so pick the name you like.
Chris Gaines May 11, 2012
not gonna lie, it looks pretty boring with all that camo. hopefully it looks great underneath, especially the front
Quinn Conner May 11, 2012
Sorry lady, we are not taking a picture of you in your wagon
Ben Ung May 12, 2012
Guys that extra hole is for the 335i. This one in specific is the 328i with two exhaust.
Phillip Holbrook May 11, 2012
Upon further thought they may have just put it there on the test vehicle since there is no emblem to speak of
Phillip Holbrook May 11, 2012
Then BMW put a random hole where a single exhaust pipe could come out, making it have triple exhaust outlet. Honestly I hope my answer is true, because the other option is more absurd. Plus the magazines usually pick on BMW for their camera angle.
Sean Lubowiecki May 11, 2012
That's not the backup camera you idiot. The camera either is going to go where the BMW badge is or above the license plate
Abraham Mendoza May 11, 2012
Backing up is easier when you know that small dogs aren't in your way. I guess.
Phillip Holbrook May 11, 2012
They mount their backup and night vision cameras lower than other manufacturers for some reason.
Phillip Holbrook May 11, 2012
They look weird because they are exposed, there isn't a housing covering the lights so we can only get a basic idea of what the taillights will look like. And the third "exhaust" hole is where BMW has deemed the backup camera will go.
Jackson Michael May 11, 2012
I don't give crap if it's for testing purposes, I just think they look strange
Abraham Mendoza May 11, 2012
People never understand that THESE CARS ARE FOR TESTING PURPOSES AND NOT LOOKS. Hell, sometimes there's a sticker that tells you so.
Jackson Michael May 11, 2012
Damn those lights look weird
Tophr Yodasoda May 11, 2012
move your hand over and down...
Quinn Conner May 11, 2012
Looks like the start of a Japanese porno flick.
Ryan Smith May 11, 2012
How nice of you to blur out their bald spots! Ahaha
Add Ruble May 11, 2012
I like that open display instead of the cover in the e90s