Description: In 2001, Ferrari launched its Corse Clienti department giving their most loyal customers the opportunity to race each other as well as offer feedback in helping the Italian supercar maker develop thei...
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Dale Schroeder May 14, 2012
Ferrari's a racing team that funds itself by taking large amounts of money from rich people who want to feel special. They do that by making fantastic cars that are also testbeds for racing technology and charging obscene prices to own them.
Patrick Joseph May 11, 2012
You don't know Ferrari very well do you.
Dale Schroeder May 11, 2012
Clever... why pay millions of dollars in R&D costs when you get get your rich customers to pay you to do all the work themselves under the guise of "exclusivity"?
Description: One such meet was recently held at the Monza racetrack, where 599XX and FXX owners were caught flying around the circuit after a presentation of the Evolution package for the 599XX was made. The next ...
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Thibault Leroy May 14, 2012
wow great cars but way too overpriced for a car thats not really yours
Michael Ioia May 14, 2012
That was an awesome video. The sounds were amazing!
Carlton Salmon May 12, 2012
Love the loud crack of the down-changes - sounds like pure evil.
Sam Oglesby May 12, 2012
Why does he only fin the rich idiots who have bought 599xx that Ferrari keep and every know and again lend them what about the Fxx
wfdowns May 11, 2012
u dont know much about breaks do u?
Brandon Carr May 11, 2012
I'm honestly more interested in that FXX Evolusion(sorry bout spelling)
Michael Kozlowski May 11, 2012
They're carbon ceramic brakes...they glow like that when they are used...
Heshoo Hanna May 11, 2012
The brakes are rubbish if they fade and glow like that
Description: The track-only 599XX Evolution officially had its debut last December at the 2011 Bologna Motor Show. The 'Evolution' name simply refers to it being a hardcore, evolutionary version of the 5...
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Description: The 2006 model was produced in a limited run of only 30 units and is powered by a fuel-injected 6.3-liter DOHC V12 engine rated at 860hp. The Italian supercar bolts from 0-60mph in only 2.8 seconds en...
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Lou Guerrero May 12, 2012
Let it be known: Lou loves the 599.
Sam Oglesby May 12, 2012
And it's brilliant
wfdowns May 11, 2012
its a ferrari enzo fxx, its an enzo gone mad, ferrari thought the normal enzo wasent crazy enough
wfdowns May 11, 2012
its still a enzo, just a factory version on steroids
Devin Babyn May 11, 2012
Damn never seen an Enzo in black. Looks great
Igor Natsioks May 12, 2012
Soooo beautiful!
Thibault Leroy May 14, 2012
yea but not in the same price range
Sam Oglesby May 12, 2012
Fxx way better than 599xx
Brandon Carr May 11, 2012
Sam Oglesby May 12, 2012
It looks awesome
wfdowns May 11, 2012
i think that looks better the the normal enzo
Add Ruble May 11, 2012
that looks SO good
Christian De Prisco May 12, 2012
Look at Those ceramic brakes shining....