Description: Japanese student Kenji Ishida has created the most life-like Transformer we have seen so far. The 29-year old's creation is a 'Brave Robot' type of Transformer and features 22 servo mot...
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Eldon Liu May 12, 2012
Asians all the way
Colin Dzendolet May 12, 2012
@Jon I know, just found humor in the atypical r-to-l mispronunciation
Nicolas Pons May 11, 2012
I found cybertron, it's in japan
wfdowns May 11, 2012
micah. not everyone is obsessed with sex, dont dog him cause he has a future making more money then u
Mark A. Young May 11, 2012
Time to make it life size.
Micah Lau May 11, 2012
Cool robot? Yes. Is this guy getting laid? Likely not. In general, chicks don't dig robots (even if they *do* transform), and he probably spends more time tweaking servos than he spends kissin' some nipples.
Jon Dustin House May 11, 2012
@Colin. By "frying" he meant "flying." one on land the other in the air. X-0
Abraham Mendoza May 11, 2012
That's a future for kids parties and maybe even concerts. Very cool!!
Adam Page May 11, 2012
I want two so I can fight them...
Alex Streit May 11, 2012
This is so cool nice work sir
Corry Payne May 11, 2012
thats tight, love it
Harleigh Savanna Border May 11, 2012
I fancy a mcdonalds... Who else wants one?
Chris Dimattia May 11, 2012
Coolest toy ever!!! Just add some guns.
Oscar Galvan May 11, 2012
Hahah that's neat
Vince DeMasi May 11, 2012
That's legit! I want one!
gammo66 May 11, 2012
awesome, want one now
許超雄 May 11, 2012
Colin Dzendolet May 11, 2012
in the description he said he wants to build a frying robot too...this one fights, the other cooks Bacon, together, they can be unstoppable
SupaDupaMe May 11, 2012
Only in Japan... Will u find something as amazing as this
Nick Neo May 11, 2012
I want one under my Christmas tree :0
Logan Delony May 11, 2012
That really is cool!!
rockstarTc May 11, 2012
i thought it was going to be a life size car but this is still pretty cool
Theo Hubbard May 11, 2012
Only the Japanese......
Bryan Garza May 11, 2012
I love how it scurries off screen after the first transformation lol
quadrophine May 11, 2012
I wish that it was Wednesday so I could have a cheeseburger for 39 cents at McDonald's baby
quadrophine May 11, 2012
seriously impressive
wfdowns May 11, 2012
damn imagine if he had a boat load of money, that was awsome as hell
Dale Schroeder May 11, 2012
This is undeniably awesome.
Dustin Emerick May 11, 2012
I want one it's so sweet
Jackson Michael May 11, 2012
This kids got a bright future
Ethan Amo May 11, 2012
Man, that's awesome!!
Description: Ishida's original plans for the Transformer were to compete it in robotic slugfests. This particular build was his eighth, as he seeks to perfect his craft. Telling by hits slick uppercut and pen...
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Pi Ka Chu May 11, 2012
Why only one photo can't see much of such a great invention
Laurent Valcourt May 11, 2012
Is bugati gran sport