Description: The Lamborghini Aventador is an expensive ride you don't usually see running around the roadways, let alone drag racing on them. A group of fearless Russian racers put the flagship Italian superc...
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Fabian Pioro May 13, 2012
Gadgets? That's what Lamborghini, Ferrari are prob thinking after gtr came out. "must be using a flux capacitor, cheating!!!!"
Alex Souvall May 12, 2012
The GTR is faster, more practical, and cheaper. In a lot of ways it is the better car. But if you offered both cars to me for free, and I could only pick one then I would pick the lambo for sure. In reality though you could probably get both the Godzillas in the video for the price of the Lambo.
Alex Arvanitis May 12, 2012
Ha mike lighten up. Forward context isn't rude, and it bests Phillips fanboy knee-jerk post. I was clearly saying acceleration isn't everything especially since a bike beat all 3. What, should we covet a $10,000 bike since it beat 2 godzilla's?
Michael Gallagher May 12, 2012
Looks like Alex is getting his buttons pushed. Calm down dude.
Alex Arvanitis May 12, 2012
Hell; that motorcycle beat all 3 of em so I guess we should all covet that thing right? Acceleration/ speed is not the end all be all of a car imo
Alex Arvanitis May 12, 2012
The aventador could be a 12 second car and I'd still take it over a gtr; the car is a masterpiece. 9/10 people can't control 10.4'@135 that an aventador runs. This is like a cammed bolt on z06 vs a 599 gtb. Ya it's faster w/ same power but so what.
Phillip Greene May 11, 2012
Hell yeah and the lambo was moded to with drugs and a reflash so booyakasha bitch gtr is so winning right now
Alex Souvall May 11, 2012
700 hp v. 700 hp. It's a totally even battle and the GTR won it.
Phillip Greene May 11, 2012
How do you figure power is equal and the gtr build probably still came out a lot cheaper cheaper
Daniel Lee May 11, 2012
The lambo is stock the nissan has turbo and all kinds of gadgets winner lambo
Description: It packs a 700hp punch thanks to a revamped ECU, sprayers and exhaust system. The second run shows a black Nissan GT-R challenge the Aventador. It has also been tuned by EcuTek and cranks out 670hp. A...
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quadrophine May 15, 2012
there is no real limit to how much air can be inducted, because the engine creates a vacuum.
quadrophine May 15, 2012
it has more to do with gearing than power... over 150 mph and the aventador would have a serious advantage. but, no turbo lag and almost instantaneous gear changes give the gtr a leg up. na will always be more consistent and will draw as much air as needed. an engine is like a pump.
Christopher Alex Mohamed May 14, 2012
Can anything beat a GT-R anymore?
Nismo87 May 13, 2012
It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning. Now me and the mad scientist have to rip apart the block and replace the piston rings you fried..
Fabian Pioro May 13, 2012
@lee, exactly so why stick to high cyl numbers? Turbos have went far. Twin scroll turbos?! Ball bearing? Refuse to change and fear of diffrence. Is the problem
Fabian Pioro May 13, 2012
Lambo's are pretty badarse, and it's nice to see upgrade packages to those cars. Gtr is technology, the big ol 16 cylinder thing don't fly as well anymore, time for the "hyper supercars" to start learning from others and quit with the up to 16 liter engines.
Lee Cascio May 13, 2012
700 NA horsepower is very different from 700 turbo charged hp. The power bands and torque curve is far superior on the Nissan. The forced induction helps so much in the top end the Aventador can only pull so much air into the engine by itself.
Bernard Green May 12, 2012
Is that 700 crank hp or awhp?
Matthew Reindorp May 12, 2012
Sorry misread but still that 670hp GT-R certainly wasn't worried by the aventador...
Matthew Reindorp May 12, 2012
Actually the GT-R only had 670hp to the lambos 700hp soooo... Even if it has been tuned to use it all it's still not the same amount as the lambo...
Zack Morrison May 12, 2012
I agree with Scott but I mean come on guys the GT-R's at an advantage just because they both have the same horsepower does not mean they can both use it in the same way. The GT-R's been tuned to use everything it's got. I'm not saying the Lambo isnt either but I'm willing to bet its better at it then the lambo. the damn things ECU's been tuned to use everything it's got never mind the cars like 90...
Michael Douglas May 12, 2012
Specially knowing that a nissan has the same power as me and running 6 less pistons.
Michael Douglas May 12, 2012
This is probably the fairest race with the gtr. Both 700bhp. It should give lamborghini and such a brainstorming session to improve how their power is put to use. Kinda sad for lambo, i would be kinda pissed if that happened to me an aventador.
Scott Lenahan May 12, 2012
I'll take the aventador any day. Speed isn't everything... The aventador is plenty fast, and it looks way way better..
Colin Dzendolet May 12, 2012
RIP Carroll Shelby... 2 GT-Rs walked the Aventador, the other was 670hp, goes to show that (likely) you can have 2 cars that can outrun a stock Lambo for the same price, I'll take a GT-R any day
Marcin Bednarski May 12, 2012
Aventador is lovely car (except interior) but somehow gtr is always faster. Faster than many very expensive cars. Looks ugly but cost 1/3 of them and is very efficient.
Lou Guerrero May 12, 2012
I love that the Aventador shoots flames from the factory lol. Awesome car.
Alex Arvanitis May 12, 2012
Id aspire to own a lambo much sooner than a super snake. For the $120k it costs to get a supersnake you can easily build a 1200whp gt500 with full suspension or better still, get a used 2009 gallardo. Ya it's "only" 500hp but again; lambo's are godly
Alex Arvanitis May 12, 2012
Brady, a properly driven 1100hp car on decent tires will beat both of these cars. So what though. I'm a huge cobra fan but even I will say ya a 1100hp gt500 is faster but big deal. Lambo's are nirvana. A gtr is cool/badass but aventador's are godly.
Sean Sutton May 11, 2012
Even though GTR is way faster i would still take aventador
Chinonso Akolam May 11, 2012
You gotta love them Russians, crazy sons of bitches. Here in the U.S your ass is toast
Dave Stewart May 11, 2012
Wonder what carbuzz will do about Shelby
Dave Stewart May 11, 2012
I think the one with 1,100 hp could stay with them would be interesting either way
Brady Fereday May 11, 2012
Dave that Shelby would not keep up at all rofl xD and yes it is sad Shelby died today RIP :(
Dennis Choong May 11, 2012
You can hear the lapse in power delivery on the Lambo in between gearshifts due to the single clutch transmission
Alex Santaspirt May 11, 2012
Lamborghinis can't race
Dave Stewart May 11, 2012
Get the Shelby 1000 in there for a 3 way lol sad that Shelby died today :/
xenozonda May 11, 2012
i cant imagine how the regular traffic reacts when these guys fly by @ 150+ mph... this seems really dangerous. cops got paid off or is it just normally like that? im in florida, usa. ppl drive slow here...
Troi Stoessel May 11, 2012
Eventually all sports cars will be using V6's
Jamie Perigo May 11, 2012
Smoking a car that costs 3x more is awesome. That guy must be really pissed
chiraldo May 11, 2012
boost vs no boost... quite obvious
Elias Harb May 11, 2012
GT-R all the way <3
Zach Pate May 11, 2012
Brady, that's another GTR.
Brady Fereday May 11, 2012
What was the other car on the other side of the lambo that one looked faster than both of them
Das Stig May 11, 2012
why do you want to live on a highway?
Shannon Sims May 11, 2012
Love both cars but the Lamborghini is getting smoked by 2gtr's
Zaire Wilkins May 11, 2012
i wish i lived there
Isaac Rezkalla May 11, 2012
Now i want to see a 1000hp aventador vs a 1000hp gtr. My guess is the gtr but ov they tune the aventador right it would have a chance.
Oscar Galvan May 11, 2012
This is so dangerous! But really cool
Mike van Varik May 11, 2012
I didn't bother watching the whole vid , but it seemed the gtr really got an advantage on the shifts? I don't know I'm just guessing here aha. Awesome cars :)
David Harris May 11, 2012
Lamborghini sounds amazing
Matt Piccolo May 11, 2012
I love GTR'S! <3 :D
wfdowns May 11, 2012
even though it lost it sounded amazing doing so
Matthew Reindorp May 11, 2012
Who was it that said that they'd like to see an aventador race a 700hp GT-R because it'd thrash the Nissan?
Tevin Xko Davis May 11, 2012
Damn.... just damn
Corry Payne May 11, 2012
that shit looks fun, and catch that motorcycle joining in lol
Zaire Wilkins May 11, 2012
most interesting V6 in the world
Patrick Schalk May 11, 2012
Back to the drawing board.
Daniel Carvalho May 12, 2012
I like GT'Rs, but lamborghini is the best
Stephen Tyler Learn May 12, 2012
It reminds me of the s15 in Tokyo drift
Clint Edwards May 11, 2012
I can tell you what that is, hideous
Lou Guerrero May 11, 2012 GT-R.
Danyaal Farooq May 11, 2012
Wtf is that thing
Thibault Leroy May 12, 2012
love the car but ditch that color