Description: Marc Witt and Applied Design's Sea Lion is going up for sale. Claimed to be the world's fastest amphibious vehicle on land, the Sea Lion utilizes a Mazda 13B Rotary engine (from 1974) to run...
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Phillip Greene May 11, 2012
This is so epic I watch it twice
Dave Stewart May 11, 2012
That's pretty cool the top reminds me of an f1 mclaren
Blake Shay May 11, 2012
It looks like a Paganini and a GT40. But how can you see over that giant front fin in the water?
Christian De Prisco May 11, 2012
Now Jay Leno doesn't have that!!!!
Chase Jere May 11, 2012
Alantis lamborgini
Sam Oglesby May 11, 2012
James bond in your face
Matt Martir May 11, 2012
Id paint it matte black. Freakin bat mobile status!
Charlie Austin May 10, 2012
Looks like the successor to the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust (aka Geoff) on Top Gear.
Kenneth Williams May 10, 2012
So. That is pretty cool. I would still be worrying in the back of my mind though everytime I went to drive into the water, like do I really wanna do this? Lol I also wonder about the view when going faster with the thing up front
Micah Lau May 10, 2012
Please ignore my last comment, I misread the paragraph.
Micah Lau May 10, 2012
@ Editor: The term amphibious implies that this vehicle can travel on land, so using the word land is redundant here.
Thibault Leroy May 10, 2012
wow i love this thing
Braydon Pack May 10, 2012
Cool but better if two seater
Francisco Untung May 10, 2012
Oh man! This is dope n interestin!
Description: The Sea Lion doesn't hold the title officially, but the amphibious vehicle has been worked on for the past six years and has remained competitively fast during the course of that time. It can sup...
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Description: The exterior is finished in brushed aluminum and stainless-steel while the interior is covered in black. Marc Witt and Applied Design's water-going speedster, the Sea Lion, is currently listed fo...
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He Gao May 12, 2012
How does the driver see things in front of him while in boating mode?
Sam Oglesby May 11, 2012
Covered in black what diamonds
Jason Colkitt May 11, 2012
Oooooorrrrr for less that 259k u can have two brand new 2013 gtr R35's? There's a conversation topic, a proper one.
Kenneth Williams May 10, 2012
Well there goes my hopes of owning this anytime soon
Hektor Yberg May 10, 2012
Make it a v12 and I'll buy it!
Erik Rudolph May 10, 2012
I would rather get 2 of these instead of 1 juke-r
Pompey Paul May 11, 2012
@brandon u just guess :)
Timothy Hooker May 10, 2012
I see in the owners future...a shit ton of maintenance cost
Brandon Carr May 10, 2012
How do u see where your going?
Adithya Chandrasekhar May 10, 2012
Paimt it matte black, add some huge wings to the rear quarter panel, and you've got the batmobile of the seventies
Ghee Buttersnaps May 13, 2012
Good luck parking that
Ben Norton May 11, 2012
That is a scary sunroof
Pompey Paul May 11, 2012
The front of the amphibious cars never looks good
Jared Palmer May 10, 2012
Bringing back the cow catcher
Micah Lau May 10, 2012
You could carve a Christmas goose with that splitter.
Phillip Greene May 10, 2012
An s7 that can swim... epic win
Chris Penza May 10, 2012
This is awesome. I'd buy it
Jason Colkitt May 11, 2012
Be even funnier if it shot water when it took off. Nobody would expect that. Flames are expected, unreasonable but expected. Nobody would think water
Kenneth Williams May 10, 2012
Yea. Sitting behind them at a red light thinking it's gonna shoot flames at you
Cody Matthews May 10, 2012
That must be awkward to be begin in traffic...
Sam Oglesby May 11, 2012
Well it's safe then
Thibault Leroy May 10, 2012
haha in a head on colision your car would just act as a ramp XD
John Serely May 10, 2012
I kinda like the way it looks lol
Kenneth Williams May 10, 2012
Would be better of they had a way to hide the jet during regular driving