Description: Inspired by Lord Eldridge's Fiat Special Mephistopheles, the Botafogo was built in Argentina using a 21.7-liter big-six cylinder aero-engine taken from a WW1 Fiat plane.
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blakey May 12, 2012
It is awfully loud
Dave Stewart May 11, 2012
I love how his cara are coming up more and more in here
Christian De Prisco May 11, 2012
Gotta love this guy and his lucky collection of cars
Maciej Moryl May 10, 2012
Six cylinder? I think 24 r
Tim Butler May 10, 2012
Tractor that can be driven legally on the road
Sam Oglesby May 10, 2012
It's like the Brutus topgear had
Thibault Leroy May 10, 2012
this car is in GT5 or something very close to this
Phillip Greene May 10, 2012
Yeah I wonder what that could be......
Greg Lewis May 10, 2012
Said originally no brakes, sounds like they added something since?
Das Stig May 10, 2012
that thing sounds like a beast.
Phillip Greene May 10, 2012
Thats winning at its most awesome
Carlton Salmon May 10, 2012
@ Lou. With no brakes?!
Lou Guerrero May 10, 2012
I wanna see this monster handle at speed.
Description: The awe-inspiring piece of automotive history was originally put together without brakes or transmission, and was capable of hitting 146mph. Jay Leno naturally has this unique car
in his collectio...
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Bruno Rocha May 10, 2012
Really great car, but the logo inside it it's new (not original i think)
Greg Lewis May 10, 2012
That's some mighty big pistons!
tysquirrel10s May 10, 2012
and im sure wit gets great gas mileage ...not
Ghee Buttersnaps May 10, 2012
146 with no brakes? that's gotta be scary as crap!
William Delaney May 13, 2012
So 146 mph does not qualify as speed for you.
Jason Colkitt May 11, 2012
"Speedandmotion" my ass. That car doesn't even look capable of speed or motion.
Clayton Corley May 10, 2012
Wow wgat a great picture