Comments - Video: Audi Release Truth in 24 II Trailer

Published: May 01, 2012
Description: Audi are following up their hugely successful Truth in 24 documentary with a sequel, which will once again star the automaker's three-car team battling it out with Peugeot at the 24 Hours of Le M...
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UnlimitedRPM May 07, 2012
you should go for my uncle in the lmp2 class, #44 anyone (Enzo Potolicchio)!!!
Patrick Joseph May 01, 2012
Audi really means business. They don't settle for nothing but the top spot.
Stephen Ishard May 01, 2012
Just smashed into the 458
Nick Schnee May 01, 2012
The first movie was truly amazing! I hope they'll do a great job on the second, too.
Jack Higgins May 01, 2012
I've been hoping for this since the first one!
thelornin May 01, 2012
There vil be no new le mans car for test for audi.Only the e-tron r18
Victor Pereira May 01, 2012
I cannot wait for the next LeMans,R8 ,R10 and now the R18.Audi will be victorious again.I would like to see all three cars at the finish line this year.
Description: Last year's race was one of the closest of all time with plenty of action, including two bad crashes that left Audi with just one R18 TDI to fend off the Peugeots and be the first car to reach th...
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Jacob Moke Jun 04, 2012
Toyota won't do crap just buy how shity they did in practice the other day if the only way they will win is if all 4 get wrecked
Patrick Joseph May 01, 2012
Toyota does plenty of crap actually.
Nathaniel Young May 01, 2012
Toyota may surprise you
Nick Schnee May 01, 2012
Once Peugeot is out, Audi won't have any worthy competitors anymore... :/
Daniel Martín García May 01, 2012
Its not in Gran Turismo 5 or Forza 4. It's in Project CARS.
Jack Higgins May 01, 2012
I thought it was on forza.