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Video: Audi Release Truth in 24 II Trailer

The follow-up to Truth in 24 is set to be just as thrilling with an equally dramatic ending.
Audi are following up their hugely successful Truth in 24 documentary with a sequel, which will once again star the automaker's three-car team battling it out with Peugeot at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
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Last year's race was one of the closest of all time with plenty of action, including two bad crashes that left Audi with just one R18 TDI to fend off the Peugeots and be the first car to reach the finishing line. As Peugeot recently announced their departure from the sport, this could well be the last battle between these marques for some time. So make sure to check out the documentary when it gets released in a few weeks' time. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer.
Video: Audi Release Truth in 24 II Trailer

by Adam Lynton
Video: Audi Release Truth in 24 II Trailer
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