Description: There are few cars in the world that literally become instant classics from the day they are revealed. For reasons such as mechanical innovations, a striking design, or even just pure originality, som...
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Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle May 01, 2012
'Mechanical innovations' meaning unique ways of redesigning something that already worked to make it quirky? I love Lancia :)
Description: It went on to win its first rally victory in 1973. In addition to its legendary wedge design, it's gone down as one of Italy's all-time greatest and most beautiful exotics. It's Italian...
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Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen May 02, 2012
The sound from the Ferrari V6 in this is to die for. Absolutely amazing!
Benjamin Gentry May 02, 2012
There is an old video on YouTube where Jeremy clarkson drives a guys stratos replica and clarkson says something along the lines of "That is one of the most masculine cars I have ever driven".
rahp May 02, 2012
does the fifth picture show a blue seat ... the others are yellow.
Evan Wolfe May 01, 2012
My favorite classic European car of all time :) too bad the remake isn't going to see production besides the prototype :(
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle May 01, 2012
I remember on Top Gear when Jeremy Clarkson somehow wriggled into that... With great difficulty.
Jason Villwock May 01, 2012
Is anyone looking to purchase a couple children?
Jack Hufford May 01, 2012
I think I died, not sure though.
Chris Vette May 01, 2012
Yellow seats, go see the other pictures :o
Isaac Jacob Jimenez May 01, 2012
Vintage pure sex
Brandon Carr May 01, 2012
One of the best cars ever made
Devin Babyn May 01, 2012
Definitely not my kind of car
Taylor Little May 01, 2012
Never be able to drive it, couldn't get in
Dale Schroeder May 01, 2012
What a fantastic car... shame anyone over 5' 9" can't actually fit in it though.
Dylan Bruder May 01, 2012
Same for me great looker proven performer
Heath Clayton Cudiamat May 01, 2012
I've always loved the Stratos.
Description: It's mated to a five-speed manual and also features four-wheel independent suspension with front coil springs, rear MacPherson struts, and four-wheel disc brakes. That iconic wedge design comes c...
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Wilson LaFaver May 01, 2012
Why weren't they restored?
Description: RM Auctions predicts it will fetch in an auction price between €250,000 to €300,000. Interested? Then you better get your checkbooks out and ready for Saturday, May 12.
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Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen May 02, 2012
Here in norway, we have a chocolate called "Stratos". Fits this car. "Yummy"
Trent Fiala May 02, 2012
That day is my birthday Haha
Jerry Cole May 01, 2012
Other than that it's beautiful
Jerry Cole May 01, 2012
The ONLY thing I don't like is how that window arch comes up too high..
Brandon Carr May 01, 2012
One of Italy's greatest achievements
David Lopez May 02, 2012
Love it .... Would love it even more of it was rally prepped
Vince Cassi May 01, 2012
I really like the back!
Michael Lopez May 01, 2012
Looks like a dune buggy lol
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria May 01, 2012
Lots of ground clearance
Abraham Mendoza May 01, 2012
I really wanted them to make the new one. Why?!?!!?
Jordan Smith May 01, 2012
I agree. Shame on Ferrari for ruining their plans for the new one.
Das Stig May 01, 2012
I wish they went through with the new version.
Jason Dannheim May 01, 2012
As outrageous as concept cars are these days, they'll never be THIS outrageous. One of Italy's best cars.
Janak Solanki May 01, 2012
What a funky car! I like it
Peter Mark Gacek May 02, 2012
I think the blue seats are actually seat covers, if not, this is truly bizarre
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria May 01, 2012
WTH the seats change color?
Chris Vette May 01, 2012
Now it has black seats?
Christian De Prisco May 02, 2012
And the wheel is not centred to the seat so you are kind of twisting your spine when driving, but boy it's fun!!!
Brandon Carr May 01, 2012
*will. It will involve man touching. Sorry but I'm a top gear nerd.
David Eslava May 01, 2012
Jeremy Clarkson while driving the stratos: "Hammond, I'm going to change gears, and that may involve mantouching"
Anthony Bartolone May 01, 2012
A lot of man touching usually happens in here if you bring a friend as a passenger. Unless said friend is female I would drive alone. Lol.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen May 02, 2012
Well, its a small car...
David Eslava May 01, 2012
They say that while driving the Stratos your feet don't point exactly forward... Is it a design failure? I've never known why....