Description: The U.S. Army has long utilized gas-guzzling, inefficient ground vehicles (the Humvee, anyone?). In an effort to curb expenditure on fuel and go a bit greener, the American forces have this week rolle...
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Sidney Anderson Feb 07, 2013
I am absolutely not concerned about fuel economy for our troops in a war zone. If it got .1 mile to the gallon and protected American lives, so be it. Us folks at home can take fuel economy on the chin while our troops engaged.
Hank Austin May 02, 2012
I'm not 100% sure about it though...
Hank Austin May 02, 2012
Isn't there something that you have to disable in cars that have batteries after an accident so that the batteries don't explode? I'm pretty sure I saw something about this on the news... It's probably not the best thing to have happen in combat when you're trying to pull people out of a burning vehicle..
Patrick Joseph May 01, 2012
I don't know if it's the angle but the doors seem to be a little narrow.
Dale Schroeder May 01, 2012
The body lines and that camo pattern make it look like it drove out of a cartoon. Get some proper desert camo on there, pronto!
Patrick Schalk May 01, 2012
I bet this is way better offroad than a Lamborghini.
KyleM May 01, 2012
the hp rating isnt that bad since the military hummers only had alittle over 200hp but 300+ ft/lbs of torque according to the manufactures website. Whats the hummers mpg rating?
Jerrod Swenson May 01, 2012
The truck looks about as aerodynamic as the 2 vehicles parked behind it.
Steven Nevets May 01, 2012
It's a diesel. It's all about the torque anyway.
Abraham Mendoza May 01, 2012
I'd be scared shitless if I saw this coming my way. Just sayin...
Jackson Michael May 01, 2012
If it works, use it.
Knox Ferraro May 01, 2012
Something this big with 268 horsepower is going to be pretty slow. Then again, the Hummer wasn't setting any land speed records.
Roberto Maldonado May 01, 2012
I think cardboard is bullet proof lol
Casper Due Hansen May 01, 2012
@Thibault. I know. But also for rounds like the .50Cal Strong shit
Janak Solanki May 01, 2012
Looks Iike a Lambo
Mark A. Young May 01, 2012
It's not supposed to look good..
Patrick Schalk May 01, 2012
Haha WTF people. This is a military vehicle
Nick Schnee May 01, 2012
The paintjob is horrible, they should've used proper camo.
Thibault Leroy May 01, 2012
@Casper the shape is not for bullets but rocket attacks like RPGs and IEDs it is to deviate the blast
Johnny Hoover May 01, 2012
Everything is bullet proof on this hulk... EXCEPT the plastic door handles
Casper Due Hansen May 01, 2012
I bet that shape is pretty useful in case of reflecting bullets and fragments
Ben Arends May 01, 2012
So ugly that I want one. That's beast! Haha
Paul Lissona May 01, 2012
The mirrors are from a gm suv, door handles f150.
Jack Howard May 01, 2012
Well thats just ugly
Description: An electric motor also helps turn the rear wheels. The system allows for a return of 8.2mpg city and 14.2mpg highway, not too shabby for a vehicle carrying a weight of 16,760lbs. It can also travel 5....
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Hank Austin May 02, 2012
@Samuel that's what the V8 is for
Samuel Bonorden May 01, 2012
It sounds impractical in an environment where you don't have time to charge it (combat)
Judah Lindvall May 01, 2012
EV mode=Stealth mode
Chris Dimattia May 01, 2012
Wonder what the mpg would be on a 5k SUV? Diesel hybrids are the future, but the EPA says diesel fumes kill people. Unfortunately, today's batteries are very heavy, making it necessary to make the car lighter. The stupid Volt weighs 3,700 lbs.
Mario Callirgos May 01, 2012
I agree with Garret that a start stop system could be a hazard. If it is a problem I hope the drop it in testing. The simplest design is normally the most reliable
Jackson Michael May 01, 2012
What if it does work and is helpful
Knox Ferraro May 01, 2012
What happens if it runs out of gas, Garrett? It makes perfect sense to have a backup plan.
Garrett Frye May 01, 2012
What happens if the stop-start technology screws up in the middle of a hostile environment? Doesn't seem like a good idea to me...
Wilson LaFaver May 01, 2012
That's a lot of weight. The mpg actually makes sense cause of it
Description: The FED Bravo, built through a collaboration between the U.S. Army's Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) and 18 students at the College for Creative Studies in ...
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Marshall Keller May 02, 2012
hope the little tow loops can handle pulling 8 tons plus the stress of pulling it
Hank Austin May 02, 2012
They don't... It saves weight by getting rid of the motors in the doors
Jerrod Swenson May 01, 2012
If the windows drop at all
Jerrod Swenson May 01, 2012
I hope that is 14.2 with A/C blasting because that thing looks not very well ventilated.
Rami Wilson May 01, 2012
Now we can kick your ass at 14.2 miles per gallon! Oops, I spoke to soon. Haliburton lobbyists just got it cancelled.
Hank Austin May 02, 2012
They aren't bulletproof but they have systems that re-inflate the tire... It can also probably run on a flat for miles
Santiago Gonzalez May 01, 2012
If the tires are bulletproof then why would they need to inflate themselves?
Luis Lujan May 01, 2012
That Ford chassis is indestructible anyway.
John Serely May 01, 2012 looks badass
Matthew Crighton May 01, 2012
@jeremy, i dont think they r too worried about scratching the paint job when ur trying to get someone out of a war zone.
Jeremy Siebert May 01, 2012
Those Clevis rings are set too far back to be utilized as helicopter lift points without rubbing the cables across the front end
Matt White May 01, 2012
Exposed for ground clearance. Hummer has tires that actually are in front of the vehicle. Makes it very off road capable
Jack Hufford May 01, 2012
Guys, I'd bet it's just really think tires. Jest saying.
Alex Semaan May 01, 2012
@lee i agree, cover up the front of the wheels, and it works.
Lee Gardner May 01, 2012
Front wheels look really exposed just sayin I'd aim for that
Patrick B. Steg Jun 11, 2012
No gun ports, no commo mounts, very little engine protection. Fail.
Chris Penza May 03, 2012
@max who cares about COD? Forza all the way
Jerrod Swenson May 01, 2012
Military vehicle and an EMS? Looks like Friday night in Detroit.
Max Garcia May 01, 2012
I wonder if this will be in the next COD game it looks good... I wonder Russian T-90 vs this car what would win XD
Anthony J. Mitchell May 01, 2012
Looks purty. I hope it can protect our war fighting men and women in the military and my fellow veterans if it goes into full production.