Description: Ford arrived at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show with a custom-built F-550 Super Duty Rescue Truck concept complete with Fire Department livery. The truck was meant for show only and the Detroit automaker p...
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Cody Matthews May 01, 2012
I live right between where all the tornados hit. One was supposed to hit me.
Josh ?hompson May 01, 2012
That day scared the shit outta me
Shane Gardner May 01, 2012
If they had some GoPro cameras mounted they would of struck marketing gold.
Alfredo Diaz May 02, 2012
7.3l powerstrokes are the best
Cody Matthews May 01, 2012
6.0 is horrible. We have one and it's in the shop so much.
Tucker Wilson May 01, 2012
I know that it doesn't have a 6.0 liter though. I think cummins is top of the line. They have a proven history
Tucker Wilson May 01, 2012
Yeah look up the 6.0 liter powerstrokes! Terrible motors
Kumar Desi May 01, 2012
Learn to drive it
Phillip Greene May 01, 2012
You guys are full of it cummins duamax powerstoke thats the order im a chevy guy and even I can admit cummins is the best, and ford? I dont know how you guys keep the faith cuz I drove an 08 550 for about an hour and I was in top gear at 4 grand literaly redlining it going 48ish miles an hour on i45 damn thing is barly three years old and already lost nearly all its compression
Alex Vasquez May 01, 2012
It's beautiful, best towing in its class. But yea dodge is pretty great too :)
Matthew Crighton May 01, 2012
I dont like Ford either, but thats a nice ride.
Paul Lissona May 01, 2012
Ford trucks are the best, but cummins are good too ha.
Callum Mckay May 01, 2012
Not a big Ford fan, but thats a beast of a truck
Description: The truck, which had never been driven more than 3 miles, was taken by NewScope Marketing VP Brad Snyder and an employee to the scene of the storms after a call from the local fire department was util...
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Cody Matthews May 01, 2012
We have a 6.0 f350 turbo power stroke (yeah it sucks) but we can get 24 mpg high way easy.
Brandon Carr May 01, 2012
My F-350 king ranch had that engine. It's soooo much better than the old 7.3. More power, too. It gets like 20 on the highway and somewhere around 15 in town on the clean diesel tech. It's truly a beast.
Callum Mckay May 01, 2012
Actually, the 6.6 TD Duramax in the Silverado get about 23 MPG, so if the Powerstroke is similar it probably gets fairly good mileage. Deisels do way better that gassers
Daniel Gil May 01, 2012
Damn!!!!! Imagine the gas that thing sucks!!
Description: It was deployed for 10 hours and was a huge help to the local first responders. The paper said that after the truck was relieved of duty, it returned to the show and made its scheduled stops around Te...
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Zachary Maurer May 04, 2012
Woooot! Woodward!
Michael Lopez May 01, 2012
Loving the wheels
Alex Vasquez May 01, 2012
Well it is a F-550, it's almost an f-650
Paul Lissona May 04, 2012
I've always thought ford trucks were best, f150 beats silverado, explorer used to beat blazer, ranger beat s10 etc.
Alfredo Diaz May 02, 2012
My dads got a f350 with a 7.3l with a service body filled wit tools and a giant miller welder with just under 300 k and he uses it at dairies and servicing pivots in the mud so you cannot get anymore torture than that and barely even leaks a drop
Hamza Hamid May 01, 2012
Your sons dad? Do you mean yourself? The F550 is pretty sweet though
Patrick Joseph May 01, 2012
They are built tough. It's not false advertising.
Jack Hufford May 01, 2012
Heh, my sons dad drives a GMC Seirra 2010, and it does quite well for hunting needs.
Alex Vasquez May 01, 2012
And so far people only come for an oil change, and this is Texas we have plenty of use for em
Alex Vasquez May 01, 2012
They actually are tough, all the f- series are torture tested they make their trucks do things Toyota, dodge, and gm would never do. And I work at a ford dealership and so far that model has been out for around 3 years
David Griego May 01, 2012
The trucks are, the hatchbacks that everyone in Europe drive are LAME!
Matthew Crighton May 01, 2012
Haha its funny because thay r sugesting that Fords are tough
Lee Gardner May 01, 2012
Really thank you captain obvious
Matty Michaels May 01, 2012
That's not the same truck
Brandon Carr May 01, 2012
I like the other one better but this one is still sweet