Description: This one surprises even us and we've seen plenty of accidents in our time. There's little information so far as to how exactly this happened, but a Ferrari California managed to slam into a ...
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Description: We're guessing that both limos were parked or were driving fairly slow when the Italian supercar's driver didn't hit the brakes in time. Judging by the end result, it's pretty clea...
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Micah Buffat Apr 10, 2012
He must have been going fast!
Jerry Townsend Apr 10, 2012
Obviously the white limo was trying to parallel park. They got this story all wrong.....
Michael Evans Apr 10, 2012
Hum both repairable hate to see total next head line dead body found in trunk
Paul Affolter Apr 10, 2012
Somebody had to say it josh. Horrible but very true.
Brad N Apr 09, 2012
Who allows an idiot like this drive a feirrari?
Jerry Cole Apr 09, 2012
Why a California? It looks like an eclipse w/ a body kit, and the SuperAmerica looks waaayyy better..
Josh Santoro Apr 09, 2012
Smh damn asian drivers
Riley Gonzales Apr 09, 2012
The white limo now has a higher decklid!
Alec Lindgren Apr 09, 2012
Eh Just a California no biggy
Luke Bailey Apr 09, 2012
I just like how the police light bar is on a scissor lift ....
Johnny Hoover Apr 09, 2012
That white limo is totaled
Emilio Ortiz Apr 09, 2012
Its a california who cares! I only like the color
Chris Dimattia Apr 09, 2012
Maybe he was helping his lady friend with the radio and got distracted. "tune in Tokyo. Come in Tokyo"
Jonathan Tjandra Apr 09, 2012
Why japan always wreck a ferrari Last time on the highway now on the street
Cameron Ragsdale Apr 09, 2012
I agree completely I was in a wreck on the 30th where somone on the interstate failed to notice traffic stopped and hit us doin 60 and had no idea what happened. Some drivers stupidity is shocking.
wfdowns Apr 09, 2012
you would be surprised how bad drivers can get
Alex Santaspirt Apr 09, 2012
How the hell can you be that bad at driving
Jason Brown Apr 09, 2012
Looks like Roppongi hills, Tokyo. Very rich area. And the masks, it's not because of pollution or getting sick. It is spring and pollen count is extremely high around this time of the year. Tokyo is amazingly clean and anyone who's been there know it
Tanton Stoneman Apr 09, 2012
I don't know why, but I have always hated the California for some reason.
Phillip Greene Apr 09, 2012
Good crash ratting on the rolling rollex though, had enough energy to push a limo into anouther limo and yet the a pillars look to have held up just fine
Saravana Pawan Apr 09, 2012
Well it's a California anyways..deserved to be written off!lol
Thibault Leroy Apr 09, 2012
actualy they were facemasks because it is VERY poluted in big citys in Japan same for China
Matt Moeller Apr 09, 2012
SARS, he's never going to catch it.
Thomas matthews Apr 09, 2012
I think that it is a goof idea to were a face mask.
Kai Andrew Carlson Apr 09, 2012
Ahh too bad it's a front mounted motor...not sure if the position would have made much difference. Poor Ferrari.
David Pires-Ihsaan Apr 09, 2012
because it is common courtesy to wear a face mask if you are sick so others don't catch it.. japanese people are very polite in such matters
Steven Whowhat Apr 09, 2012
why does everyone in Japan wear face masks ?
Abraham Mendoza Apr 09, 2012
You didn't deserve this!
Description: The Lincoln Town Car limos, however, are a different story. Their body-on-frame construction contributed to their durability, resulting in less damage which could very well be repairable. The Ferrari,...
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Cindy Ngo Jan 14, 2013
What a crash
NalaKing Apr 10, 2012
Hope that high-revving V8 was not hurt
Michael Douglas Apr 10, 2012
Looks worse than it really is
Michael Douglas Apr 10, 2012
Seriously i don't think the ferrari is totalled. From what i see the ferrari's front got under the first limo and lifted the rear end(where the rear wheeldrive axle and handbrake is situated) easily pushing one limo into the other. I think it ....
Brad N Apr 09, 2012
Who allows idiots like this guy own a ferrari?
Wilson LaFaver Apr 09, 2012
Yep. It's screwed
Louis Valdivia Apr 09, 2012
Armor All should do it
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Apr 09, 2012
Its too bad it wasnt an f430, then the engine wouldnt hav as much damage
Paul Lissona Apr 09, 2012
Must've gone really fast to smash the back of town car that bad.
Thomas matthews Apr 09, 2012
that's true you would have thought he would be stoped for speeding befor he crashed
Justin Tucker Apr 09, 2012
How fast could this guy be going in a city?!
Thomas matthews Apr 09, 2012
a waste of a great car
Alex Sundvall Apr 09, 2012
Eh, that will buff out.