Description: Last week's reveal of the redesigned SRT Viper was some of the most exciting news we've had over the past few weeks. Judging by everyone's comments and its overall reaction from the fl...
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Phillip Greene Apr 13, 2012
Yeah and turbo lag? Its a 6.2 with pushrods it could be a 90 and there would be no lag it aint some weak forein modular 4.0 v8
Shane Heid Apr 11, 2012
i was going to defend the supercharger but Alanda intelligently did that for me.
Mike Bakhsheshi Apr 10, 2012
8.4 liter!!!?? What the
Alanda Burroughs Apr 09, 2012
The ZR1 does not have a weight or balance the weight of a supercharger is to no effect. Besides...turbos aren't feather weight either. Don't forget all the plumbing and waste gates, etc. that go with it. Turbos are just another component waiting to go bad.
Thomas Mackey Apr 09, 2012
76mm!? Talk about severe turbo lag.
Alex Arvanitis Apr 09, 2012
America needs turbo v8's. A zr1 would be lighter, faster, and more fuel efficient with a single 76mm turbo. 50lbs taken from up high on the front end would improve handling as well. It already has a heavy heat exchanger so an intercooler is no prob
Extremis Colson Apr 09, 2012
I want to see this car at the barrett-Jackson auto auction, that is freaking fun!!!
Phillip Fitchew Apr 08, 2012
philosophy. And I actually tend to agree with them. There is no replacement for displacement.
Phillip Fitchew Apr 08, 2012
That's a horrible idea. The engine makes what the engine makes regardless of whether or not it uses forced induction. You could easily supercharge a Viper. But the reason they gave it such a large disp. is so you don't have to. This is their
Thomas Mackey Apr 08, 2012
The Viper ACR beat the zr1 in just about everything besides a drag race. The ACR was developed to carve those corners. zr1 lap: 7:19ish ACR lap: 7:11ish ACRX lap: 7:03ish
Patrick Schalk Apr 08, 2012
BTW I realize the GTR is NOT supercharged, I was referring to FI. Before anyone takes a huge crap in their pants after looking at my commen
Patrick Schalk Apr 08, 2012
Hahahaha Simeon then you better start crossing a lot of crap off your list. Start with the GTR.
Simeon Prasad Apr 08, 2012
Isn't the Zr1 super charged?? Idk but to me that is cowardly. Races should have cars that are all raw power, only what the motor produces.
Teddy MacDonell Apr 08, 2012
the only record the agera r broke was top speed, not lap time
Jimmy Williams Apr 08, 2012
@Brad the Zr-1 did not beat a Viper at the track. The 2010 Viper STILL held the Nur. record until the Agera R just beat it.
Tom Brewer Apr 08, 2012
If we are talking straight line speed well the act was built to be able to take the track and drive! The wings on the acr add over a thousand pounds of downforce. Which will bring down the speed.
Zachary Maurer Apr 08, 2012
It always seemed that the viper had too much torque for it to handle, it always wheel spun, if you can valence out the horsepower to torque ratio, it should be fine
Brad Vanderveen Apr 08, 2012
Well I hope it is faster but when the 10 viper acr srt10 was out it was blown away by the zr1. Even with the extra power. The zr1 is $130,000 the viper acr was $120,000ish before
Alex Arvanitis Apr 08, 2012
Plus dodge new it's target and priced the viper accordingly. They probably had a zr1 as a benchmark while developing the viper just like Nissan had a 996/7 turbo Porsche along while developing the r35.
Alex Arvanitis Apr 08, 2012
This gts is definitely faster than a zl1. 49/51 balance 650hp 600tq 3300lbs 355's in the back Zr1: 52/48 638hp 604tq 3258lbs 335/25/20 rears. More weight up front, less grip out back, recipe for slower lap times.
Brad Vanderveen Apr 08, 2012
I'm a viper fan I'm just wishing they upped the performance and looks. 600hp is a lot but the zr1 is still faster. Like I said they have a v10 platform to play with they could've easily made it faster
Brad Vanderveen Apr 08, 2012
Agreed at best looking viper. Disappointed under the hood. They stalled the viper for one year to re do it to compete with the zr1. It's always been corvette vs viper. Now the viper is remodeled but the srt10 acr is still slower then the zr1.
Description: They basically combined elements of old and new when crafting the car and that it was vital to make it instantly recognizable as a Viper. We think their efforts have paid off and the result is simply ...
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Phillip Greene Apr 14, 2012
It is a new motor its lighter more powerful more economic only similarity is the displacement not sure if its the same bore and stroke but overall its the same
Charles Siritho Apr 09, 2012
Can that guy say UMM one more time
Justin Routh Apr 08, 2012
Looks like a prius
David Griego Apr 08, 2012
Looks like a corvette raper. =)
Avery Williams Apr 08, 2012
The Viper's roofline is similar to that of a Porsche.
Zachary Sindelar Apr 08, 2012
Nah it looks like a Viper
Mark A. Young Apr 08, 2012
It looks nothing like a corvette whatsoever
Bob Turefannt Apr 08, 2012
No it really doesn't.
Mike Wisenburg Apr 08, 2012
I like it but if u look at quick the front end looks like the zo6.
Dillon Dixon Apr 08, 2012
Very nice video. Makes me appreciate it that much more.
Steven Nevets Apr 08, 2012
They really did a great job with this
Description: And now Chrysler has also just announced that the first production Viper will be auctioned off to benefit the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer. Set to take place at the Barrett-Jackson O...
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Shane Heid Apr 11, 2012
1,119,280 bucks, give or take lol
Zachary Maurer Apr 09, 2012
$956,600$ is my guess
Matthew Leon Apr 09, 2012
1,250,000 shall do price of a bugatti veyron
Dillon Dixon Apr 08, 2012
$900K is my guess
Matthew Reindorp Apr 08, 2012
I reckon everyone bookmark this page and when it is sold at auction see who gets closest... I reckon 1.5mil
David Pires-Ihsaan Apr 08, 2012
1-1.5 mil. is my guess..
Zachary Maurer Apr 08, 2012
Ya Rick Hendrick is kinda a dick at the auctions, he thinks it's a sport, but there aren't a lot of auctions in Michigan, so I probably don't know what I'm talking about
Bull Dogone Apr 08, 2012
Since its not a Chevy, will someone BESIDES Rick Hendrick own it?!?
Patrick Schalk Apr 08, 2012
I bet it goes for 1.3 mil.
Andrew Grimm Apr 08, 2012
I wonder it this will hit near the $1,000,000 mark like the firstCcorvette ZR1 did? That would be awesome.
thelornin May 16, 2012
This is the only viper i think looks good
Phillip Greene Apr 14, 2012
I like how it ki.da brings back the second gen look the last one was great but not the best looking
Cody Andree Apr 09, 2012
I Like the 2010 models. Last generations way better. Just my opinion but this is super cool to
redstalion Apr 08, 2012
boring!! Looks like the old one
Kev Berkel Apr 08, 2012
The exhaust tip is separate from the exhaust pipe. The tip won't retain the heat like the downpipe would
Evan Wolfe Apr 08, 2012
Wow! You guys are right! I love the smell of burn'd plastic, leg hair & skin in the morning :( loving the car :)
Bull Dogone Apr 08, 2012
More burned pant legs and scorched skin with side mounted exhaust. Get the lawyers on the line...
Chris Penza Apr 08, 2012
Oh yeah how can you not be proud of this car? I love it more every time I see it
Brad Wood Apr 08, 2012
Ralph looks so happy and proud of this car. He should be, it is amazing. Congratulations to him and his team, and thank you Sergio for allowing SRT to flourish.
Bryan Wesly Pascual Jun 23, 2012
Did it strike him?
Alex Klemstein Apr 10, 2012
@Nick Cars these days need these things for safety reasons, to be able to be road legal.
Nick Steiger Apr 09, 2012
Maybe if it were a real Viper I would see why he kissed it; traction control, abs, and ESP made this car a real joke. The Viper seems to have lost it's will to kill.
Matthew Leon Apr 09, 2012
thought that guy was pushing the side of the viper
Jose Sanchez Apr 09, 2012
Yea real men kiss their cars in public
Cody Harris Apr 09, 2012
Looks a lot like the 599 Ferrari from the front
Jim Jimm Apr 08, 2012
@domi if dodge worked there ass off, wouldn't they want to put there name on it?
David Griego Apr 08, 2012
There is NO, I repeat, NO resemblances to corvette or crap agera. This is Viper all the way. If you grew up seeing and loving this car, it is unmistakably and uniquely a mixture of old and fresh design!
Vito Portanova Apr 08, 2012
Not liking the wheels.
Anthony Miller Apr 08, 2012
I see some corvette in that
Abraham Mendoza Apr 08, 2012
Ralph Gilles, I salute you.
Domi Bsaibes Apr 08, 2012
It's obvious dodge worked their ass off and had so much dedication towards the viper, it's a legend!
Rami Wilson Apr 08, 2012
He needs to back off! That's my girl!
Matt Piccolo Apr 08, 2012
I've loved all the vipers accept this one... I like the front, but they sooooo copies the agera's lights, and the backs weird... I think it's the lights but idk
Matt Martir Apr 08, 2012
Really like from the doors back. Really not liking the way the headlights/hood scoop/front bumper makes the car look. I dont know how to describe, just not my cup of tea.
Alex Leu Apr 08, 2012
I would've done the same thing..maybe even worse
Terrance Parker Apr 08, 2012
IMO the design team has done a great job. The car looks up to date, has a sprinkle of Italian finesse, and is still instantly recognizable as the Hammer that it is, a Vipor. Nice work..
Alex Pritsert Apr 09, 2012
Front looks good but the back not so.
Matthew Leon Apr 09, 2012
want this as A ACR
Extremis Colson Apr 09, 2012
what yall talking about it looks like a viper to me!!!
Thomas Mackey Apr 09, 2012
@Matt the first gen viper was all American. This one is based off of gen 1 and 2 which again is all American design. What are you smoking? Much be some strong shit. This doesn't remind me of euro design at all.
Paul Lissona Apr 09, 2012
No most people are too ignorant, or just dumb to know a Maserati.
Zachary Maurer Apr 08, 2012
Who cares if It looks like a maserati? 1. A maserati is so rare, will any "normal" person tell u it looks like one? And 2. If it has better quality, faster and American(only applying to people of the u.s/Canada,) who gives a damn?*cough only fanboys*
Evan Wolfe Apr 08, 2012
IMO I think this car is bringing back the aura & style of the original Dodge Viper
Sivert Grande Apr 08, 2012
I'm really a huge Viper fan, and this is a beautiful car, but I really don't like the fact that this almost looks more like a Maserati than a Viper.
Matt K. Hawj Apr 08, 2012
USDM cars need to stop trying to make their cars look European. This Viper is fugly.
Vito Portanova Apr 08, 2012
I prefer the exhaust tips in the back.
Matt Moeller Apr 08, 2012
The display booth is even a work of art.
Ben Matthews Apr 08, 2012
This is the GTS and uses more carbon. The entry level or "core" viper as they are calling it, will have a color matched taillight surround.
Abraham Mendoza Apr 08, 2012
Mmmm pretty car...
Ahmad Al-Ashqar Apr 08, 2012
Looks like maserati's tail light
Zachary Maurer Apr 08, 2012
Ya, they needed to put the back-up lights in the middle of the tailights, then put the viper logo in the middle of that, so when you back-up the viper lights up white :)
Matt Piccolo Apr 08, 2012
The lights look odd with the space in te middle of them... They have a nice shape to them, I just don't like how they're like hollowed out if u know what I mean.
Rami Wilson Apr 08, 2012
I just had an epiphany. Blue Chrome wrap with chrome American racing stripes.
Dillon Dixon Apr 08, 2012
Didn't they say in the video that it could be painted? He said it when he was showing the taillights.
Rami Wilson Apr 08, 2012
This car is almost perfect!
Eric Michalak Apr 08, 2012
I am willing to bet that if you buy one you can get it with the carbon fiber painted to match.
Zachary Maurer Apr 08, 2012
What about making it a red carbon fiber?
Terrance Parker Apr 08, 2012
The rear is much improved.
Chris Penza Apr 08, 2012
I'm really adjusting to like the back. But i'd still prefer it to be all red
Andrew Grimm Apr 08, 2012
Lol look at that person with the iPad.