Comments - Unique of the Week: 1994 Lamborghini Diablo SE30

Published: Apr 07, 2012
Description: The Lamborghini Diablo had some big shoes to fill. When it was first introduced back in 1990, it was replacing the Countach, which had been on sale since 1974. The latter became a supercar legend and ...
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Andrew McNeal Apr 24, 2012
If I ever had the chance to get an original, legit F40 (with proof it wasn't a replica), I'd sell everything I owned to try and get the money lol. Even if it left me homeless and living under a bridge, I could easily sell the car for 3x what I paid.
Chris Penza Apr 07, 2012
I hear ya justin
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Apr 07, 2012
A targa top Diablo sold in NZ for NZ$120,000 (US$150k?) last year. Wish I had the cash. I also had the oppurtunity to buy an F40 for NZ$80k!!!! I'm tired of being poor.
Kate Aaliyah Tuazon Apr 12, 2012
OMG!!! Now thats the most ugliest lambo from all i love the colur but not the shape and the place of its headlights seriously if you guys agree with me im totally on!!!
Benjamin McCormick Apr 08, 2012
It's so 90's! And not in an entirely bad way. That interior is hilarious. I like the "air duct" tube keeping the steering wheel in place.
Taggart Wilber Apr 08, 2012
That is quite an auto shop in the back
Todd Muhlfelder Apr 07, 2012
Reminds me of dumb and dumber!
Aislin Cooper Apr 07, 2012
I like the Countach's radical looks but this is pretty close
Logan LeMonnier Apr 07, 2012
The looks were of ahead of its time
Jerry Cole Apr 07, 2012
I want a yellow Super Veloce with the SV going down one side
Justin JB Bartels Apr 07, 2012
Ahhh, my all time favorite car.
Tevin Xko Davis Apr 07, 2012
Beautiful, still my in my top 10 till this day :D
Rami Wilson Apr 07, 2012
My second favorite Lambo. Best part it's a Mopar! Countach is still #1. I know this is a faster better car but, I just love the classic Countach.
Paul Lissona Apr 07, 2012
That looks really good, better than some newer Lamborghini.
Description: When listing the goals for the Countach's replacement, it was declared that it had to have a top speed of at least 196 mph. The exterior design was once again assigned to Marcello Gandini, the ge...
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Description: They thought it was too edgy and not mainstream enough, so they sent the project to their own design team in Detroit to smooth out the car's lines. Needless to say, Gandini wasn't too thrill...
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Nick Pietropaolo Apr 08, 2012
I got it in gran turismo and i only got it to c how much power I could get outta that v16
Abraham Mendoza Apr 07, 2012
I have it, but its too heavy and awkward to be fun. Ha, what do I know..
Jerry Cole Apr 07, 2012
That had the Cizeta on GT4, I still haven't bought it, it's just so ugly and weird looking
Brad Wood Apr 07, 2012
v16T is straight up fugly.
John Trimborn Apr 07, 2012
I remember the cizeta. that thing was crazy!
Wilson LaFaver Apr 07, 2012
Those specs are amazing for a car that's over 20 years old
Alex Arvanitis Apr 07, 2012
Patrick, look up what the v16t looks like then tell me they made the wrong call.
Jack Howard Apr 07, 2012
Only .5 seconds faster than an NSX
David Pires-Ihsaan Apr 07, 2012
the v16t is crazy...
Patrick Joseph Apr 07, 2012
Too edgy and not mainstream enough. They really had no clue what a lambo was all about. Were they hoping for some kind of Sebring?
Emil Kleijsen Apr 11, 2012
My All Time Favourite Lambo is The LP670-4 SV and second The Countach, The Mutcielago is just so beautiful and The Countach is badass
Brad Vanderveen Apr 08, 2012
It's funny to me kind of. The 60-70's were best for American muscle cars. All the best Japanese cars were made from 87-01 and it feels like now it's the European cars that are the most badass.
Jackson Michael Apr 07, 2012
The Diablo has always been more appealing to me in yellow
Chris Penza Apr 07, 2012
This, the f1, and the f40 are the only 3 90's cars I like
John Serely Apr 07, 2012
@chris I think I used the wrong words in my comment. I DO like (really like) the diablo, just not AS much as the countach or aventador.
Logan LeMonnier Apr 07, 2012
It's beautiful. The countach was more interesting looking, but the diablo was rather simple and classically beautiful. So much hatin' !
Scott Westphall Apr 07, 2012
Hmm, surprised by the hate here. I have always loved this car and it personifies lust. Up until the new Aventor (contender for sweetest looking ride ever IMO) this was my fav lambo. I have thought the Murceilago and Gallardo were a bit plain by lambo
Matthew McKernan Apr 07, 2012
I also dislike this car, I hate almost everything about it. I pretty much hate the way all cars looked in the mid to late 90s as well as the early 2000s. It was just this weird in between stage for styling and quality in most cars. IMO
Dan Kelly Apr 07, 2012
@paul. I looked up the Cizeta and you're right. This is much better looking
Oscar Galvan Apr 07, 2012
Personally, I'm probably going to hated for this but, I don't really this car, look wise
Paul Pickard Apr 07, 2012
I can't believe I am gonna say this. But thank the car gods Chrysler did step in cause that monstrosity cizeta is quite an eye sore.
Chris Penza Apr 07, 2012
John you basically just asked someone to kill you
John Serely Apr 07, 2012
Hmm...I have never really liked the diablo the same way I liked other lamborghinis
Description: Unlike the Countach, which had a rear mid-engine set up, the Diablo was mid-engined in order to improve weight balance. Unlike its predecessor, the Diablo came with more convenience features such as f...
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Abraham Mendoza Apr 07, 2012
I remember when I was young, I thought these were RWD and was absolutely shocked when I found out they were AWD. Dumbfounded actually.
Alex Arvanitis Apr 07, 2012
I never new there were awd diablo's, interesting stuff
Description: Because of its success, all-wheel-drive later became standard on the base Diablo. The following year, the SE30 was launched, built to commemorate the automaker's 30th anniversary. The SE30 was ba...
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Alexander Pecheny Apr 08, 2012
I'm getting chills looking at the lines.
Paul Lissona Apr 07, 2012
Doesn't look as good from this view.
Description: Lamborghini also added carbon fiber seats, a fire suppression system, and anti-roll bars. Some exterior changes included a restyled front fascia where the Lamborghini emblem was moved from the bottom ...
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Description: Asking price has been set at $159,900, but apparently the sellers are taking offers. Any (wealthy) Lamborghini fan should find this quite tempting. Photos courtesy of wwwevansauto.
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Chris Penza Apr 07, 2012
I agree. I would take that over any modern car worth 160k
Thibault Leroy Apr 07, 2012
this is actualy a very good price
Logan LeMonnier Apr 07, 2012
Hate hate hate the rims. Otherwise sexy
Victor Takhanov Apr 07, 2012
true. but there wouldn't be an agera r without the diablo.
David Pires-Ihsaan Apr 07, 2012
that would be the agera r.
Victor Takhanov Apr 07, 2012
this is the definition of awesome.
Newarun Begum Apr 09, 2012
4 lights and 4 pipes hmm I think this has a turbo
Chris Penza Apr 07, 2012
If I won the lottery this would be in the top 5 first cars I'd buy
Logan LeMonnier Apr 07, 2012
They feel good when you sit in them. The interiors have always been kind of stripped down though
Jose Alfonso Macias Apr 07, 2012
I kind of like the simple styling of the seats, but these were the carbon fiber racing seats for the SE
Robert Young Apr 07, 2012
Man those seats look cheap :-/
Cody Andree Apr 07, 2012
Why wouldn't u put a deck in it? Who cares
Tanner Middleton Apr 07, 2012
nice alpine deck bro. geek squad at best buy install that for ya
Brad Wood Apr 07, 2012
They ran out of money when it came to investing in interior design and materials. No biggie, it's "purpose built", right.
Anders Schrøder Apr 07, 2012
Nice radio brah.
Alex Arvanitis Apr 07, 2012
Lamborghini has relatively maintained its v12 interiors design language; low slung and swept back.
NalaKing Apr 07, 2012
OMG!! This is so ''AVENTADOR" I never realize that Aventador adapt it's cockpit from here!
Irish Apr 07, 2012
Check out the jesus handle foe the passanger!
Andrew McNeal Apr 24, 2012
Lamborghini wasn't known for having great interiors in the 80s-90s.
Abraham Mendoza Apr 07, 2012
This was in the 90s, what do you expect!!!
Ben Arends Apr 07, 2012
So plain on the inside, given its ludicrous appearance on the outside. I know some people like plain. I effing hate it; plain is for the plebes. So glad modern Lambos go like hell, and are flashy inside as well.
Irish Apr 07, 2012
This diablo looks immaculate inside and out, would love to wake up and see that in my garage.
Newarun Begum Apr 09, 2012
That has got to have a v12
Judah Lindvall Apr 07, 2012
Wow that's clean
Dan Kelly Apr 07, 2012
Ummmm.....yeah..great view