Comments - Shelby Rolls Out the First AC Cobra

Published: Apr 06, 2012
Description: Next year Carroll Shelby will celebrate his 90th birthday, and at this year's New York Auto Show Shelby celebrated its half century as a car producer, of sorts. In 1961 he built the first AC Cobr...
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Andrew McNeal May 11, 2012
Sadly, no he won't. RIP Carroll Shelby :(
Description: In his first creation Shelby, a competent racing driver before he became constructor, team owner and tuner, used a 221 cubic-inch eight-cylinder Ford engine before switching to a 260 CID engine and 26...
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Cameron Vandygriff Jun 19, 2013
I heard carrol Shelby turned down $25,000,000 for that car
Kevin Watson Apr 08, 2012
@kevin, I totally agree with that. Dan too.
Kevin Irish Apr 06, 2012
Agreed. And when he does, or if he, finally passes, it should stay in his family or go to a museum.
Tim Preisinger Apr 06, 2012
Damn straight Dan :)
Chris Penza Apr 06, 2012
I saw an original 289 on Craigslist for a little over 400k
Daniel Marino Apr 06, 2012
I heard it is worth in the ballpark of around 20 million
Roberto Morales Apr 03, 2013
This was the first cobra that came out. It might be a 1964 or 1963
Patrick R. Manuel Apr 07, 2012
I actually thought the Ford RS200 was fastest 0-100 and back to 0 until the GTS?
redskinz10 Apr 06, 2012
Just left the auto show and I'm glad I got to see this car in person...
Carlton Salmon Apr 06, 2012
This car was the reason why the UK has a 70mph speed limit. Love it so much it hurts. And what a lovely colour too...
Dillon Dixon Apr 06, 2012
The beginning of my favorite car! Such a magnificent car!
Chris Penza Apr 06, 2012
I agree. Nothing could beat these in the 60's and 70's
Buddy Robinson Apr 06, 2012
It's like America's Mclaren f1, it was absolutely ground breaking, though a bit more simple
Rami Wilson Apr 06, 2012
The fore father of the legend. The fastest 0-100 and back to 0 until the '96 Viper GTS dethroned it. 30 years is a long time to hold a performance record.
Roberto Morales Apr 03, 2013
This what you would call " a real car" , every one thinks that farrari were a real car but a original cobra fetched 8 million at barrat Jackson
Chris Penza Apr 06, 2012
Then I'd kill you for killing and kill whoever tries to kill me for killing you and take the car
Zachary Fix Apr 06, 2012
I would kill for this car
Dillon Dixon Apr 06, 2012
Such classic wheels.
Tim Preisinger Apr 06, 2012
Lol alex. It doesn't matter but I did get a laugh at that comment. I think there is a bald guy behind him
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Apr 06, 2012
*Alex Does it really matter? Look at the masterpiece!
Alex Eaton Apr 06, 2012
Is he jewish or is there a bald guy behind him
Daniel Marino Apr 06, 2012
50th anniversary super snake
Cameron Vandygriff Jun 19, 2013
Or at least it didn't for a while
Cameron Vandygriff Jun 19, 2013
Actually those seats are probably alot older than the actual car they kinda used what ever was lying around for that car it doesn't even have gauges in it
Matthew Hayes Apr 09, 2012
This car normally sits in the lobby of the shelby headquarters in Las Vegas - you can go there and see it. A shelby worker told me that everything is completely original apart from the paint job - Carroll Shelby was offered $23mil for it and declined
Lee Darmanin Apr 09, 2012
I understand the idea that having worn seats adds character but they still are a bit TOO worn out for my liking..
Matthew Paul Apr 07, 2012
Well you cant even spell retarded, so you don't get an opinion. This car is a work of art. I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!
Zack Herzer Apr 06, 2012
Once I sat in a race prepped elva and it was friggin awesome! Same type of rollbar. The driver seat was all beefy though.
Paul Dickey Apr 06, 2012
Not restoring the seats was a great idea. Adds a ton of character.
Jared Joyner Apr 06, 2012
Just think of all the drivers who sat in that seat why restore something so classic and full of history
Adam Lopinsky Apr 06, 2012
Personally I think it's Lina cool they didnt restore it
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Apr 06, 2012
Especially with an open top
Andrew Grimm Apr 06, 2012
The outside is mint but it's a shame the seats are worn. But you can't really keep leather in great condition for half a century.
Cameron Vandygriff Jun 19, 2013
That's because seats wear out faster than anything because you now attest 150 pounds pulling on it then the rivers and stuff on jeans
Oscar Galvan Apr 06, 2012
Everything else seems to be in good shape
Cameron Vandygriff Jun 19, 2013
I would hate for someone to restore the car but I wonder what It did look like new
Ryan Coffel Apr 08, 2012
I would kill for the badge alone.
David Munasinghe Apr 06, 2012
Nice petina on the emblem