Comments - Delorean Shows Off at New York With Electric Car

Published: Apr 06, 2012
Description: Delorean Motor Company is expected to begin production of its new EV, dubbed the DMCev, in 18 months' time, the company's chief Stephen Wynee has told Autoblog. DMC announced its return to b...
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Chance Baker Apr 06, 2012
Electric Delorean's Awesome!
Ben Mossing Apr 06, 2012
Any warning? I'm sure they hinted it on their Facebook page. I thought they said thet where to unveil it yesterday. Or possibly I'm crazy...
Timothy Hooker Apr 07, 2012
Is the headlight danglin?
Mike Bentley Apr 06, 2012
Funny how CarBuzz lauds the savings over petrol and then drop the near 100k price. No thanks.
NalaKing Apr 06, 2012
Guys, imagine parking a SLS AMG beside and open the gull-wing doors! hahaha. Owned.
Paul Lissona Apr 06, 2012
Add a gas or diesel engine and maybe.
Devin Babyn Apr 06, 2012
Wow who decided it would be cool to make it look like you broke your grill every time you have to charge
Sam Oglesby Apr 06, 2012
Yeh i see the changes now the grills hanging of and there's a wire hanging out
Shaylen Kumar Patel Apr 06, 2012
They have updated all of these. I think they put the new pentastar v6s in them now. And they've updated the interior.
Dale Schroeder Apr 06, 2012
That really is such a terrible place to put the plug.
Drew Storrusten Apr 06, 2012
Here's what you do, waste a 100k on it, and put your favorite combustion engine in it...... OOOORRRR!!!! Just go by a car that's worth the 100k. ;P
Chris Penza Apr 06, 2012
Looks exactly like the original
Michael Horne Apr 06, 2012
I also hope they offer more than just th electric! I can't imagine a car that heavy will have much range; give me a combustion engine any day!
Buddy Robinson Apr 06, 2012
I beg the differ, they are quite cool, even if they're slow
Timothy Hooker Apr 06, 2012
Wow..whoever pays the hundred k for one of these abominations is gonna be the laughing stock of cars and coffee
Description: With its iconic front wedge shape, gullwing doors and old fashion fascia, it is instantly recognizable. The Delorean Motor Company is based in Texas where its cars will be produced. Delorean will be a...
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Description: The car carries a 32kWh pack of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries so its range is somewhere between 64 and 96 miles on a charge and that will cost no more than $2.25 for a full tank or 2 cents per mile...
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Edgar Jauregui Apr 06, 2012
Well, I saw the range and thought it was just OK... I see a top speed of 125 and say, pretty good for all electric. i see 0-60in 4.9 and I just say "want"
Dale Schroeder Apr 06, 2012
I wonder if they cut any weight off the original design. The DMC-12 was a pretty heavy car compared to what it was supposed to be competing with.
Riley McKelvie Apr 06, 2012
Way faster than the original!
Brandon Carr Apr 06, 2012
4.9 is awesome for an electric car
Thibault Leroy Apr 06, 2012
bro same here! they got me fooled XD
George Lorenzo Cuevas Apr 06, 2012
Really? I thought it was a car in a video game.
Alex O'Brian Apr 06, 2012
This is a real car.
Wilson LaFaver Apr 06, 2012
Those doors are so cool
Quinn Edgington Apr 07, 2012
Looks so new and old
Bob Jones Apr 06, 2012
Awesome little display. Despite being way in the corner of the basement a lot of people were crowded around these Deloreans, I could barely even get a picture of the car.
Quinn Edgington Apr 07, 2012
Nice e brake Easter to drift
Thomas Isnt Green Apr 07, 2012
It looks cheaped out but they should use better materials
Badoor Nasser Mobarak Apr 06, 2012
I do like the steering wheel
Alex Bouckley Apr 06, 2012
I'd like to see a crash test
David Cho Apr 06, 2012
The early c4 corvettes have the parking break in the same place it just engages then goes back down
Drew Storrusten Apr 06, 2012
It's nice to see that they made the interior somewhat more pleasant to look at.
Chris Penza Apr 06, 2012
Where's the flux capacitor?
Michael Horne Apr 06, 2012
Corvette's from the 80's/early 90's also have their e-brake in the same spot. Unusual, yes, but not unheard of.
Riley McKelvie Apr 06, 2012
Ha what a stupid design
Brandon Carr Apr 06, 2012
I see what ur saying.
Micah Buffat Apr 06, 2012
It would be hard to get out when the parking break is engaged but they still look awesome!
Brandon Carr Apr 06, 2012
Now THAT is an awesome steering wheel
Cody Andree Apr 06, 2012
Tach prolly just sits there then when u turn key it shoots up and goes down to zero.
Jerrod Swenson Apr 06, 2012
Why is the tach showing rpm while charging? Or at all for an electric car, it doesn't idle. The speedo looks stuck at 10 mph also.
Timothy Hooker Apr 06, 2012
Its like stepping back into the eighties.
Tyler Chess Apr 07, 2012
Yeah anything glossy plastic does.
Greg Lewis Apr 06, 2012
Does it look as it scratches easy?
Michael Horne Apr 06, 2012
Door-popping buttons? Kinda groovy!
Chris O'Brien Apr 06, 2012
middle button: fly away.
Sam Oglesby Apr 06, 2012
Hmm wonder how far it goes with these on
Michael Kozlowski Apr 06, 2012
The flux capacitor!! Lol
Greg Lewis Apr 06, 2012
They should worked the flux in as an electronic fuel gauge
Riley McKelvie Apr 06, 2012
Haha "where we're going we don't need gas" that's pretty funny!
Max Garcia Apr 06, 2012
I hate car buzz I'm going to see the car show today u guys tempted me now I spoiled it!!!