Comments - Cosmetic Changes to the 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Published: Apr 06, 2012
Description: Mitsubishi is displaying a slight facelift to its Outlander Sport SUV at the New York Auto Show. And here are a few cues to comprehend the magnitude of the changes the Outlander has gone through: look...
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Al Tungupon Apr 15, 2012
Bring in the turbo version!
Description: A few novelties can also be found inside the car while from a technical perspective the chassis received a revised rear multi-link suspension and the engine an enhanced Continuously-Variable Transmiss...
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James Woodchuck Norris Apr 06, 2012
I want a new evolution please
Sean Phannaphob Apr 06, 2012
Agree, the old one looks better.
Biswajyoti Das Apr 06, 2012
Anyone see an inverted Audi grill here?
Matt Piccolo Apr 06, 2012
Old one was better
Rami Wilson Apr 06, 2012
I haven't liked mitsubishi ever since they released the A6M.
Matthew Paul Apr 07, 2012
Funny, in the 80's bmw's were cooler too, now they are all bland. (except m cars, but I'd still take an original early 90's m3 or 80's m5 over a new one for style alone)
Jerry Cole Apr 07, 2012
That's because they WERE cooler. Now they're all bland and underpowered
Paul Lissona Apr 06, 2012
Yes I'm pretty sick of Japanese cars now, when I was younger I thought they were cool but BMW all the way!
Patrick Joseph Apr 06, 2012
Talk about bland.
Rick Feeney Apr 06, 2012
I absolutely love this car