Comments - BMW Display Frozen Monte Carlo Blue M3 at NY Auto Show

Published: Apr 06, 2012
Description: The Bavarian automaker has brought a one-off Frozen Monte Carlo Blue M3 to the New York Auto Show in order to gauge public opinion and determine whether this particular shade of blue has any future in...
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Devin Babyn Apr 07, 2012
I can only think of one I've seen and that was a dippers at my school
Chris Penza Apr 06, 2012
Only one e92. I see a good amount of e46s
Nick El-Khoury Apr 06, 2012
Chris, you've only ever seen one M3?
Cory Deines Apr 06, 2012
I believe the difference is that frozen colors are all metallic.
Chris Kuyumdzhyan Apr 06, 2012
No difference, just a more appealing word.
David Gray Apr 06, 2012
What's the difference between frozen and matte paint?
Chris Penza Apr 06, 2012
Anybody think it's weird that the only m3 I've seen on the road was a frozen black?
Description: For example, insects must be washed off the paint soon after they land and certain car washes must be avoided like the plague. And then there's the premium, which normally falls in the $2,000 pri...
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Justin Tucker Apr 06, 2012
Why do u have to work so damn hard to keep it's's supposed to have a function
Leon Laplata Apr 11, 2012
I agree. They should have kept the M3 "NA" and stayed away from the turbos.
Kaden Dauter Apr 07, 2012
I'm going to miss this M3, and that 4.0 V8 that goes along with it :,(
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Apr 06, 2012
My car is the same color but abviously not matt and i can really see this come to life
Darren Nardo Apr 06, 2012
Stunning , I'm a muscle car guy , and this is a muscle car BMW with super car talents. After driving one I was really impressed!!!!
Paul Dickey Apr 06, 2012
Looks great and bad ass but paint would be useless where I live.
Phillip B Jong Apr 06, 2012
offer this in a 'wrap' and all the conplaints below are solved!
Ashen Fonseka Apr 06, 2012
I'm getting this on my m3
Devin Babyn Apr 06, 2012
That looks amazing absolutely love the color
Nick Rios Apr 06, 2012
Well it's a m3.. I fun ass car to drive! Then frozen blue.. I'd wash it every day.
Caldera193 Apr 06, 2012
You woild have to live in such a dry area that rain and bugs wouldn't be an issue
Dale Schroeder Apr 06, 2012
As wonderful as it looks, I'd be too scared to actually take it out and drive it. All it'd take is one rock bouncing off the pavement and oh no it's ruined!
Knox Ferraro Apr 06, 2012
So you basically have to wash your car every time you take it outside? No thanks. It's really not the paint that sells people so much as it is the car.
Matt Piccolo Apr 06, 2012
That's an awesome colour
Chris Penza Apr 06, 2012
This is perfect. The new m5 would look great with this finish too
Jackson Michael Apr 06, 2012
Yeeaaaa that's nice
Jose Alfonso Macias Apr 06, 2012
Damn I'm loving this frozen blue... I want my car painted this color. Too bad it be pricey to get it done the right way
Rockesh Boulder Apr 06, 2012
Sexy m6 in the background...
Timothy Hooker Apr 06, 2012
I love the frozen line. I wanna see a frozen red
Paul Lissona Apr 06, 2012
I think they should use it if some want itZ
Matthew Paul Apr 07, 2012
Brb, vinyl wrapping my wrx in flat blue. I normally dislike matte colours, but this is stunning
Erik Olsen Apr 06, 2012
That is gorgeous!
Johnny Hoover Apr 06, 2012
Any none sunroof m3 is carbon Anyway where is the dotted line I am but this thing
Connor Wagner Apr 06, 2012
I love the carbon fiber roof
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Apr 06, 2012
I want this car 4 door so much
Frederick Perez Apr 06, 2012
Silky paint- awesome
Tiago Santos Maia Apr 06, 2012
I agree with you, it looks stunning
Kevin Watson Apr 08, 2012
To see the true beauty of this color, look at the blue on the other car in the background. Priceless.
Darren Martin Apr 06, 2012
I love this color It also seems to really bring out the cars lines
Max Garcia Apr 06, 2012
I saw it today I wanted to touch it badly!
Kevin Watson Apr 08, 2012
The interior don't scream m3.
Extremis Colson Apr 07, 2012
interior looks like crap, they need to redesign these things.
John Hansell Apr 07, 2012
Looks like poop... Needs the new Interior with the natural Wood or the piano black finish
Domi Bsaibes Apr 07, 2012
I hate the cheap aluminium dash, is it more lightweight than wood or what? Or can't they put carbon fiber instead of it??