Comments - 2012 Lotus Evora S Lands in NYC With Interior Changes

Published: Apr 06, 2012
Description: Lotus' future is still unclear, but the Malaysian owned British automaker made it to New York Auto Show to reveal some tweaks to the Evora S. Although the pride of this two-seater is its chassis ...
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Thibault Leroy Apr 06, 2012
i saw a 2 by 2 evora s 3 days ago amd yes it had useable back seats with seatbelts and it was goergous
Kyle Janchenko Apr 06, 2012
There's a 2 x 2 and 2 x 0 configurations, and the latter just has a shelf in place of the seats.
Phillip Holbrook Apr 06, 2012
It has two useable seats, the back ones are for groceries.
Jackson Michael Apr 06, 2012
But only leg amputees can sit in them
Dylan Knapp Apr 06, 2012
No, im pretty sure it has back seats
Riley McKelvie Apr 06, 2012
The evora a is a two seated?
Description: There are also improvements to the dashboard color contrast, while an Alpine audio and navigation system was replaced by one from Pioneer. The original Evora S wheel combination is 18- and 19-inch whe...
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Dylan Bures Apr 07, 2012
I personally despise porsche because theyre all the same chassis. You either drive the 911 or you dont buy one. But better than a TT
Jerry Cole Apr 07, 2012
I don't see how this is better than a cayman.. The cayman looks just as good, and flies around any track u throw at it. And, it's better as a DD
Vic Orutsahakij Apr 06, 2012
I think this is more a driver's car than TT or Cayman. To drive everyday Cayman and TT are better off.
Thibault Leroy Apr 06, 2012
well if course this is better than a tt or caymen but it is also quite a bit more expansive
Jv Apr 06, 2012
yea, this is one of my favorites.
rockstarTc Apr 06, 2012
I think this car is way better than a tt or the cayman. This is such a great car, i would love to own one
Chayton Garverick Apr 08, 2012
I see a Koenigsegg...or whatever it's called.
Dylan Bures Apr 07, 2012
Maylasian company.
Jacob Bayliss Apr 07, 2012
Proton sold Lotus, they don't own it anymore. I forgot who bought it.
Patrick Joseph Apr 06, 2012
Lotus has changed a lot. Plenty of fully qualified people from Ferrari and BMW and Amg work for lotus now. Zimmerman is a boss. I trust him with the engineering.
Vic Orutsahakij Apr 06, 2012
Well Lotus is own by protron how realiable is that!!
Paul Lissona Apr 06, 2012
What kind of trouble? Ha really.
Tony Flaherty Apr 06, 2012
Lotus Lots Of Trouble Usualy Serious. That's why the are not popular.
Jackson Michael Apr 06, 2012
Lol maybe because people hate gettin the seat of their pants dirty trying to get in
NalaKing Apr 06, 2012
But < 991 Carrera because it is overpriced
rockstarTc Apr 06, 2012
Such a great looking car, I dont understand why this isnt such a popular car.
Kevin Watson Apr 08, 2012
This would be my weekend cruiser.
Joe Fats Harper Apr 07, 2012
The article is about how they changed the interior, and then they only give us one pic of the interior?
Kevin Watson Apr 08, 2012
Is that pink in the seats? I can work with it.
jberaza Apr 06, 2012
Sweet! awesome interior.
Scotty Gee Apr 06, 2012
You just can't beat a red interior.
Matthew Landau Apr 06, 2012
Very simple and driver-oriented. IMO fits the car perfectly.
lax4life776 Apr 06, 2012
I agree with cost. looks cheap and plasticy
Jv Apr 06, 2012
What are you talking about, I love the interior on this thing.
Cody Andree Apr 06, 2012
I expected much better. I stress MUCH