Comments - SRT Viper GTS-R is Returning to American Le Mans Series

Published: Apr 05, 2012
Description: Yesterday was the 2013 SRT Viper road car. Today is the Viper GTS-R American Le Mans (ALMS) racer. Life doesn't get much sweeter than this right about now. SRT, the newly established performance ...
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Thomas Mackey Apr 05, 2012
Can't wait to see this up against the compuware Vettes.
Description: Now it's time to get this new Viper on the race track. Fortunately, Gilles and crew came prepared, as the newly unveiled GTS-R clearly shows. This non-street legal and competition-ready Viper wil...
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Abdullah Al-Qudhaibi Jun 11, 2012
I like the car 
Nick Steiger Apr 07, 2012
Traction control in a viper? Seriously they gave the car the name Viper for a reason. It is supposed to be a monster that seems it wants to kill you.
Drew Storrusten Apr 06, 2012
Out, they're slowly Gona start looking more and more alike.
Drew Storrusten Apr 06, 2012
Really, I mean it's starting to show with every company just how much a new car can look like another companies car. Look at the new Subaru what was it BRZ? People say it looks close to was the Lexus? Either way, with how these new cars are coming
quadrophine Apr 05, 2012
the important lines are similar to the gts side profile is almost identical. its curvy instead of angular. even the way the rear window slopes into its ass... I still think ill never get over the gts, but she's a good replacement
Vincent Butler Apr 05, 2012
Honestly I don't like it, 2 much going on IMO. I prefer the last model.
Ben Arends Apr 05, 2012
@alex- ya man I think it looks hella good. And I'm very happy to see the viper go back to its roots- as the most recent generation looked a little too bland (minus the club racing versions).
Dell Magee Apr 05, 2012
C6r verses Viper GTS-R= EPIC
Patrick Joseph Apr 05, 2012
Talk about a great car. It doesn't get much better than this.
Alex Arvanitis Apr 05, 2012
@ Ben, of course it looks like a 96-02 gts in the same way a 991 draws similarities from a 996 and 997, it's evolutionary and no one is denying that. What we are saying is its a bad ass evolutionary step from the 96-02 gts rather than all new.
Isaac Rezkalla Apr 05, 2012
The only think different os the head light but if you put it up to a 99 gts then you could only see little differences from the doors back
Jeremy Siebert Apr 05, 2012
@Ben: they say it looks nothing like the previous Vipers, but several manage to think it looks like an Aston Martin....
Ben Arends Apr 05, 2012
What's with people not thinking this looks even related to the old viper? Have these people never seen a Viper GTS?
John Serely Apr 05, 2012
I'd take the viper over a zr1 or GTR, its a great looking car. I can't wait to read some road tests with this new viper
Alex Arvanitis Apr 05, 2012
It's stylistically similar to a 96-02 gts but altogether wider, lower, smoother, and much more aggressive. This is also the entry model. Imagine what an acr will look like... For comparison a 599 looks tame but the 599 gto is pure sex
Teddy MacDonell Apr 05, 2012
this has impossibly good looks, and I can only imagine that it will look 10x better in person
Jennings Rengel Apr 05, 2012
The old one looked good but this one blows it away. Awesome.
Patrick Schalk Apr 05, 2012
That is so damn sexy. Wow.
Oscar Galvan Apr 05, 2012
Is this a real photograph?
Matt Piccolo Apr 05, 2012
Except for the Agera headlights
Matt Piccolo Apr 05, 2012
Yea it would!!! It hasn't changed much at all
Tevin Xko Davis Apr 05, 2012
Still looks amazing tho
Pompey Paul Apr 05, 2012
If u put the original viper next to the new lm version then it would look like they r not even related
Description: Power will come from the same 8.4-liter V10, which produces a total of 640hp at 6150 rpm and 600lb-ft of torque at 4950. Final performance stats and specific changes aren't available just yet, bu...
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Alex Arvanitis Apr 08, 2012
Peak power is at 6200rpms. :read: Torque peaks at 4900rpms which is about perfect because torque and hp cross at 5252 rpms. Literally this motor makes 600hp from 4900rpms until 6200 rpms peaking at 650 advertised hp. I gaurantee it's underrated.
Thomas Mackey Apr 06, 2012
Red line is 7/8k. Big displacement is the reason for the power coming so soon in rpm's.
Quinn Conner Apr 06, 2012
Just guessing at the redline since peak power and torque come at 4975, and we all know the redline is soon to follow that peak power.
Fabian Pioro Apr 06, 2012
Prob cuz 8.3l is more of a tractor motor then high rev f1
Barry Boo Wilson Apr 06, 2012
Huh? 5k redline where are you seeing that? Even if it wouldn't hurt my feelings to get over 600hp in under 5k lol.
Quinn Conner Apr 06, 2012
Haha. What about the 5k redline? That's sad.
Alex Arvanitis Apr 05, 2012
640hp in 3300lbs with 600ft/lbs of torque, this is a great combo.
Description: Scott Atherton, President and CEO of the American Le Mans Series, also hailed the return of the Viper, stating that "I don't think it's possible to overstate the significance of the SRT...
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Fabian Pioro Apr 06, 2012
Wow 8.3l and FI. That would demolish any road ability with gas how it is.
quadrophine Apr 05, 2012
I keep coming back here to look at this picture. I'm glad they kinda came back to their gts roots
Alex Arvanitis Apr 05, 2012
So sexy; love the lemans car. I want a Hennessy venom 1250r srt viper with a le'mans inspired wide body kit. Wingless of course but I love the rest of the lines of the race car. I know a 1250r doesn't exist yet but 8.3l plus twin snails: 1250whp
Isaac Rezkalla Apr 05, 2012
I cant wait for the acr to come out im already getting my money ready for it hopefully it will kill this in a good way
Nick Smith Apr 05, 2012
I think the front is one of its better areas
Devin Mortenson Apr 05, 2012
I wish I could like this one but to me the new viper is ugly from the front(but nowhere else).
Chris Dimattia Apr 05, 2012
Looks kinda like snake eyes.
Matthew Reindorp Apr 05, 2012
Doesnt look like a muscle car anymore! It looks elegant and ready to hit 250mph very well done SRT
Zachary Maurer Apr 05, 2012
For the first time in my life, I can truly say I have seen nothing like, or similar to this, excellent job chrysler
Ben Matthews Apr 05, 2012
I'm still freaking out over this! I love this car!
Sheldon Couch Apr 05, 2012
Favorite viper yet other than the 96' gts coupe
Alex Arvanitis Apr 05, 2012
That front end is menacing. Srt hit a grand slam
Rami Wilson Apr 05, 2012
No way he looks just like Easy E in that photo! Except his, grill does look more like Snoop. I would so love to beat this car for 24 hours. They wouldn't evan need a second driver. I'd drive the whole Race.
Alex Arvanitis Apr 05, 2012
Most le'mans cars look similar at this angle, it's because of the science and math that goes into engineering downforce and drag coefficient. Still though the viper is more curvaceous and menacing than the vette, even at this angle.
Jeremy Siebert Apr 05, 2012
You look just like Snoop Dog in hat picture
Thomas Mackey Apr 05, 2012
This looks nothing like a vette. looks like a viper.
Andrew Hossann Apr 05, 2012
Looks exactly like a corvette hear
Alex Arvanitis Apr 05, 2012
In persone this thing must be incredible to witness; it's a car that I bet is not done 100% justice in pictures because its so wide and low that it's curvature gets hidden in 2d photos.
Ben Arends Apr 05, 2012
Wow it's brilliant.
Patrick Joseph Apr 05, 2012
Indeed. That's a dream car right there.
Alex Arvanitis Apr 05, 2012
Stuff of wet dreams
Matt Robbins Apr 05, 2012
Not the tires my friend, the rear body panels
Alex Arvanitis Apr 05, 2012
295f/355r's are still maaaaassive. The street car has no problem with chicken legs haha.
Matt Robbins Apr 05, 2012
I wish the rears of the street SRT Vipers were this wide. It look awesome
Patrick Schalk Apr 05, 2012
Loving the new back end and the new logo. So amazing.
David Pires-Ihsaan Apr 05, 2012
thank you for getting rid of the extremely dated 1992 lights..
Patrick Schalk Apr 05, 2012
Yeah that's a really nice touch
Juventas Telsinskas Apr 05, 2012
I love how those stripes on the hood taper off into the vents
Fabian Pioro Apr 06, 2012
Original looks very good. The racer. Ehhh never liked all them stickers on them.