Description: Whether the Terrafugia Roadable Aircraft will ever take off (from a commercial perspective) remains to be seen, but as you can see from the attached video it's certainly no pipe dream. Dubbed the...
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Paul Lissona Apr 05, 2012
Yah buy a plane and a car not something ridiculous like this.
Thibault Leroy Apr 05, 2012
yea seriously this is stupid you cant park it anywhere, it looks horrible, and you have to go to an airstrip to take off so you might as well buy a little plain for that price
Jake Marra Apr 05, 2012
Or u could get a audi r8 gt spyder, 458 italia, or a bently
Matthew McKernan Apr 05, 2012
Think that's actually a pretty good price for a brand new airplane(/car).
Rami Wilson Apr 05, 2012
I would buy the Beechcraft King Air 200 behind it long before being caught dead (literally) in this this. Do one thing and do it well.
Description: The street-legal Transition is a two-seat personal aircraft with the capacity to drive on roads and highways, and also fly on unleaded automotive fuel. It completed its first flight on March 23rd at t...
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Max Delena Apr 08, 2012
And his wings started folding in when he was flying, this could very possibly happen.
Max Delena Apr 08, 2012
What if someone was driving this in bumper to bumper traffic and the wings started folding out and he couldn't stop it, that would suck for the people next to him.
Elijah McCord Apr 06, 2012
If you want to go faster on the road just simply turn on the propelor
Thibault Leroy Apr 05, 2012
when youre driving on the road
Andrew Hossann Apr 05, 2012
What's the point of the mirrors
Jake Marra Apr 05, 2012
If i ever bought that i wouldnt drive it at 65 mph... Id fly it over the road at 110...hahaha FTP
Sam Oglesby Apr 05, 2012
What was testing. Yep it drives yep I've taken of and landed right who wants to buy it
Bryan Wesly Pascual Apr 05, 2012
This; or a used Cessna 172, an M3, Camaro SS, Charger R/T, and a 5.0 for the same amount of money. .....I can't decide.
Jay Kolvenbag Apr 05, 2012
As a plain it looks good, as a car it looks awfully rubbish with those folden wings
Josiah De La Torre Apr 05, 2012
yeah, they still have to refine parts of the design
Chris Dimattia Apr 05, 2012
Completed 1st flight 2 wks ago and they are already taking orders? I would think a lot more testing would be done. And that is one hell of a blind spot when driving.
Josiah De La Torre Apr 05, 2012
what an interesting concept
Description: When airborne, it can cruise at 105mph and reach a top speed of 115mph. On the road it manages a pedestrian 65mph. It can cover a distance of up to 490 miles in the air and is equipped with a "fu...
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Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Apr 05, 2012
Is this flight sim
David Munasinghe Apr 08, 2012
@ black honda. If you do not have a good command of the English language please refrain from commenting till you do.
Darian Vorlick Apr 06, 2012
Black Honda's comment hurt my brains. >.<
Michael Douglas Apr 06, 2012
Wow i thought the guy who invented this contraption had issues. But BLACK HONDA takes the award today
KaiRon Womack Apr 05, 2012
#Black Honda - WHAT?!
Black Honda Apr 05, 2012
bbbrrrrrriiiiioooo (crash) ahh no i failure the plane and driver as dumber not see the gas emply went down a crash 10 miles. damn waste my money. april foolish.
Adam Fox Apr 05, 2012
If they were smart they'd get rid of the stick and just use the steering wheel. It'd be just like using a yoke, like in a Cessna or the Concorde. That way you have more room in the cockpit.
Thibault Leroy Apr 05, 2012
its a computer image
Carlton Salmon Apr 05, 2012
Erm, has anyone noticed there's nobody flying this...?!
Jake Marra Apr 05, 2012
But that would be pretty awsome to fly with a steering wheel
NalaKing Apr 05, 2012
Sorry, i didnt notice the flight stick underneath. My bad
NalaKing Apr 05, 2012
Flying with a steering wheel?! hahaha