Description: The new Mercedes SL65 AMG was revealed long before the New York Auto Show opened its doors, but a nice surprise at the event was the unveiling of a "45th Anniversary" model, which will be pr...
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Description: The color also contrasts with the car's high-gloss chrome applications such as the new 'twin-blade' radiator grille with blade-like slats, surround for the AMG-specific LED daytime runn...
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Aziz Umarov Apr 10, 2012
They already taking orders for G 65 also.
Vic Orutsahakij Apr 06, 2012
The 63 AMG are all V8. And I think Merc will still be making V12 coz the New S Class extension model will have to replace Maybach Segment.
Hiroshi Takagi Apr 05, 2012
Haha They say they did but they didn't They probably won't make CL65 or S65...Only for SL65 because SL is so special for Merc.
Dale Fredriks Apr 05, 2012
I thought AMG got rid of the big V12? Or is that only on the SL63?
Vic Orutsahakij Apr 06, 2012
Thnx God! That nobody try to compare this to CTS-V! I'm sick of it!!!
Bijan Jahanpanah Apr 05, 2012
Really car buzz you had to take off my comment and I didn't say anything bad so screw you and I don't give a shit if you take off this one
Matthew McKernan Apr 05, 2012
I think the SLS style rims and gold carbon ceramic brakes make it look really good.
Yousef Alhejazein Apr 05, 2012
Idk wats better that m6 or this
Paul Lissona Apr 05, 2012
Germans Are great at making best looking cars.
Rudolf Dassler Apr 05, 2012
This car is so sweet... I want that, I need that...
John Serely Apr 05, 2012
The giant headlights are certainly growing on me...
Nick Schnee Apr 05, 2012
This is mesmerizing...
Buddy Robinson Apr 05, 2012
Looks amazing, all the creases might be overkill
Description: The AMG sports exhaust system features twin tailpipes with the outer surround finished in black with chrome plating and the inner finished in high-gloss chrome; while the car sits on the same AMG mult...
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Description: Some of the standard-fit appointments in the special edition model include an AMG ceramic high-performance compound brake system, KEYLESS-GO Convenience package, Panoramic vario roof with MAGIC SKY CO...
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John Serely Apr 06, 2012
@zack I think your talking about the xlr/xlr-v, which is not made anymore
Jordan 'Guillermo' Perry Apr 06, 2012
Yeah nick, it was the ford 500 and then the first well functioning one was the 3000gt
Zachary Maurer Apr 06, 2012
I ment that the sl flows with the design language
Zachary Maurer Apr 06, 2012
The eos, 200 convertible, and Lexus one just wanted one to keep up with growing demands for hardtop convertibles, IMO, I'm not trying to troll, just sayin that they need think about how it looks Irl
Zachary Maurer Apr 06, 2012
Flow of design language means like it dosent look like a fold a way color coded cardboard box on top of a convertible, it needs to look like it flows with the car, like the sl...
Nick Singleton Apr 06, 2012
Actually the mid 50's ford 500 was a hardtop convertible long before Mercedes thought of it
Vic Orutsahakij Apr 05, 2012
What do you mean by flow with design Language?? Mercedes are the first car company that introduce Hard top Convertible with the SLK.... Surely it's not about design. I think it's about technology and ideas that each company can come up with.
Zack Hartman Apr 05, 2012
Mustang hardtop would be hot I've always wanted one on mine and there's a Cadillac that is a hard top convertible too I forget the model name
Zachary Maurer Apr 05, 2012
Ford needs a mustang hardtop
Zachary Maurer Apr 05, 2012
Ok, I was talking about nice ones, Chrysler is ok, and BMW is ok, but the other ones just don't flow with design language too well, but the california rocks
John Serely Apr 05, 2012
@tasho just to add to that, there is a hardtop convertible option on the Chrysler 200 and I think I remember reading a CarBuzz article that there were romours of the aventador roadster and/or mp4-12c convertible being a hardtop
Aislin Cooper Apr 05, 2012
Yeah I wouldn't say they're rare
Brady Williams Apr 05, 2012
Ferrari California and 458 are hardtops as well
Zachary Maurer Apr 05, 2012
Y r hardtop convertibles so rare and almost extinct? This and the miata are the only ones left that I can think if
Andy Agus Apr 10, 2012
I like how it's a bit see-through in the front