Description: Lexus has unveiled their all-new 2013 ES lineup, including its sixth-generation ES 350 and all-new ES 300h Hybrid. The 2013 ES sedan is certainly less bland than before, with the sleek-looking sedan i...
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Jason Brown Apr 06, 2012
I can't wait for the test drive in September.
Rami Wilson Apr 05, 2012
Yah, I wanna give that guy my money.
Jason Brown Apr 05, 2012
I believe the blue symbol is for the hybrid model and I agree, a bit tacky.
Jason Brown Apr 05, 2012
Yes certainly very nice redesigns.
Ethan Amo Apr 05, 2012
If I was them, I would be proud of that too
Description: The designers went back to the drawing board for the cabin, which has seen a dramatic upgrade including a dashboard that closely resembles that in the new GS sedan with a seven-inch LCD screen and hor...
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Description: As the new ES, as usual, is based on the latest Toyota Camry's platform. It also uses the same 3.5-liter V6 with Dual VVT-I that sends power to the front wheels via a six-speed automatic transmis...
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Zaire Wilkins Apr 05, 2012
lol that funny he said tht cause the 2012 scion does have these headlights but more from the ct200h
Ryan Delano Thomas Apr 05, 2012
Ls460 headlights?
Erik Rudolph Apr 05, 2012
It's much nicer in person
Victor Takhanov Apr 05, 2012
looks like a freaking scion tc
dulee Apr 05, 2012
Looks better than the GS.
Ray Garcia Apr 05, 2012
Umm this looks like the new altima
Shaylen Kumar Patel Apr 05, 2012
Looks way better than the current one
Joel Hope Apr 05, 2012
I though this would look to much like the gs but it doesn't. Looks nice.
Matt Piccolo Apr 05, 2012
Ya silver doesn't do this car much...
Patrick Schalk Apr 05, 2012
I'd probably like this more in a different color. This silver is so awful.
Ray Garcia Apr 05, 2012
This does not look like the new Altima.
Josh Andrews Apr 06, 2012
Ok the entire panel looks horrible
Henz Herrero Apr 05, 2012
Omg.. I really like this.. Not bad for their entry level mid sized sedan..
Zaire Wilkins Apr 05, 2012
very german interior
Patrick Schalk Apr 05, 2012
Sure is. This looks great. I like the layout. Would NEVER have white leather interior though.
Jason Brown Apr 05, 2012
Very similar to the new GS. Nice indeed. But didn't like the navi/controls for the GS. Was difficult to use since I am used to the older model's touch screen. Hope the ES has the night display projector to the windshield.
Matt Piccolo Apr 05, 2012
Nice interior! :)