Description: Following the unveiling of the 2013 Accord concept at the Detroit Auto Show, Honda is this week previewing the next Crosstour model with this concept. It is hoped the Crosstour, with its "more c...
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Mat Ronn Nov 21, 2012
Hondas are my personal favorite
Jon Ashley Apr 06, 2012
Now the only good thing they got left is the Civic Si, and I don't even like the 9th gen that much!
Paul Lissona Apr 06, 2012
Yah their too boring now, I like my 90's Honda better.
Jackson Michael Apr 05, 2012
I don't think they understand what it means to "take a bow"
Steven Wilson Apr 05, 2012
Could Honda's get more bland. I know they are known for quality and reliability, but they put me to sleep. BORING!
Michael Kozlowski Apr 05, 2012
Stupid, stupid car. Or crossover, or whatever the hell it's suppossed to be.
Paul Lissona Apr 05, 2012
Lately Honda has disappointed, they were good in the 90's.
aquabat996 Apr 05, 2012
I believe Honda hired the design team of the Pontiac Aztek for this monstrosity.
Anthony Palmisano Apr 05, 2012
Back to the sketch board on this one! Honda just stop.
Jeda Malik Apr 09, 2012
It is uncomfortable as well and very poor handling every time I hit 80 on the highway it feels like it is gonna flip over ....
MotoringExpert Apr 06, 2012
Paul Lissona Apr 06, 2012
This really is horrible, Honda has been getting bad compared to their good 90's.
Jackson Michael Apr 06, 2012
More unwarranted hype? Lol
Brent Cairns Apr 05, 2012
What's the difference from the last one?
Cho Dan Apr 05, 2012
I like honda but this thing is terrible.
Black Honda Apr 05, 2012
This a crossar car honda a very saving gas. i has honda civic 2009. i mosty good to ride. there has control wheel flat air tire flash warning. it is good one. old civic 1996 to 2000 years doesnt help tspm on a wheels.
Garrett Serrano Apr 05, 2012
Whose gonna state the obvious this thing is just ugly!!!
Matt Piccolo Apr 05, 2012
I didn't really like the first one, but this actually looks cool... I'm a fan!!! :)
Jay Mauran Apr 05, 2012
Every company has to have their Edsel! But to try it for a second round......?
Description: There's also a sporty front bumper, plastic body cladding, some sill plates, a bulging hood, revised tailgate and 19-inch alloys, though the production Crosstour will be fitted with 18-inch wheel...
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Description: Steering-wheel mounted paddle shifters will also feature on the V6 models. The 2013 Honda Crosstour will be launched in the fall, so keep an eye out for reveals of the production model closer to the t...
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Jacob Bayliss Apr 08, 2012
Black Honda, where you from?
Jackson Michael Apr 05, 2012
You make absolutely no sense
Black Honda Apr 05, 2012
crosstur as very nicely to ride. mosty on people 10% by 100 people crosstour honda suv. alloy wheels expensives. amaze crosstour could ambidextrous on driver.
Johnny Challita Apr 08, 2012
looks like an uglier version of Bmw GT535!
Timothy Hooker Apr 06, 2012
If I was looking for an SUV I would consider this. Its not any worse than the evoque
Kyle Nistler Apr 06, 2012
Rather drive this over a Prius any day.
Thomas Mackey Apr 06, 2012
I think I'm going to be sick....this is UGLY
Humza Husain Apr 06, 2012
Needs to be lowered just a bit
Ken Louise Apr 05, 2012
It still looks hideous.
Paul Roberts Apr 05, 2012
What it is 5 feet off the ground!!!!
Cho Dan Apr 05, 2012
I wouldn't drive this thing if it were given to me.
JM24 Apr 05, 2012
Kill it! Kill it with fire!
Jeremy Siebert Apr 05, 2012
Ummmm, but then Honda would have to call it a station-wagon. That'd really kill its sales figures
Matt Piccolo Apr 05, 2012
Needs to b lowered a bit, other than that it's not bad
David Maio Williams Apr 06, 2012
The front is better, but the rump is still ugly. Profile is terrible. Just kill it already.
Brendan Morreale Apr 05, 2012
You can't polish a turd!
Brady Williams Apr 05, 2012
It wants to be like an allroad but than realizes it's a Honda and just gives up at the end
Matt Piccolo Apr 05, 2012
Baka the same as before, I like te new front though
Jeda Malik Apr 09, 2012
I like big butts and I can't deny .. Designed by a brother who likes it wide in the back ....
Matt Piccolo Apr 06, 2012
@ Jeremy, that's cuz they had the 2 disasters that delayed production... They've been fine in 2012
Jack Petry Apr 06, 2012
Yeah, this might be the ugliest car they've made in a while! It's like they've took their van, and one of their cars, put it together and made it bigger. Then took a step back and said "that's not bad". F***in' ugly!
Jeremy Atkinson Apr 05, 2012
...and Honda sales are sliding in America and they don't know why? Has anyone told them their design team are producing some of the worst styled Hondas ever? Did someone actually sign this car off for production?!!