Description: The all-new 2013 Dodge Dart rally car has been unveiled at the New York Auto Show, just weeks before action sports star Travis Pastrana contests the 600hp AWD racer at the 2012 Global RallyCross Champ...
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Description: With 600hp and 550lb-ft of torque at its disposal, the Dart rally car can sprint from 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds. Bugatti eat your heart out. For those that don't know, Travis Pastrana has won the Ra...
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Pompey Paul Apr 05, 2012
Both pastrana and the car are great
Description: He also owns the Nitro Circus action sports franchise including a TV show, love tours and 3D feature film project. Check out the video to watch the insane car drift on the half-dirt, half-pavement cir...
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wfdowns Apr 08, 2012
ken block isent bad he raced before he is just more focused on expanding DC racing then racing him self.... but yea no doubt block can Handel a car
Daniel Levy Apr 08, 2012
Its a shame ken block is no good at wrc cause he does now how to control a car pretty damn well
Tyler Williamson Apr 05, 2012
Did anybody else see the rear quarter panel fall off... They must have cut out the part where he hit a tree...
quadrophine Apr 05, 2012
oh yeah, 2 liter turbos represent.... whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!
quadrophine Apr 05, 2012
is that a sequential gearbox? I'd say he's a shit driver but I guess its his first time out in that car
Brad Vanderveen Apr 05, 2012
I love the plad!!!!
Paul Lissona Apr 05, 2012
Looks like parents' neon ha.
Jack Howard Apr 05, 2012
And pastrana is a better dirt bike rider
Matty Michaels Apr 05, 2012
Tanner foust is a better driver... But not a good actor
wfdowns Apr 07, 2012
Subaru will return to wrc after they complete the brand new wrx model....they better
Nick Sti Apr 06, 2012
Subaru pulled out of WRC but still competes in the US rally (ex. Dave Mirra)
Ashley Lopez Apr 05, 2012
The same applies to Travis.
Ashley Lopez Apr 05, 2012
Due to the fact that they have better drivers unlike Ford or dodge. Then there's also the fact that Subaru has pulled out of a lot of rally series like WRC so Ken would've never had to opportunity to race in WRC had he stayed with Subaru and I'm sure
Ashley Lopez Apr 05, 2012
@Nick, I'm sure the money had something to do with it, but I'm pretty sure that Travis went to dodge for the same reason Ken Block went to ford. Because other manufactures offer them the opportunity to race in events that Subaru wouldn't let them
Ashley Lopez Apr 05, 2012
And if anything the dart would be the reason why someone shouldn't cheer for the red bull team.
Ashley Lopez Apr 05, 2012
How can you honestly say Subaru is lame when it comes to rally? At least Subaru has won WRC a couple of times unlike dodge who's never even competed in it.
Rami Wilson Apr 05, 2012
Because Suburu's lame. Red Bull, finally on a car worth cheering for. I may end my boycott.
Jason Dannheim Apr 05, 2012
Money talks, and you're profile suggests a bias towards a Subie anyway.
Nick Sti Apr 05, 2012
Travis is a cool guy, so why go from Subaru to Dodge for rally?!
Brad Vanderveen Apr 05, 2012
I love the plad!!!!