Description: The RLX will replace the RL as Honda's premium brand's flagship model, and the production model is slated for launch in North America at the beginning of 2013. Acura's full-size sedan i...
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Description: The stance is enhanced by 20-inch forged alloys, although these aren't expected to feature on the production model. Under the hood, the RLX concept packs an all-new 3.5-liter V6 mater to a seven-...
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Zaire Wilkins Apr 08, 2012
acuras arent shitty they can easily out live the panamera
Zaire Wilkins Apr 06, 2012
yesss and the panamera is too heavy i bet the gas mileage is better than the infiniti MH and the panamera hybrid but i love the infiniti M56 but anyway this looks better minus the huge tailights
Scott Gracey Apr 05, 2012
They will Probably differ in price so much
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Apr 05, 2012
What idiot is going to choose a shitty acura instead of a Porsche? So, no competition for Panamera really.
Zaire Wilkins Apr 05, 2012
the porche panamera and infiniti M hybrid has competition
Matt Piccolo Apr 05, 2012
Good to hear theirs awd
Description: The FWD variant will come with plenty of handling-improving technology including a new double-wishbone front suspension, Amplitude Reactive Dampers, and a multi-link rear suspension. Handling should b...
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Paul Lissona Apr 06, 2012
Gtr is fast, not passionately good otherwise.
Herman Cham Apr 06, 2012
Dear Acura, this such a boring design there is nothing that stands out. When Korean cars look better than your products, thats not good news. Unless your cars drive like GTR, you really can't afford to be this ugly.
Timothy Hooker Apr 07, 2012
Id rather look at a brown eye than this jewel eye
Adam Lefkowitz Apr 07, 2012
whats going on with the front fascia.... the car would look so much better without the beak and the nasty stuff underneath it. its a sick car, the powertrain is dope and theyve made it a lot better than the old one. acuras definitely going to make a ton off this car i just wish it looked better. 2nd and 3rd generation tls were the best
Zaire Wilkins Apr 06, 2012
this car would look so mean in Matte black with those headlights
Zack Hartman Apr 05, 2012
Jewel eye is awful
Zaire Wilkins Apr 05, 2012
i like the jewel eye
Matt Piccolo Apr 05, 2012
This is way way better than a Camry
Paul Lissona Apr 05, 2012
Your wrong I think, and it's not really brown ha.
Mohammad AL-sulimani Apr 05, 2012
Jersson I totally agree with u Exactly looks like Camry
Jersson Guevara Apr 05, 2012
Looks like a camry
Caribbeanenthusiast Apr 05, 2012
looks like a spider, not spyder. (don't like)
Zaire Wilkins Apr 05, 2012
yes its called the LED jewel eyes and these should be the most projecting headlights ever
Timothy Hooker Apr 05, 2012
Looks really really dumb. I hate acura now
Jv Apr 05, 2012
The headlights look similar to the new NSX, Im thinking this will start showing up on their other cars too.
Xuan Lin Apr 05, 2012
Wow headlight...
Mono Feo Jul 06, 2012
Men this car looks nice n the wheels good something new y'all blind look at the car it's a thumbs up for Acura
Sreekanth Banka Jul 03, 2012
Wheels look awful. It looks cheap and does not look classy nor modern.
Zaire Wilkins Apr 06, 2012
they should have gave it a panoramic sunroof it makes look the car elegant
eddy Apr 06, 2012
From the front it looks more of a 2007-2009 Toyot Camry Se :(
Zack Hartman Apr 05, 2012
So boring and tired as usual let's see some new stuff
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Apr 05, 2012
May not be that bad, but it's still an acura!
Patrick Schalk Apr 05, 2012
Those wheels match what I see in the hood.
Zaire Wilkins Apr 05, 2012
you ppl are blind those wheels match this car alot and it looks decent
Isaac Suarez Apr 05, 2012
Mehhh, for the love of Henry Ford...remove that milk mustache in the front of your cars Acura. Over all it's OK, but I looks old already.
Timothy Hooker Apr 05, 2012
This"concept" already looks dated compared to most cars already in production in the same class.
Zachary Maurer Apr 05, 2012
Good job toning down the front grill Acura, but I agree wheels need to go
Chad Hunter Apr 05, 2012
Whats up wit the wheels? Not a good look for this car. Sorry :-(
Matt Piccolo Apr 05, 2012
I agree, the wheels need to be changed but other than that, I think this looks awesome! :)
Patrick Schalk Apr 05, 2012
That front bumper makes me scratch my head. Definitely change the wheels but this looks pretty darn good.
John Rigano May 28, 2012
wheels look like something outta a hot wheels lol but car looks good
Stephen Reed Warren II Apr 19, 2012
Lexus LS in the front GS in the back. Won't touch the LS tho
Chad Hunter Apr 05, 2012
I see a lot of lexus LS With the LED headlights and the overall shape. And Hyundai Equis in the rear taillights
Matt Piccolo Apr 05, 2012
Change the wheels and it's perfect
Zaire Wilkins Apr 08, 2012
looks like a Lex from this angle
Kent Middleton Sr. Apr 18, 2012
When are we going to see the inside,interior etc. What's the price?
Kent Middleton Sr. Apr 18, 2012
So buy a different set. I,m sure they have different ones
Matt Piccolo Apr 05, 2012
Everything but those rims... I can't get over them
Mike Botté Apr 18, 2012
After seeing all the pictures Acura is headed town the tubes. Oh well. Not many will care, only rsx lovers. But again, who cares.
Sean Phannaphob Apr 06, 2012
The greenhouse looks like the GS's.