Comments - The New York Taxi Premiere in New York (Of Course)

Published: Apr 04, 2012
Description: New Yorkers will view this weekend for the first time in the flesh the taxi that will drive their city beginning in 2013 for the next 10 years. It is not yet the final product but a full vehicle proto...
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Description: The Nissan NV 200 was chosen for the job after a competitive two-year bid selection process by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). The process began in 2007 when city officials conv...
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Chris Dimattia Apr 04, 2012
So it began in 2007 and took them til end of 2009 to ask for a car? Probably had to wait for all the kickbacks and payoffs to come in first.
Black Honda Apr 05, 2012
Knox I don't think were nyc. i not education talks about. if you in betray. i not going reduced on new york. i know 2001 a twc two plane crash of memory. no racisem. but here north carolina lot trouble police arrest from badv racism nyc..florida...maryland..californida. they gotvcliam lot. we dont shared.
Henz Herrero Apr 05, 2012
When u live in NY, you dont care about those things anymore.. You just want the cheapest van that looks like a 7 seater..
Luis Lujan Apr 05, 2012
Thanks everyone for at least agreeing this is a mistake.
Luis Lujan Apr 05, 2012
Should have gone with the Ford. So lame.
Paul Lissona Apr 05, 2012
Yah this is obviously stupid geez.
Knox Ferraro Apr 04, 2012
Please tell me you weren't educated in NC, Black Honda. Anyway, I'm sad to see such a HUGE bid lost to a foreign company. Come on, NY, where's your patriotism?
Black Honda Apr 04, 2012
I dont feel a yellow taxi 2013 the new vehicle. it look like shuttle bus taxi. if customer as 10 in seat person. how doe people angery to people too far mile by drop the house or wastle gas so much money to ride taxi as paid for it. hell no way. i born north carolina. i not going nyc new taxi..noo thanks.
Patrick Joseph Apr 04, 2012
I really think they would be better off with American cars. If people go visit New York they want to see American stuff. I would expect fords or something. Mercedes in Berlin and maybe nissans in Tokyo.
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Apr 04, 2012
Should of made a Taurus taxi, to go with the intercepter
Paul Lissona Apr 04, 2012
Yah I really think they should've kept making, and using crown Victorias. For a govt vehicle choice Nissan, idk why.
Dylan Bures Apr 04, 2012
If it gets the job done then its fine, ugly as hell though.
Dale Schroeder Apr 04, 2012
Of course it's ugly, it's a utility van.
Nick Schnee Apr 04, 2012
Wow, these things are so ugly...
Ethan Amo Apr 04, 2012
Who cares if it's ugly? It's a taxi
Description: For starters, it's not a big sedan, but a more convenient vehicle with sliding rear doors and a lot of baggage space. Four passenger seats are available at the back made of antimicrobial, environ...
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Juan Fortiz Apr 05, 2012
this car is ugly and why not buy american
Description: Controlled rear air conditioning and Active Carbon Lined headliner will help neutralize interior odors. The horn's honk is described as low-annoyance and it will be accompanied by exterior lights...
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Paul Lissona Apr 05, 2012
This is very ridiculous.
Luis Lujan Apr 05, 2012
All of a sudden it looks like you're in Japan, not America. And what, are baseball players going to advertise microwave noodles and karaoke next?
Nick Benz Apr 04, 2012
It really has a dumb looking face.
Steven Whowhat Apr 04, 2012
very nice. ...not. stopping in cross walk to pick up passengers. two violations at once.
Description: The NV 200 is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engineered to lower emissions and fuel efficiency of the taxi's 150,000 mile powertrain warranty. "We're proud to introduce a new era ...
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Description: Each day, 600,000 New Yorkers hop in the back of a taxi - the iconic yellow cab that is a symbol of New York City around the world. More than 13,000 taxis traveling cumulate some 500 million miles per...
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Paul Lissona Apr 05, 2012
This is very messed up.
Luis Lujan Apr 05, 2012
Crown vic was built in Canada. The transit connect built in Turkey, but the point is the message being sent out to millions of tourists: NYC doesnt care about America as much as they do about $$$$$$.
Simon Trépanier Apr 04, 2012
The Crown Vic was not built in Canada?
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Apr 04, 2012
American iconic cab is built in Mexico? That's the problem... but then again, I wouldn't be surprised to hear the Crown Vic was built there too but still an issue
Luis Enrique Lara Apr 04, 2012
@chris what's your problem with mexican built cars?
Chris Dimattia Apr 04, 2012
That's just great! Japanese car, owned by Renault, and built in Mexico. Somebody sold out big time. This thing looks awful!
Kevin Rehbock Apr 04, 2012
I doubt this van is built to hold up to extreme stop and go traffic, idling, riding the brake, etc.. If this has the CVT, being a NYC cab mechanic would be the same as being a gold miner.
Paul Lissona Apr 04, 2012
Yah seriously looks like it overheated ha.
Thibault Leroy Apr 04, 2012
it already looks old
Bradley Swfc Wainwright Apr 04, 2012
There's steam cause its broke down
Paul Lissona Apr 05, 2012
Doubt it's reliable either, no class in it.
Luis Lujan Apr 05, 2012
It looks like shit.
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Apr 04, 2012
It looks ten years old lol
Chris Dimattia Apr 04, 2012
Yellow stitching on the seats is a nice touch.