Description: From the company that brought you the Karma hybrid comes a new exquisitely designed four-door sporting-sedan housing a second-gen EVer (Electric Vehicle with extended range) powertrain incorporating a...
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Kevin Rehbock Apr 04, 2012
Will this one shut down and brick itself too?
Buddy Robinson Apr 04, 2012
The Fisker karma, a little pricy, this, perfect
Daniel Marino Apr 04, 2012
Worth every penny in my mind
Kazem Fahs Oct 11, 2013
I love this car
James Andrew Darcy Apr 05, 2012
The front and sides are brilliant! Looks a million times better than the karma and surf, plus look at the price!!! And its electric! Id never be so happy to save the planet..
Jose Sanchez Apr 05, 2012
Those rims look awesome
Zack Herzer Apr 04, 2012
I see fisker karmas all the time. There really cool but expensive
Gianni Falzone Apr 04, 2012
Looks like that and 40k? Where's the wait list?!
Paul Trahan Apr 04, 2012
Henrik Fisker use to design cars for Aston Martin so it's no surprise that you see some similarities between the two.
Jackson Michael Apr 04, 2012
@Chris this is smaller
Thibault Leroy Apr 04, 2012
wow im loving those rims
Erik Olsen Apr 04, 2012
Hate the mustache grille, otherwise good looking cars by fisker! Let's hope they get some reliability now!
Jackson Michael Apr 04, 2012
How has someone on this app not heard of fisker????
Rami Wilson Apr 04, 2012
Sneak peak Viper photo's ahead of time and this is the lead story?????
Alex Stanzel Apr 04, 2012
O boy.... No Hebron fisher runs his own coachbuilding company that's builds their own designs. It's not identical to Aston.
Zac Czuhai Apr 04, 2012
Okay so don't get pissed, but I've never heard of Fisker. Do they build their own cars or just tweek other ones? Because this is identicle to the Aston Martin.
Nick Schnee Apr 04, 2012
Never liked that horrible grille...
Description: Fisker's latest luxury EV "is aimed at young families who want to drive an impactful, high-end vehicle while making a positive statement about responsibilities - both in terms of their commi...
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Jennings Rengel Apr 04, 2012
This is going to be awesome.
Description: As for the styling of the Atlantic, Fisker say it does not do concepts so what we see here is almost exactly what the production model will look like. The design DNA of the Karma is evident in the ext...
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Justin Lloyd-Miller Apr 04, 2012
Oh, god, those wheels... gross.
Drew Weigel Apr 04, 2012
i just want the rims...yep thats all
Hektor Yberg Apr 04, 2012
The price in sweden will be 91.34 k
Anton Antony Apr 04, 2012
This is nice! If it really does come out around the 40k mark they will do amazing.
Abraham Mendoza Apr 04, 2012
I like it, but it just looks too similar to the Karma. Maybe that's how all Fiskers look, but I don't know...
Shaylen Kumar Patel Apr 04, 2012
Shit might tell my dad to buy this.
Zachary Sindelar Apr 04, 2012
This is just so awesome looking! Everything is just wow!
Thibault Leroy Apr 04, 2012
na i dont like it either
Dale Schroeder Apr 04, 2012
I think I'm the only person in the world who finds that waxed-mustache grille to be really tacky and overbearing.
Description: Its long wheelbase and substantial rear headroom belies the four-door sedan's sleek, coupe-like stance; Fisker claim the Atlantic's dimensions are close to that of an Audi A5. Notable desig...
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Description: "Fisker Automotive is transitioning from a start-up automaker to a fully-fledged mainstream car manufacturer and the Atlantic is a crucial milestone in that process," said Tom LaSorda, CEO F...
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Zack Herzer Apr 04, 2012
If you stare at the taillight it looks just like an rx8
Jonathan Fong Apr 04, 2012
Almost like rx8 r3 rims...
Jennings Rengel Apr 04, 2012
Those rims do look huge but I'm not complaining looks great
Thomas Isnt Green Apr 04, 2012
The rims look cool but they look huge for that car
Lee Hammons Apr 04, 2012
Needs a coupe version.
Claudio Komba Apr 04, 2012
Nice car. Can I get one in RHD?
James Andrew Darcy Apr 05, 2012
Cant decide whether i like the back or not...
Janak Solanki Apr 04, 2012
Not a fan. Too may weird angles
Badoor Nasser Mobarak Apr 04, 2012
He's just jealous that he doesn't have a mustache too
Shaylen Kumar Patel Apr 04, 2012
Karma coupe maybe?
Cameron Wright Apr 04, 2012
Maybe a new Karma?!!!?!?!?!?
Thibault Leroy Apr 04, 2012
probly a karma idk
Terna Faga Apr 04, 2012
... whats with the covered car in the back