Comments - AMS Alpha Omega GT-R Top Speed: 233 MPH

Published: Apr 04, 2012
Description: Last week we brought you a video showing the AMS GT-R at the Lonestar Motorsports Park hitting the drag strip. It set a new quarter mile world record of 8.63 seconds at 172 mph. And now the good peopl...
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Nicholas Morissette Sep 03, 2013
The C7 Corvette's weight bias is now 49.4% front, 50.6% rear. The dash does not show ANY of the chintziness seen in the C6.
Nicholas Morissette Sep 03, 2013
The 'Vette now has direct injection, variable valve timing, and cylinder deactivation. It also has a 7-speed manual transmission, and in 7th gear, with all 8 cylinders firing at 55 mph, gets 29 mpg. With only 4 cylinders running, it gets 40+ mpg.
Nicholas Morissette Sep 03, 2013
You guys should dee the C7 Corvette, and tell me that it's not a good car. It has an interior as good as a Porsche's now, and the only thing carried over from the old engine is the cylinder block.
Matthew Reindorp Apr 06, 2012
No definately not... It is a sophisticated, better built, more comfortable, cheaper, faster to 60, from a different country, safer corvette... Soooo nothing like a corvette really...
SRT10Dodge Apr 05, 2012
high tech Corvette
quadrophine Apr 05, 2012
they increased the rev limit. not sure what it is stock, 2k rpm in 6th or I guess 7th gear is probably 3 dozen and change mph
Andrew Grimm Apr 04, 2012
.... They must have put a shorter final drive
Andrew Grimm Apr 04, 2012
And for the people that are gonna say that it has more HP than the Gayron and are wondering why it doesn't go as fast, two things. 1) Gearing 2) Aerodynamics But according to their gear ratios, and tire sizes, the gearing only let's it go 197. So...
Andrew Grimm Apr 04, 2012
Yes the record is for the GT-R!
Clint Edwards Apr 04, 2012
Pretty certain that's no world record. For a GT-R maybe
Description: Check out the very well-produced video and see for yourself just how fast a modified Nissan GT-R can go. That's why it's called the supercar killer.
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Fabian Pioro Apr 12, 2012
The price for the ams car is 60k. It's completely outrageous for the install... It's new, they are the first to do it, therefore they can charge loads! Same bs was with the supra years ago now 2k will get u 700hp.
Fabian Pioro Apr 12, 2012
Evos have a way better awd system then 3000gts. And computer is more advanced but maps do exist for 1000hp already, based on prior equip! I'm planning on getting a 11' evo 10 and maps exist up to 500hp with that. Without tuning! Sure you would get way smoother power curve with a tune but not for $$$$. I can deal with sum lag. I actually like it on my Rex.
Dave Stewart Apr 07, 2012
Ya I would Of shat myself at that tire grip loss
quadrophine Apr 07, 2012
well I don't know how the maps for stealth or 3000 gts work, but for my evo, I map out depending on load and throttle in 250 rpm increments with just real pull info, and if you don't have a more than basic understanding of fuel maps and timing... you'll be much better off with a professional
Fabian Pioro Apr 07, 2012
And much of the computer will adjust itself. That's hat maf and o2 sensors are for buddy
Fabian Pioro Apr 07, 2012
Dude if u get Dino time and standalone. It isn't hard. I have converted a full 91 dodge stealth into a 3000gt vr-4. Might not be AS hard but pretty damn close. Car ran 70k miles on the motor with total of 120 with 600hp 93. So maybe YOU can't do it but some1 that CAN research can too...
quadrophine Apr 06, 2012
and your fuel pump cuts out at 60 psi and you run lean and next thing you know your replacing a 10 k motor with a 3 k core charge cause you threw a rod through the block. good luck fanboy
quadrophine Apr 06, 2012
doesn't matter what you bolt on, if you don't tune for each component you'll do more harm than good. I've seen engines detonate running too lean from a higher flow airfilter. don't be an idiot and start messing with these cars yourself unless you can tune. so go throw on a bigger turbo and bigger intercooler high flow turbo manifolds
Fabian Pioro Apr 06, 2012
You can get a used gtr for bout 60k. If you have half a mechanical head on you. This car would have 7-800 hp for under 10k. Sure send it off to ams and pay loads. But look at the components buy separately and learn to use ur hands. For about 75k u will have a car with 800hp that DOES handle better then 99% of cars out there. Its all in the numbers, its been proven. Sure u can get a viper and ever...
quadrophine Apr 06, 2012
the new viper is around the same MSRP and id take that over the gtr any day. so to say nothing comes close dead wrong. I can think of several cheaper cars in the same "league" and other eurospec ricers that would make the gtr look like a cranky overpriced fat crackwhore
Matthew Reindorp Apr 06, 2012
Nothing even comes close to that
Matthew Reindorp Apr 06, 2012
What are you on about quad? A new R35 Nissan GTR will set you back only £69k for a premium one... And we had ours since 2009 and it hasn't gone wrong even though we drive it pretty hard. And then the package is expensive yes but for 233mph?
quadrophine Apr 05, 2012
it costs a fortune this car... and this one in particular. just cause its jap doesn't mean its cheap. anything over 100k. is supercar territory, although you can't base it off price alone.
Alex Souvall Apr 05, 2012
It's not a supercar because it doesn't cost supercar prices. That the amazing part of the gtr. How much you get for not too much money
Pablo Herasme Apr 05, 2012
If only the stock sounded like this
Tucker Grimley Apr 05, 2012
I hate it when they call it the "supercar killer" it is a supercar
rahp Apr 05, 2012
awesome day .... new record for gtr Texas mile ... new record for highest speed drift ... new record for largest brown spot on a drivers seat ....
Jason Havelock Apr 05, 2012
One new set of race overalls required. Heroic save!
Matthew Reindorp Apr 05, 2012
And tbh I'd get that update done just for the noise... WOW...
Brady Fereday Apr 05, 2012
Nick your a dummy it said in the video he hit a pot hole as soon as he deployed the chute learn to read yo
Matthew Reindorp Apr 05, 2012
The GT-R is a wonderful car for drivers and passengers alike, it could be a long range car but then at the flick of a switch become a monster... Sound system is pretty good to haha
Cory Poteet Apr 05, 2012
This just made me glad to be a poor man... If I had the money I'd have a hot gtr, and if that was me sideways at 200 mph, I'd either be dead, or I'd be viral. Crapping myself and crying on YouTube.. Beautiful save
Nick Grubecki Apr 05, 2012
The driver deployed his parachute too early and that caused his car to lift in the air and then he lost control he should learn how to use that
Brady Fereday Apr 05, 2012
Damn he was so chill when that shit went down lol
Devin Mortenson Apr 05, 2012
Danny don't hate the vette is an amazing car especially for the price. Just like the gtr. Besides no need to bring the vette into this article this is about the gtr
Michael Ioia Apr 04, 2012
Someone's going need new tires! Sick car. Ive seen the Alpha 12 at the drag strip and it's crazy fast, I can't image this.
Mikey Jimenez Apr 04, 2012
@Danny fiber glass buddy, fiber glass!
Kyle Hardisty Apr 04, 2012
You don't fill up ur car with fuel all the way when you drag. It is just extra gas. That's why his fuel gauge said E. saves weight.
alpinab3 Apr 04, 2012
wow Nice over 230 mph
Oscar Arias Apr 04, 2012
And the retard wanted to fist pump.
Tom Van Nostrand Apr 04, 2012
look at 2:09 he's below empty on fuel lol.
Danny Scott Apr 04, 2012
Not everyone wants a car made out of plastic(vette)....
Paul Pickard Apr 04, 2012
One thing is for sure. This thing is bad! Something tells me they are aiming for the veyron. Just a guess.
Andrew Grimm Apr 04, 2012
Corvette Z06 is better for bang for buck. Here goes the flamming lol
Jhoan Koolin Delima Apr 04, 2012
I don't think there's anything better on the road than the GT-R (bang for buck)
Sam Oglesby Apr 04, 2012
&tom it's not the chute you can see the bump in the road Ons the rear lift of as the car goes over it before the chutes out
Eddie Filipovic Apr 04, 2012
GT-R further and further impresses me. It not only appears like it's best bang for buck, stock, but also if you want to tune it, it seems very favorable for that as well.
Matthew Reindorp Apr 04, 2012
Known about AMS for a while and you can buy all of these packages with the Omega costing the same as the car... But for that kind of speed for under 200k total what else comes close?
Tom Mcleod Apr 04, 2012
They need to put money into this standing mile track and extend it to enable cars to brake naturally and eliminate the need for those god damn chutes that inevitably PULL the rear end of these cars off the ground due to such opposing forces.
Nick Benz Apr 04, 2012
A better prepared track as in the one on dragtimes? Yes please i would love to see this cargo to russia and race.
Charlie D'Amato Apr 04, 2012
The only toll here was one pair of ruined undies
William Downs Apr 04, 2012
holy crap he can drive that was an amazing save
Jeremy Russell Apr 04, 2012
Not really, it's still the same engine off a gtr, only severely modded, not at all like taking a veyron engine and puttin it in a Prius...
Thibault Leroy Apr 04, 2012
idk if you can even call that a nissan GTR i mean if you put a veyrons engine in a prius (somehow) and make it got like 220-230mph would you still be able to call it a prius? idk but that was still some amazing performances
Jerrod Swenson Apr 04, 2012
Dammit! Forgot to html it please delete